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When it comes to your business transcription needs, GMR Transcription is the best choice as it has a reputation built over 18 years, our commitment to excellence is unmatched. Whether you require transcriptions for your business meetings, interviews, or important documents, our US-based human transcription service is the ultimate solution. We prioritize precision, guaranteeing 99% accuracy for crystal-clear audio. Your data's privacy and security are also paramount to us.

Understanding the unique demands of business projects, we offer customizable formats tailored to your specific requirements. To ensure your operations run smoothly, we offer flexible options including same-day and next-day services, empowering you to meet even the most challenging deadlines.

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What Is Business Transcription?

Business transcription is transcribing any audio or video recording relating to business, including interviews, webinars, seminars, teleseminars, tele-classes, presentations, workshops, personal notes, meeting notes, conferences, focus groups, quarterly earnings results, conference calls, and other audio or video recordings used for commercial or professional purposes.

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Business Transcription Process at GMR Transcription

Upload Your Files

Upload Your Files

Begin by registering your GMR Transcription account. Then, quickly and easily upload your business-related files that need transcription. Let us know your preferred turnaround time and provide any specific transcription instructions you may have.

We Transcribe

We Transcribe

As soon as your audio files are uploaded, our team matches them with the most suitable transcriptionists for processing your audio or video files. Following this, we conduct thorough quality checks. You can stay updated on the progress through our user-friendly client dashboard.

Pay and Receive the Transcripts

Pay and Receive the Transcripts

Once we complete your business transcription assignment, we will notify you. The next step is to go through the payment process. Now, you can log into your account with GMR Transcription and download the transcribed files directly or have them emailed to you.

Ensure Accurate Documentation of Your Business Conversations!

Trust our experts to transcribe your audio and video recordings into a format that suits your needs.

Rating 4.9/5 on Google

Data Confidentiality Assured: 2048-bit SSL Encryption and NDA Safeguards

What Makes Us Different?

Come to us if quality matters to you. Our transcription services are based 100% on humans listening to the audio and transcribing, while most other transcription companies have moved towards automated transcription for expediency. This results in a huge loss of accuracy. At GMR Transcription, we have stood our ground by only employing human, US-based transcriptionists, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality for all of your transcription projects. Our security is doubly assured, as apart from using encryption technology, all of our typists are based within the US jurisprudence.

We are committed to client satisfaction through excellent customer service, quality transcription, and on-time delivery of transcripts. We are proud to have a client base of more than 12,000 delighted customers, with over eight million minutes of transcribed audio to our credit!

99% Accuracy

99% Accuracy

We promise 99% accuracy for transcripts with good audio quality.

100% Human-Based

100% Human-Based

We do not use AI or computer programs for transcribing. Our transcribers are real people who reside in the United States.

Secure & Confidential

Secure & Confidential

Your data is safe with us. We keep your personal information and files safe using a secure, SSL-encrypted server for storage and retrieval.

Same-Day and Next-Day Services

Same-Day and Next-Day Services

We value your time. We offer same-day and next-day services if you urgently need your transcript. These services are more expensive than those with longer turnaround times.

Customized Formatting

Customized Formatting

Tailoring transcripts to your needs is our expertise. We offer flexible formatting options that suit your preferences perfectly.

Client Testimonials

Our reputation for outstanding business transcription services is backed by the loyalty and confidence of our satisfied customers. Take a look at their reviews below.

Business Transcription Rates

Rates for Clear Audio
(per recorded minute)

Rates for Clear Audio (per recorded minute)
Turnaround Time Up to 2 Speakers 3+ Speakers
DISCOUNT (3-4 Weeks) $1.25 $1.50
SPECIAL (1-2 Weeks) $1.50 $1.75
STANDARD (3-5 days) $1.75 $2.00
RUSH (1-2 days) $2.25 $2.75
Next Day Service $3.00 $3.50
Same Day Service $3.50 $4.00

Rates for Difficult Audio
(per recorded minute)

Rates for Difficult Audio (per recorded minute)
Turnaround Time Up to 2 Speakers 3+ Speakers
DISCOUNT (3-4 Weeks) $1.75 $2.00
SPECIAL (1-2 Weeks) $2.00 $2.25
STANDARD (3-5 days) $2.25 $2.50
RUSH (1-2 days) $3.00 $3.25
Next Day Service $3.75 $4.00
Same Day Service $4.25 $4.50

Extra Services

GMR offers the following extra services for all transcription and translation projects: Add $0.50 per audio minute for each of the following services.

  • Verbatim- Verbatim transcription would include utterances like, ‘uhs,’ ‘ums,’ false starts and stutters.
  • Time Codes- You specify how often you want your transcripts to be time coded.
  • Correct Grammar- We provide you with a clean, edited transcript with correct grammar. You can select these extra services when filling out the details of your files.

Get started by uploading your business transcription project today!

Our Three-Step Process Ensures the Highest Accuracy



We assign your transcription project to the most suitable transcriptionist who can best meet your expectation on quality.



Our competent, experienced transcriptionists start processing your files meticulously.



Experienced editors review sections of your business transcripts to ensure that our business transcription services deliver exceptional quality and accuracy.

Why Is Business Transcription Important?

A considerable volume of audio and video content, in the form of business meetings, presentations, investor meetings, and conference calls, is generated in the business world. Business transcription enables keeping an orderly, transcribed, textual record of these. The transcripts assist in preserving and presenting critical financial, marketing, legal, and business information for analysis or developing new business competitive strategies. Hiring a good business transcription company lets you stay on top of the transcription process.

Some of the benefits of having your business-related audios transcribed include:

  • For financial and market analysis: Analysis of focus groups, meetings, earning calls, etc. for better understanding and outcomes.
  • For record: Access information for future referencing and record purposes. To learn from the past and make sure that the wheel is not being reinvented.
  • For marketing strategy: The availability of transcriptions of the audio recordings of business interactions is a considerable aid to both digital and offline marketing, as they enable good analysis of customer feedback, customer satisfaction, and internal marketing team strategy meetings. They also aid in blog writing and social media posts for digital marketing.
  • Legal and contractual: Transcripts of contract negotiation meetings can prevent future disputes. Transcriptions also help in resolving employee grievances and disputes.
  • Searchability: Business transcription makes retrieving specific information in business meetings or conference call recordings much more accessible. This is especially true when there is a lot of content, or you want to find a specific section of the recording.
  • Accessibility: With employees from different nationalities and linguistic backgrounds working in multinational companies, all team members must understand the business context in an accessible format. With many people having English as their second language, business transcription helps make the content more accessible.

Who Needs Business Transcription Services

Business or corporate transcription is essential for many industries and corporate bodies. Some of the most common ones that use business transcription services are:

Types of Business Transcription

We have a large team of transcribers specializing in different business fields. This gives us a unique ability to handle a wide array of business transcription projects effectively. We are committed to assigning your project to a transcriptionist who possesses the relevant expertise and experience in your specific industry. Explore below some of the business transcription services we offer:

  • Focus Group Transcription: The essence of focus group transcription is correctly labeling the speakers and, in the case of verbatim transcription, catching every nuance of the participants’ speeches. Our meticulous transcriptionists expertly capture the opinions and perspectives of your focus group discussions. This enables comprehensive documentation and analysis of the insights exchanged.
  • Earnings Call Transcription Services: We have the skillset to deliver perfectly accurate and timely transcripts for your earning call to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Interview Transcription: You can use our transcription service to transcribe interviews. Interview transcripts are valuable for research, analysis, investigation, and documentation. 
  • Conference Calls Transcription: We specialize in transforming discussions held during conference calls into clear and coherent written records. This ensures that the valuable insights shared during these calls are easily understood and retained.
  • Dictation Transcription: It is always nice to have a personal assistant to convert your dictation notes or audio recordings into accurate written text. Ask us; our expert transcriptionists will serve you promptly and diligently.
  • Corporate Meeting Transcription: If you have an important corporate meeting, you must always have its minutes. A good business meeting transcription service can capture the discussions and decisions made. The documentation serves as a reference for future actions and follow-ups.
  • Insurance Transcription: We offer a comprehensive insurance transcription service that caters to the specific needs of the insurance industry. Our accurate transcription of your audio supports various insurance processes including claims, verifications, compliance requirements, and creating essential documentation.
  • Market Research Transcription: Transcription is an essential tool for market research. Accurate transcripts of customer responses, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and in-house discussions facilitate in-depth analysis and insights into market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Speakers/ Moderators: We have expertise in transcribing recorded speeches, lectures, webinars, and seminars. These transcripts amplify the reach of valuable content, promoting enhanced comprehension and knowledge sharing.
  • Boardroom Transcription: Our dedicated transcriptions cover boardroom discussions and presentations, ensuring meticulous record-keeping and facilitating easy sharing of critical insights and decisions.
  • Reports/Memos: Our conversion of reports and memos into text format simplifies distribution and referencing. This streamlined approach promotes effective communication and accessibility of vital information.
  • Webcast Transcription: We will convert spoken content from webinars, conferences, or live events into text. It enhances accessibility, searchability, and content repurposing of your webcasts.

How GMR’s Business Transcription Service Can Help You

A trusted business transcription service provider will help you preserve and use sensitive business information in multiple formats.

  • You need to record the business proceedings well, and we take care of the rest.
  • Archive your audio and video recordings in a text format. We transcribe all file formats, including MP3, WAV, and others, and convert them to .doc, .docx, PDF, or txt files.
  • Get accurate and detailed reports of crucial business proceedings from 100% human and US-based transcribers. It will help you avoid disputes and lawsuits.
  • Save time and meet your business deadlines.
  • If you hire GMR Transcription as your professional transcription company, it will save time, effort, resources, and money. You will not need to recruit an in-house dedicated team for transcription.

Team of Human Experts!

  • Get Instant Quotes on Bulk Orders
  • Talk to a Real Human for Any Questions
  • Same Day, Next Day Services Available
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Your Goals, Our Commitment: Learn About Our Committed Team

At GMR Transcription, we take pride in our outstanding business transcription services. Prominent corporate names like Accenture, Amazon, and AT&T have displayed trust in us by sending their transcription assignments to us. Over the years of our operation, we have earned a remarkable 4.9-star on Google from our customers! This high rating reflects our clients' regard for the quality of our business transcription service and excellent customer service. When you choose us, you can be confident that you are in safe and caring hands for all your business transcription needs.

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Beth Worthy

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Vanessa Almodovar

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Jenny Elliott

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GMR Transcription delivers exceptional verbatim transcription, as we employ only the best US-based transcriptionists. These transcriptionists receive regular feedback from our quality assurance team and are backed by a proofreading process so that they produce the best transcription in the industry.

We use an SSL-encrypted server for storing and retrieving your personal information and files. Every person involved in the transcription process signs a privacy and confidentiality agreement and is subject to US jurisprudence.

We never use non-human transcription methods like computer-generated transcription, robots or AI. All of our transcribers are residents of the United States or Canada.

We ensure top-notch transcription quality through a 3-step process. First, your project is assigned to our professional transcriptionists. Then, they transcribe it according to your specific requirements. Finally, we make sure to carefully review and proofread every transcript before sending it back to you. Our US-based human transcriptionists excel at accuracy checks and maintain strict confidentiality standards. Our commitment to continuous training and the implementation of changes based on client feedback ensures a consistently high-quality output.

Low-quality audio usually has one or more of these issues:

  • People talking at the same time
  • Interruptions
  • Noise in the background
  • A not-so-good microphone
  • A microphone that is far from the person speaking
  • Speakers with thick accents

You will receive a notification email once your transcripts are finished and ready to be delivered. Then, you can access your account with us to make the payment for our services using a credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). Once the payment is processed, we will send your transcripts via email, or you can download them after logging into your GMR Transcription account.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page.

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