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Human Expertise, Unmatched Accuracy:

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Effortlessly Flawless Business Transcription in 3 Steps

99% Accurate Transcription by U.S. Based & 100% Human Transcriptionists

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99% Accurate Transcription by U.S. Based & 100% Human Transcriptionists

Upload Your Files Upload your audio/video/text files, choose your turnaround time, add any additional instructions.

99% Accurate Transcription by U.S. Based & 100% Human Transcriptionists

Relax & Receive We'll handle the rest. Get notified when your flawless transcripts are ready for download.

What Sets Us Apart

Human Expertise, Unmatched Accuracy

Human Expertise, Unmatched Accuracy

Ditch the "Uh-Ohs" and "Huhs?" Get Crystal-Clear Transcripts with Human Expertise.

Our team of industry experts doesn't just type words – they capture the essence of your audio content. Get 99% accurate transcripts with rigorous quality checks, ensuring every detail is clear and ready to use. We offer certified authenticity, verified by a qualified professional and backed by our commitment to accuracy. No robots, just dedicated professionals delivering exceptional results.

Seamless Workflow & Security

Seamless Workflow & Security

Transcripts on Your Time, Data on Lock. Focus on Business, Not the Busywork.

Deadlines looming? No sweat! With same-day and next-day delivery, you'll get your transcripts when you need them most. Plus, our entire team is US-based, so your data stays secure with top-notch security protocols. We handle the transcription with speed and confidence.

Tailored to Your Needs

Tailored to Your Needs

Your Workflow, Your Way. Transparent Pricing, Exceptional Results.

We tailor your transcript format to fit seamlessly into your existing workflow. Plus, our transparent pricing means you only pay when the work is done.

GMR Transcription: Where Speed Meets Accuracy.

Experience the power of accurate, secure, and efficient business transcription.

Diverse Business Transcription Solutions

Unclear Speakers? Technical Jargons? Varying Accents? We Tackle it All with FLAIR!

Check out our wide range of solutions tailored to your needs:

Focus Group Capture every detail and opinion with speaker identification.

Earnings Conference Call Ensure clear communication for all stakeholders with accurate transcripts.

Interview Transform interviews into valuable research and documentation tools.

Dictation Save time and effort by converting your dictation into text.

Corporate Meeting Maintain accurate minutes for effective follow-up and reference.

Insurance Get accurate transcripts for claims, verifications, and documentation.

Market Research Facilitate in-depth analysis with accurate transcripts of customer responses.

Speaker/Moderator Expand the reach of valuable content through accurate transcripts.

Boardroom Ensure meticulous record-keeping of critical boardroom discussions.

Reports/Memos Improve accessibility and communication with easy-to-reference text documents.

Webcast Enhance audience engagement and content searchability with text transcripts.

9,180,000+ Minutes Transcribed

With 99% Accuracy and Fort Knox-like security!


Users trust our transcription expertise.

100% Human. No Bots.

Focus on your message, we handle the rest with speed & precision.

Five Star Ratings

The Accuracy Recipe: From Imperfect to Impeccable Transcripts!

What makes us deliver promised accuracy for your business transcription?

We take a multi-layered approach that ensures exceptional results:


Expert Matching Your project is assigned to the most suitable transcriptionist based on your industry and audio complexity. This ensures they have the specialized knowledge to capture all the nuances of your content.


Human Advantage Our team of dedicated human transcriptionists goes beyond simple typing. They capture every detail, from subtle inflections to speaker identification, delivering transcripts that are clear, concise, and error-free.


Multi-Layer Quality Control Every transcript undergoes rigorous proofreading by our expert editors. This final layer guarantees exceptional accuracy and gives you complete peace of mind.

GMR Transcription: Where Speed Meets Accuracy.

Experience the power of accurate, secure, and efficient business transcription.

Business Transcription Pricing That's Crystal Clear (Just Like Our Transcripts!)

Ross B. Five Star Ratings

"They were very high quality and responsive and easy to work with. I also before using them compared them price wise with similar vendors and they were more cost competitive."

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Budget

Every project is different, that's why our rates consider both turnaround time and audio complexity. This ensures you get the speed and accuracy you need at a value based price. Our rates range from $1.25 per minute to $4.50 per minute.

But don't just take our word for it! Get a precise quote for your project in seconds. Simply provide details about your audio, and we'll show you exactly what your transcript will cost. No hidden fees, no surprises. Just clear communication and exceptional results.


GMR Transcription delivers exceptional verbatim transcription, as we employ only the best US-based transcriptionists. These transcriptionists receive regular feedback from our quality assurance team and are backed by a proofreading process so that they produce the best transcription in the industry.

We use an SSL-encrypted server for storing and retrieving your personal information and files. Every person involved in the transcription process signs a privacy and confidentiality agreement and is subject to US jurisprudence.

We never use non-human transcription methods like computer-generated transcription, robots or AI. All of our transcribers are residents of the United States or Canada.

We ensure top-notch transcription quality through a 3-step process. First, your project is assigned to our professional transcriptionists. Then, they transcribe it according to your specific requirements. Finally, we make sure to carefully review and proofread every transcript before sending it back to you. Our US-based human transcriptionists excel at accuracy checks and maintain strict confidentiality standards. Our commitment to continuous training and the implementation of changes based on client feedback ensures a consistently high-quality output.

Low-quality audio usually has one or more of these issues:

  • People talking at the same time
  • Interruptions
  • Noise in the background
  • A not-so-good microphone
  • A microphone that is far from the person speaking
  • Speakers with thick accents

You will receive a notification email once your transcripts are finished and ready to be delivered. Then, you can access your account with us to make the payment for our services using a credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). Once the payment is processed, we will send your transcripts via email, or you can download them after logging into your GMR Transcription account.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page.

Big Project Blues? GMR Transcription Delivers.

Have a long list of audio files that need transcribing? We hear you! Our team and resources are built to handle large projects efficiently, providing high-quality transcripts you can trust.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders. Focus on your business, we'll take care of the audio.

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