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What Is Business Translation?

Going global is now a reality as a part of evolving business dynamics. However, there are challenges to a global economy; one is translating business documents into many target languages. Translation of such documents have many critical elements, which are absent in other translation categories.

Why Choose Professional Business Translation Services?

Why Choose Professional Business Translation Services?

Global businesses and MNCs rely on business translation of reports and documents to boost sales, communicate, and manage day-to-day operations. It is imperative that all correspondence and business documents are well-written and equally important that they are well-translated and clearly communicate the message intended to be conveyed.

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What Makes Us Different?

Human Translators

Any Project Size, At Your Deadline

Whatever be the size of your project and the deadline within which you want your business documents translated, GMR will do the work for you, no questions asked.

Any Project Size, At Your Deadline

Human Translators

All translations at GMR are done by real people, who make sure that nothing is lost while translating documents. GMR has a proven experience of more than a decade in doing quality translation work.

99% Accurate

99% Accurate

GMR, for more than a decade, has consistently delivered quality translation work with a 99% accuracy rate.

How It Works

Upload Your Content

Upload Your Content

First, you need to register and upload your files. Then select the language/s for the translation and a turnaround time to receive an instant quote.

We Translate

We Translate

As soon as you submit your order, the work starts immediately. Track the progress of your order by logging into your account.

Get Document

Get Document

Pay and receive the translated document by email. You can also download it by logging into your account.

We Translate These Business Documents

  • Business Document Translation
  • Legal Contracts
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Corporate Communications
  • Emails & Signage
  • Patents & Pamphlets
  • Websites & RFPs
  • License Agreements
  • Product Catalog Translation
  • Policy Manuals

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Frequently Asked Questions

A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator's knowledge and ability.
Business translations are used for small business to corporate dealings, which includes client meetings, contract negotiations, marketing materials, conference presentations, and more.

All translations by GMR are done by real people who make sure nothing is lost while translating. GMR has a proven experience of more than a decade in delivering quality translations with 99% accuracy. You are absolutely assured of to receive a quality product.

Depending on your project size and deadline, the time it will take will vary. However, GMR will help you translate your business documents to meet your deadline.

All translations at GMR are done by real people, who ensure quality work with a 99% accuracy rate.

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Are you looking for a high-quality translation of your audio, video, or documents by human translators? We deliver the best service promptly. Register and upload your order, we will get started immediately.

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Large Translation Project?

No worries! We have a large team of professional translators to meet your project requirements. Skip the risk of inaccurate machine translations. Our skilled, human-only workforce will translate your project using the correct tone and style.

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