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GMR Transcription Services Inc. was founded in 2004 to provide affordable and accurate transcription and translation services for writers, students/professors and businesses. The company has since increased its services to government institutions, non-profit organizations and medical community.

Our expertise

GMR Transcription wants you to be happy with your transcripts. That's why we guarantee 98% accuracy for good quality audios that don’t fit our definition of "difficult" ( click here ). In the rare case that a transcript is less than 98% accurate for good quality audio, we will redo it at no extra charge.

Our services


Our transcription services are done by human transcribers. We serve clients seeking academic, corporate, legal, and podcast transcription services!

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Our experienced, certified translators provide text-to-text, audio-to-text, and verbatim translation in over 20 languages and dialects

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GMR's team of professional editors and writers can review and polish any project – from book drafts to technical research papers to business plans and proposals

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Our careful eye for detail makes GMR Transcription's team of professional transcribers, translators and editors the perfect proofreaders for your paper

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Three Simple Steps to Get Your Transcription Done!

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We Transcribe

  1. Trained US based transcribers transcribe your files
  2. All transcription done by human; no machine transcription
  3. Every file goes for quality check prior to approval
  4. You are notified that transcript is ready

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  1. Transcript is ready on time. We are never late.
  2. You pay and get the transcript by email or download it by logging in -- YOUR CHOICE!

Our team


Ajay PrasadFounder & President

Word From Our Founder

“Our primary goal is to provide professional transcription and translation services that are easy to use at affordable rates. At GMR Transcription, we are committed to deliver the best services to our clients with 100% transparency, commitment and dedication.”


Beth WorthyDirector of Operations

Vanessa AlmodovarTranscription Coordinator

Amanda TarneyTranscription Supervisor