Client Testimonials

Five Star Ratings
GMR has been used in our clinical research department for the past couple of years for various reasons. For several studies, we record interviews of healthcare professionals and focus groups of participants to gain insight and feedback that is used for our research. The recordings usually consist of multiple speakers and GMR does a fantastic job transcribing the content. The transcriptions are received in 3-5 business days, if not earlier. Additionally, the staff at GMR is very responsive and thorough. We rely on GMR's expertise to further our research in human genetics. I highly recommend GMR and their services for all of your transcription needs.

- Catrina Nelson, BS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Center for Autoimmune Genomics & Etiology (CAGE)

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Five Star Ratings
We are happy to continue to use GMR for all of our transcription services for our qualitative studies. This allows us to get an outside service that reduces bias and it reduces our time commitment by providing accurate transcripts for our studies. We can invest the time saved on conducting the study and the enormous amount of time needed for analyses.

We also are so grateful for the swift turn around that we receive and the ability to make special demands for the studies we design. Partnering with GMR is a win-win for all we do.

- Mary Catherine George, MM, PhD (C)

Research Program Manager

Neurology Department

Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai

Five Star Ratings
I am a researcher in Psychology and we used GMR to help us transcribe audio recordings of caregiver-child interactions in natural and everyday settings by Spanish- and English-speaking families. GMR was very attentive and responsive, providing us with accurate transcriptions of sometimes very messy situations. They were also very accommodating to our requests for special formatting and spelling requirements. They were extremely prompt and stayed true to their turnaround time. We spoke with a few other services and none were as willing to help us with the requirements that we needed. Having GMR complete the initial transcription greatly facilitated our ability to work with the data.

- Janet Bang, Postdoctoral Fellow

Stanford University

Excellent Translation Quality...

Five Star Ratings
Excellent translation quality and impressive turnaround time. Customer service was great!

- Elana, The New York Academy Of Medicine

Customer Experience Was Outstanding...

Five Star Ratings
Very thorough transcripts, excellent translation work. If there was a category beyond excellent, I would have picked it to describe my experiences with GMR. The customer experience was outstanding, especially since this was my first time using this service. They were very patient and experienced in handling all of the requirements. The transcriptions and translations are very high quality and the turn-around time was even faster than what they predicted. Their work saved me hundreds of hours! And the price is very competitive. I'm so glad I found them! I definitely plan on contracting with them again for other transcription and translation work in the future. Highly recommend.

- Marie S., University Of Wisconsin

Excellent Transcription Quality And Fast Turnaround...

Five Star Ratings
WOW. You guys did great. Am sending over two more files. Excellent quality. THANK YOU for getting it done so quickly. will totally recommend you to others who might need a service.

- Karey, Forbes Hever & Wallace, Inc

Very Impressed With This Service...

Five Star Ratings
Excellent quality. Great work. Much better than I expected this to come out. I will definitely use this service again. I called with a couple questions prior to placing the order and spoke with two different representatives. Both were very helpful. Very impressed with this service. Thank you again.

- Julie, FNTECH

Extremely Pleased With The Results...

Five Star Ratings
The job done was fantastic. Delivered same day as promised. I did not really have to use customer service as the process was very simple. This was my first time using your services. Was extremely pleased with the results.

- C. Ramnarine

Great And Fast Turn Around.

Five Star Ratings
Great and fast turn around.

- Elaina M. Columbia University

Excellent Transcription Quality...

Five Star Ratings
My audio was 50 years old and the quality of GMR’s transcription was excellent! The turnaround time was surprisingly fast and GMR’s personal interest and care was intense.

- Sylvia G.

Amazing Customer Service And Excellent Turnaround Time...

Five Star Ratings
I am so pleased! The quality of the transcription and translation is so good! Really amazing customer service and excellent turnaround time.

- Michelle, Cedars Sinai

Outstanding Transcription Services...

Five Star Ratings
Outstanding, under budget and ahead of schedule. Professionally formatted and high-quality transcription. Vanessa went out of her way in assisting me with technical glitches on my end.

- Mina E.

On Time, Or Even Early...

Five Star Ratings
Everyone I have interacted with at GMR has been very kind, polite and helpful. The quality of transcription is excellent and, as always, the transcript is received on time, or even early.

- Jessica Ardo., Clinical Research Coordinator

Very Quick Turnaround, Even Over The Holidays...

Five Star Ratings
Quick, professional communication, and very well executed transcriptions. Very quick turnaround, even over the holidays. Fantastic and super responsive. I have already recommended your services to other colleagues. Really, such a great experience all around.

- Hillary M., Duke University

Most Accurate And Timely Transcription Services...

Five Star Ratings
I've been a paralegal for the law firm where I work since its founding in 1990. I've found that GMR Transcription provides the most accurate and timely transcription services of any company in the business. Their staff is helpful and professional, and their website for uploading files is very user friendly. We do criminal defense and personal injury law, and there have been many times when we needed transcription done yesterday. GMR has never failed us. GMR will continue to be our choice for all our transcription needs.

- Renee, Florida Registered Paralegal

Good Accuracy On The Technical Parts...

Five Star Ratings
Great job in figuring out who said what in a conversation that involved many different participants. Good accuracy on the technical parts of the conversation, which I know is not easy if you are not in the business.

- Lara B

GMR Put My Fears To Rest...

Five Star Ratings
As a PhD student working on my dissertation I had concerns regarding the cost and timeliness of transcription services. GMR put my fears to rest. Initially I offered my transcription work to a friend and offered to pay the industry "going rate". She did similar work for years, however she returned three weeks later incomplete. She found PhD transcription to be considerably different from what she was familiar with and in the end had to bow out. Fearing the worst, I turned to a "faceless" corporation, only to be thoroughly impressed with the cost and speed of GMR's work. GMR charged less than the average going rate, and got the entire project done in three days (I asked them to transcribe six interviews which lasted about 1 hour 30 minutes each). I can now move on to the next stage of my work and I can thank GMR for putting me that much closer to graduation. I will continue to use and recommend GMR as long as I am in the field of education. Trust them. You will not be disappointed.

- R. Bailey

Recommended GMR To Other Research Faculty...

Five Star Ratings
I used GMR when I was working on my dissertation a few years ago. The service was so excellent that I knew I wanted GMR to do my transcription for this study as well. I have since recommended GMR to other research faculty at our university as well as students. Thanks for the great service!

- L. Cleveland

Quality Transcription Services...

Five Star Ratings
You provide an awesome, helpful service. I am very glad to have found you.

- Michael S., V.P. Publisher

Trustable Online Transcription Services...

Five Star Ratings
I am a genetic counseling student at the University of Utah. I am working on my master's project concerning increasing support to parents who have a child born with a structural birth defect. GMR Transcription is amazing! It is fast and easy to use. Later, I receive email confirmation when my files are ready, I pay, and it is done! The transcripts look great! They are clear, organized, and professional! I love the fact that I can upload everything from my computer. It makes it easy. Furthermore, it's done at a good price.

- Amber M., University of Utah

Transcription For Universities...

Five Star Ratings
Working with Joyce Warran has been a pleasure. The work she supervises is clean, quick and precise. We are very satisfied with the quality of the transcriptions, and any problems have been quickly resolved. The turnaround time has been very impressive.

- Center For Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University


Five Star Ratings
GMR provided quality transcription service in a timely and professional manner. I was pleased, not only with the quick turnaround time, but also with the precision, clarity and layout of the printed format.

- A.D., GSE University Of Pennsylvania

Recommended Transcription Company...

Five Star Ratings
Our organization has been extremely pleased with the quality and professionalism of GMR's work. They consistently address concerns and work with us to meet our specific needs. We settled on them after comparing them to several other transcription services. Highly recommended.

- Anthony Skriba, Research Fellow At George Mason University

College/University Academic Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
I turned to GMR transcription with many interviews for a scholarly research project that I did not have time to transcribe myself. I am extremely impressed with the service. The transcription is very accurate, the turnaround fast, the website easy to use, and the rates are very reasonable. I would not hesitate to use them again in future.

- Katherine Sender, University Of Pennsylvania

Quick And High Performance...

Five Star Ratings
We have tried many transcription companies before GMR Transcription. Some turned out to be a total disaster. With GMR reasonable price, quick service and high performance, we do not need to try any more companies.

- Satisfied Customer, Columbia University

Video Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
I have been using your transcripts the last few days to identify some video clips, and everything I have looked at has been transcribed excellently. Thank you for getting these done before the holiday break.

- J.W., Stanford University

First And Last Impression For GMRT...

Five Star Ratings
GMR transcription was a wonderful company to work with. With a small research budget, but not a lot of time, I needed someone who could transcribe quickly and inexpensively. Many of the companies recommended to me did not meet one (or both) of those criteria. GMR was the perfect fit. I received my transcripts ahead of when they were promised and the transcription was incredibly accurate. Joyce Warran was absolutely wonderful to work with. Their services are not only professional, but they are very willing offer advice to and work with individuals, like myself, who had never needed transcription services before. I can, and do, recommend GMR 100%.

- K.D., University of Utah

Fantastic Services...

Five Star Ratings
I appreciate the fantastic service I received. I will definitely refer people to your service when I can.

- Brian K.

18 Interview Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
THANK YOU!! I literally had 8 weeks to write my qualitative dissertation and had to have 18 interviews transcribed at different intervals. Your service was top notch and turn around time was great! You all were great, uploading was easy and fast. I WILL recommend you all to my colleagues in the doctoral program at CSULB. Thank you for making a challenging process, easier.

- A. Salas

Affordable Transcription Services...
Five Star Ratings
I compared GMR's translation to work done by another company charging less per word and found GMR's to be far superior. The other company didn't even translate numbers in the docs (2009, 70%, etc). I thought this was standard until I looked at GMR's translation. Your company saved me a lot time in editing, so I really want to give you this next project.

- N. Segar

Accurate Transcripts...

Five Star Ratings
I just got my transcriptions today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results. I will definitely be recommending you to others. I'm thrilled with how clean the transcripts are.

- Bill G.

Affordable Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
I was tremendously happy with your services. It was prompt, accurate and fair in price.

- K. Erikson

Accurate Academic Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
I am very happy with GMR Transcription. I shopped around and found that they had the best prices and they had prompt customer service. I spoke to them a couple of times before choosing their company and they were able to answer my questions right away. The transcriptions I had done were accurate, were completed on time, and were completed on budget. Uploading was easy and I could check the progress. This saved me a lot of time and money on my dissertation research project. I had Spanish to Spanish transcriptions done for both individual interviews and for group meetings. Some of the recordings were of poor quality and some speakers used a regional dialect, yet GMR's accuracy was great. I am going to use GMR Transcription for some English to English transcriptions I will be doing in the future.

- PhD Student, University Of Wisconsin Madison

Accurate TAT...

Five Star Ratings
We are very happy with the document we received! We received it in a timely manner and it was very accurate.

- Nicole, Dallas, TX

Academic Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
I was very happy with my transcripts! I appreciate your work. I am currently involved in the Master's program in mathematics education, and will definitely refer you to all of my fellow colleagues. : ) For the price, it is well worth it

- R.N.

Quality Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
Thank you. I am very happy with the transcripts, and I will certainly refer your company to others in the office.

- M.P.

Interview Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
Yes, I am very happy with your services! And I plan to use GMR again as soon as I go do another interview.

- S.G.

My Kudos To GMR Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
GMR Transcription Services has enabled me to get my graduate school research done in a very timely fashion. I will be graduating with my doctorate from Penn State in August. I would recommend your company to anyone I know who is in need of transcription. Kudos!!!

- J.G., Penn State

Most Trusted Transcription Company...

Five Star Ratings

I chose your company from among several before I completed my Ph.D. mainly because you were honest and upfront about your services, the process, and even the cost. I did a lot of work through your company and you lived up to my expectations. There were no surprises.

- P.M., Satisfied Customer, Texas

Research Transcript...

Five Star Ratings
I have been highly impressed by the quality and timeliness of the transcripts that I've received from GMR. In addition, their tiered pricing model has worked well for my agency. We are able to pay based on what makes sense for our project needs. And I have to say GMR's rates are impressive. I plan to use GMR for all my future transcription needs.

- Anders Rosenquist, Ph.D. Experience Researcher

Error Free & On-Time Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the transcription GMR did. I had no basis to choose between you and your competitors except the appearance of your website, so I was unsure what to expect. But the transcription was excellent, with very few errors or gaps. It saved me a great deal of time and was well worth the low price you charged. I'll definitely come back when I have another interview to transcribe.

- J.H.

Business Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
Here's why I have used GMR Transcription for over 6 years: Business meetings, group meetings, board meetings and legal documents have all been transcribed with 99% accuracy and professionalism.

- T.H., Business Owner & Former Board President

Thanks GMRT...

Five Star Ratings
The end product was amazing and I am very impressed with your transcriber and the services offered. The price is fine and this will be a great help towards my thesis research for my Masters Degree. The confidentiality and the hacking protection are great and I appreciate the fast service too. Thank you and I will for sure use your service again when necessary.

- T.M., Grad Student, Windsor, ON, Canada

Quality Deliverable...

Five Star Ratings
After comparing samples from several transcription companies and finding theirs the most accurate, I chose GMR Transcription for my dissertation research. The transcripts are always of excellent quality and delivered to me quickly. Their prices are very affordable compared to other services, which is important for graduate students.

- T., Satisfied Graduate Student In New York

Quick Response...

Five Star Ratings
We have been very happy with GMR services. The website works smoothly; the transcripts are accurate and on time, and I am amazed that the transcription supervisor returns my calls within 10 or 15 minutes when I call with a question!

- Mitch Chanin, Director, Jewish Dialogue Group Philadelphia, PA.

Affordable & Professional Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
GMR Transcription was able to deliver quality transcription services on time and at a reasonable price, in addition to providing excellent and professional technical assistance.


Best Transcription Services In My Budget...

Five Star Ratings
As a graduate student on a tight research budget, I needed a reliable, but inexpensive source for interview transcriptions. I was very happy to find GMR. Not only do they have the best rates on the web, but they also provide a level of personalized service and responsiveness that was really an unexpected surprise, often exceeding the turnaround time I requested. I've been very pleased with GMR and would recommend them to anyone needing reliable and professional transcription services.

- Dan C.,Graduate Student

Professional Transcription Work...

Five Star Ratings
I have been tremendously satisfied with all of my transactions with GMR Transcription Services. I really appreciate the quick and personal customer service and would recommend this service to anyone looking for fast, professional transcription work. This service is absolutely worth the money.

- A.A.,Doctoral Student.

Transcription Of Tax Document...

Five Star Ratings
Having the opportunity to do business with GMR Transcription Services was great. As a tax firm, we receive documents from clients in various ways. A client's documents needed to be transcribed and returned ASAP. I made a call to GMR Transcription Services. Since this was our first time using their services, Joyce Warran walked me through the setup process, and before deadline, the completed work was back in our office. Our firm will continue to use GMR Transcription Services for our transcription needs.

- Happy Customer During Tax Time

Health Relataed Transcription...

Five Star Ratings
GMR was on time and thorough. They completed a nice job on our health related transcription. All around, they are a reliable firm with excellent customer service!

- Michael Manocchia, PhD, Health Scan Solutions

Educational Transcripts...

Five Star Ratings
As a real estate educational firm, (Monarch Group LLC) relies on accurate and fast translation for our students and subscribers. GMR was able to perform at a very fair price with accuracy and has completed all our transcriptions before the scheduled due date. The support personnel are also very prompt and helpful. We will continue to expand our use of services.

- Ed Ross, Tampa Florida

Affordable Transcription For Students...

Five Star Ratings
I was very satisfied with the customer service at GMR transcription. They were friendly, fast and very affordable!

- Graduate Student In California

Perfect TAT...

Five Star Ratings
Thank you for the timely turnaround and what appears to be an accurate transcription. We are VERY impressed and will certainly turn to you again when the need arises.

- KG, Portland, ME

Thank You So Much For Your Company`S Prompt Work...

Five Star Ratings
Thank you so much for your company`s prompt work. I appreciate your dedication to my order today. The transcriptions look great!

- C.P., United States

Research Transcripts...

Five Star Ratings
I am exceedingly pleased with GMR Transcription and the quality of work that has been done. GMR is efficient, timely, cost-effective, professional, and most of all, the management is kind. Thank you so very, very much. You have my business for life! I am a PhD candidate, frantically working on the completion of my dissertation and I simply could not have asked for a better company with which to work.

- V.O.B.

Perfect Partner For Media Company...

Five Star Ratings
We are a Media Production company and very often rely on quick and smooth handling of data. GMR Transcription proved to be a very reliable and fast partner. The service, as well as the quality, has been excellent. In case of urgency, GMR does not hesitate to burn the midnight oil for the customer. Thanks, Joyce, and your team! We are very pleased having picked you up.

- AEON Verlag & Studio, Hanau, Germany

Accurate Transcripts For PhD Students...

Five Star Ratings
I am exceptionally pleased with the outstanding level of service you provide. The accuracy of the transcriptions is remarkable, and the added personal touch in the form of fast, detailed response to questions makes the process enjoyable and stress-free. I would highly recommend your company to businesses and individuals who are in need of professional, high-quality transcription services.

- PhD Student, California

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