Terms and Condition

I (Client) agree to pay GMR Transcription Services, Inc., d/b/a GMR Transcription, (Vendor) for any/all transcription work performed on my behalf or that of my company's behalf.

Use of Smartphone App:

  • GMR Transcription provides free App that can be downloaded on your iOS or Android smartphone. The App lets clients record on their smartphone and upload voice recording to their GMR Transcription account directly. If you are using the App, you understand that:
  • GMR Transcription is not guaranteeing quality of the recording on your smartphone. Recording quality can vary based on your software version and your smartphone software. It can also vary based on the speed of your internet connection.
  • You (client) should test the recording quality first before using the App.
  • You (client) should also follow suggestions for using App that may show up when you start using the App.
  • GMR Transcription also reserves the right to reject any transcription project that they consider audio to be poor or recording subject to be objectionable. GMR Transcription reserves the right to reject your project without assigning any reason.


I agree that GMR Transcription Services, Inc. has the right to charge my credit card in their record, and email the transcripts to me if my completed files are not paid for within five (5) days of the completion of transcripts by client. I understand and agree that should I be invoiced for work performed by GMR Transcription, and should payment not be made directly to GMR Transcription within 30 days of the date of invoice, GMR Transcription holds the right to charge a 10% late fee to the total of the invoice.

GMR has a no refund, no cancellation policy. Once an order is placed or uploaded, the client is responsible for paying the full amount of the order.

In addition:

  • I agree and understand that files submitted for translation can be translated differently by different translators; however, GMR guarantees the same general meaning. With translation, there will always be subjectivity and different ways to word certain content. GMR has a no refund policy on orders.
  • I agree and understand the rate charts on the main page at www.gmrtranscription.com . I also agree and understand what falls under the category of "difficult audio," as described at the bottom of said rate charts. All turnaround times are listed in these charts, along with their respective rates for either up to two speakers or multiple speakers, and I have read and understand these charts and everything contained within the charts.
  • I agree that, should I possess any other types of media other than electronic (digital) and need this media converted and/or captured by an employee of GMR Transcription, I will contact GMR Transcription to discuss the varying rates for such by emailing info@gmrtranscription.com or calling the number listed at the top of our main page to discuss such rates for "other" types of media, such as microcassettes, standard cassettes, DVDs or CDs. The person performing the conversion work will contact me as soon as possible. I also agree to pay for any shipping charges incurred in mailing media for conversion/capturing.
  • I understand that GMR Transcription has the right to increase rates, and I take the responsibility to check the rate page before uploading the voice files for transcription in order to make sure that the complete transcription cost based on the current rate.
  • I also understand that rates are per audio minute (or per page for text to text services) and that if the duration is higher than I labeled, I am still responsible for paying for the full duration to be transcribed. I understand that if the duration of the file is higher, the total amount due will increase.
  • A $1 registration fee is required to get started. We do not require any upfront payments on orders, so the registration process is to verify the account. You can always use a different payment method to pay for your transcripts.
  • I understand that GMR has a minimum order fee of $50 for non-legal related audio files and $250 for legal or court-related audios. This fee will automatically be charged to the credit card used to register.

A minimum fee may be required on your order. Please Contact us for details.

Recording Quality:

GMR Transcription has the right to reject any audio they deem to be of such poor quality that:

  • It is not possible to transcribe more than 30% of the audio.
  • The project is above and beyond GMR Transcription's resources.

GMR Transcription also reserves the right to reject any project without assigning any reason.

  • I understand my order is subject to a price increase if the file(s) is/are described as "good", but is/are actually "difficult", as defined on the rate page of the GMR Transcription website. Should Client consider the audio "good" quality, but Vendor (GMR Transcription) deems it "difficult" quality, (GMR Transcription) will contact the client via email to alert them of the rate increase. By default, GMR will proceed with the order. The email is sent as a courtesy, as we do not place files that are deemed difficult on hold.
  • I understand that there are no transcript quality guarantees on files submitted as "difficult" audio quality. Vendor will not make any corrections to transcripts deemed to be "difficult" audio quality, and I will pay the full amount owed to GMR Transcription.

GMR Transcription also reserves the right to reject any project without assigning any reason

Transcription Accuracy:

GMR Transcription guarantees a 99% accuracy rate for only "good" audio with up to two persons in the recording. Should Client feel that any work performed by Vendor does not meet this accuracy rate, client must contact us at info@gmrtranscription.com NO LATER than two (2) weeks of receipt of transcript(s). Client accepts and understands that no transcript is ever "perfect." There are times when judgment calls must be made, and Client realizes this. Should Client feel that the accuracy rate is below 99%, and the audio is deemed "good" quality, GMR Transcription will review and correct any valid error(s) and return transcript as soon as possible. There will be no corrections made on orders with audio files deemed or uploaded to us as difficult quality audio. Client understands GMR holds a no refund policy.

GMR Transcription charges per minute of audio, not by page count, number of characters or words. This prevents unnecessary charges that many other companies will employ. Any "part" of a minute at the end of an audio file will be rounded and added to the next minute only if the "part" is longer than 10 seconds.

Although we do strive for 99% accuracy or better for audio that is considered "good", Client agrees to release and hold harmless GMR Transcription Services, Inc., d/b/a GMR Transcription, its officers, and employees, of any damages that might occur from the publication, quotation, distribution or public use of a quotation from the transcript that may contain a typographical or factual error or even those without error. Client agrees that it is his/her responsibility to confirm the accuracy of a transcript prior to information from a transcript being published or printed and will not list or imply GMR Transcription Services, Inc., d/b/a GMR Transcription, its officers or any employees as defendant in any litigations.

Due to different versions of MS Word and computer compatibility, if you request special formatting or a template to be used we will do our best to follow it as close as possible, but cannot guarantee it will be exact or that it will mimic your original template or example precisely.

On text-to-text orders, we will try our best to mimic the original text format, but cannot guarantee it will be exact. On .pdf and scanned files we cannot re-create the document or its formatting, so will only transcribe/translate the text into a simple document. Images, stamps, text boxes, tables, etc. will not be re-created or included in the output file from GMR.

Terms & Conditions for Turnaround Time:

Turnaround times are based on business days.

We do not guarantee a time of day a transcript will be completed. Although we will return your transcript as soon as possible and most likely during business hours, the transcript is guaranteed to be returned by midnight on the guaranteed by date given at order submission.

Any uploads with a Same Day Service turnaround time must be uploaded prior to 12 p.m. (noon) Pacific Time (Monday through Thursday) in order to receive it the same day. Otherwise, your file will not be processed until the next morning. Any uploads with a Same Day Service or 24hr turnaround time uploaded after 12:00 p.m. (noon) Pacific Time on Fridays will not be processed until Monday. Any files uploaded over the weekend with a Same Day Service or 24hr turnaround time will not be processed until Monday morning.

  • Any uploads after 4:00 p.m. Pacific (Monday – Thursday) will not be processed until the next morning..
  • Any uploads after 4:00 p.m. Pacific on Fridays will not be considered for processing until Monday morning. (Please see above regarding Same Day Service times.)

Although we rarely return transcripts later than the turnaround time requested, any files that are submitted as Same Day Service or Next Day turnaround time and over 30 minutes are not guaranteed to be completed by the turnaround time selected. Any files that are submitted for a 1-2 day or 3-5 day turnaround time and are over 100 minutes are not guaranteed to be completed by the turnaround time selected. Any text files that are submitted for a Next Day turnaround time and are over 10 pages are not guaranteed to be completed by the turnaround time selected. The original rate will remain for these large duration files even if there is a delay. We will do our best to get them done for you as soon as possible.

Data Retention:

To comply with our information security policy, we permanently delete client data on the following schedule. Client is responsible for saving their transcripts to their personal device at order completion.

Audio Files: Audio files are uploaded to the GMR Transcription website by the client to be transcribed. These are retained until the order is completed i.e. up to four weeks. Once the order is completed the audio files are automatically deleted from the server.

Transcripts: All client transcripts and translations will be permanently removed from our systems after two years of no login to the GMR account by that customer.

Reports/ Receipts/ Order History: Removed after two years of no login to GMR account.

Saved Payment: Credit card details or other payment information are removed after one year of no login to GMR account.

Account/ Contact Details: The account is closed and contact details of a client are removed after five years of inactivity or no login to GMR account. For any new registration, if no order is placed within four weeks or no communication is made with the client, the account will be closed. Client will need to register again and pay the $1 fee if they plan to use our services again.

Medical Transcription

GMR Transcription does not provide Medical Transcription (MT) services. Medical transcription is defined as an allied health profession dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports that are dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. You agree not to submit orders for Medical Transcription.


While GMR Transcription makes all attempts to complete the transcription work on time and accurately, it cannot absolutely guarantee the delivery date or quality of the transcripts to be acceptable when it is delivered. GMR Transcription will redo the transcript if it is not up to standard and will attempt to deliver it on time. However, GMR Transcription cannot be held responsible for any losses due to a delay in delivery or inaccuracy that may occur. By signing this contract, the client indemnifies GMR Transcription from any losses that may be incurred due to project delays or in accuracy of the transcripts.


Client" agrees and understands that checking the box to agree to Terms and Conditions, or Terms of Service (TOS), binds Client to the Terms of Service (TOS) listed here. GMR Transcription Services, Inc., d/b/a GMR Transcription, holds the right to change or modify this Terms of Service (TOS) agreement on occasion. Any modifications or changes made will appear on the www.gmrtranscription.com website.

Entire Agreement; Amendment:

This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties. This Agreement may be modified or amended if the amendment is made in writing and is signed by both parties.


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