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GMR Transcription is a one-stop transcription services provider in the United States. With over 7.17 million minutes of audio recorded and 12,669+ happy clients and growing, GMR is your trusted source for accurate, quick transcription service. Our U.S. only transcribers come from a multitude of backgrounds to ensure that your transcript expectations are met. In fact, our goal is to provide professional transcription services to you by guaranteeing 99% accuracy for good audio.

Why GMR Transcription Services?

100% U.S. Based Human Transcribers

All of our transcribers are located in the U.S., allowing us to provide you with industry leading transcription quality. We never use non-human transcription methods such as robots and algorithms, as all of our transcribers are real people located within the United States.

99% Accuracy Guaranteed

Because we only hire U.S. based transcribers, GMR Transcription guarantees at least 99% accuracy on all of your transcripts. All transcripts submitted by our transcriptionists are re-verified, proofread, and reviewed to ensure our high accuracy guarantee.

Wide Industry Experience

In order to guarantee a high accuracy for all transcripts, we hire transcriptionists from a variety of industry backgrounds. This allows us to provide a wider variety of transcription services while maintaining accuracy and fast turnaround time.

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