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What Is Dissertation Transcription?

A dissertation is the most important part of earning a doctorate. All students submit their dissertation research in their final year after putting in a lot of arduous work. A well-researched and thorough dissertation adds feathers to the career of a researcher or academic.

Dissertation writing is the final compilation and conclusion of research work. A good transcription service can assist in the process by converting the information gathered through lectures, seminars, interviews, and notes to accurately transcribed text. These texts are in turn used by the researchers to compile their findings, reach conclusions, and submit the final dissertation as per the university's standards and specifications.

Dissertation transcription services enable students to complete their dissertations in time. The service converts audio, video, or handwritten files into text files that the students or academics can use in their dissertations to complete the research project with better and more precise content. While students can focus on enhancing the research and details of the dissertation, our expert transcribers will convert their audios and videos into accurate texts.

Steps to Get Your Transcription Done

GMR Transcription offers hassle-free and timely dissertation transcription services. Get your dissertation transcription in three simple steps:

Register & Upload Files

Register & Upload Files

Visit our website and register for the dissertation transcription services. Upload the audio or video files of focus groups, interviews, seminars, etc. on the GMR portal. Mention the turnaround time and specific transcribing instructions for our team.

We Transcribe

We Transcribe

Our experts will work on the transcription. Our professionals do multiple quality checks and provide thorough proofreading to guarantee the highest accuracy. You can also track the progress of your project on the portal.

Complete Payment & Download Files

Complete Payment & Download Files

Complete the payment for your dissertation transcription services on the portal. After successful payment, you can download or receive the files in your email.

Unlock Your Research's Full Potential. Trust GMR for Dissertation Transcription!

  • Reliable Dissertation Transcription Service
  • Maintain the Privacy of Your Uploaded Files
  • 100% US-based Human Transcriptionist
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Dissertation Transcription Services Cost

Dissertation Transcription Services Cost

GMR Transcription offers quality dissertation transcription services at reasonable rates. The rates can vary with these factors:

  • Audio and video quality
  • Readability of handwritten texts
  • Number of speakers
  • Unique requests by the client
  • The turnaround time requested

You can also get discounts if you choose a longer waiting period of 3-4 weeks for the transcription services. Refer to our rates page for further details.

Why do Students Need Professional Help?

Research and transcribing the audios, videos and notes generated during research work are two distinct aspects of completing a dissertation. Handling both these tasks together is difficult for most researchers. That is where GMR Transcription steps in and offers professional help to students and academics to achieve their goals.

Different universities and students require different formats and styles for their transcripts. With years of experience, our professionals can use any transcription format specified by the students’ university.

Benefits of Dissertation Transcription

Some of the benefits of choosing professional dissertation transcription services are as follows:

  • Save time: Time is of the essence in dissertation submission. A professional dissertation transcription service can help you save time. Your time can be better used on more important aspects of the dissertation, like researching the topic.
  • Human Transcription: A 100% human dissertation transcription service helps to keep the output text error-free. AI tools can make errors in the transcription that can be difficult and time consuming to rectify. These errors often are inaccuracies in transcribing accents, complex terminology, or context-dependent content.
  • Ensured Accuracy: Professional dissertation transcription services can ensure the highest accuracy in dissertation transcription. Expert transcribers conduct proofreading checks, eliminating the need for extensive editing efforts by the students or researchers.
  • Privacy Assurance: Professional dissertation transcription services provide security with secure file transfer protocols and data encryption. It protects the privacy and confidentiality of your dissertation research.

With GMR Transcription, rely on our 100% US-based human dissertation transcription services for error-free and correctly formatted transcripts. With the assistance of accurate transcripts, your dissertation will be professional, and the outcome will be organized, readable, and comprehensible.

Client Testimonials

Researchers and students from the leading universities of the USA like Harvard and NYU love our work. Join our growing community of happy clients! You can read some of our customer testimonials below.

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Price Calculator

Want to use our trusted dissertation transcription service but worried about the cost? Use our price calculator and find out the exact cost of our services. If you are on a tight budget, choose a three-to-four-week turnaround time.

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Transcription Samples

Scroll through our work samples and get an understanding of our work and its quality. At GMR Transcription, we believe in maintaining complete transparency with our customers. Our team of professionals suits your needs perfectly.

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AI transcription services often make errors and lower the quality of research work. Human touch is required to create accurate and reliable dissertation transcription. Words like two, to, and too in a sentence need human intervention to understand the actual meaning. You can rely on our 100% US-based human transcribers for your dissertation transcription needs.

Making Your Research Material Clearer and More Understandable

Choose GMR Transcription for your dissertation transcription needs! Get accurate transcripts of your research material on different topics, lectures, surveys, interviews, and seminars. Our professionals have vast experience in generating high-quality transcripts for your dissertation.

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How GMR Assures Maximum Accuracy?

Ensure 99% Accuracy with Our Three-Step Process:



The dissertation transcription project gets assigned to the transcriptionist who best matches your expectations. This ensures quality and a better outcome of the transcription project.



Our professionals start transcribing your files accurately for your dissertation. Our typists are known for the quality of their work.

Proofreading & Quality Check

Proofreading & Quality Check

The transcribed files are then sent to our expert proofreaders. They perform multiple quality checks on the document to ensure flawless quality.

Your Project, Our Priority: Meet the Team Behind the Excellence

With years of extensive experience in transcribing, our dedicated team has a remarkable client satisfaction rate. They understand the unique needs of academic and dissertation transcription and cater accordingly to meet the highest levels of quality and accuracy. With a 4.9-star rating on Google, GMR Transcription provides dependable and on-time delivery of dissertation transcription services. We guarantee 99% accuracy with good audio in the transcribed file by our US-based expert team.

Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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Vanessa Almodovar

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Jenny Elliott

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Renee Williams

Renee Williams

QA Specialist


At GMR Transcription, the dissertation transcription is a three-step process consisting of assignment submission, transcribing, and proofreading. The dissertation is assigned to the transcriber who can best meet your expectations.

Transcribing interviews, for a dissertation, is often necessary to save effort and time. It ensures accurate data analysis and referencing. However, some may use summaries instead, depending on the research's scope and requirements.

Yes, we can bill your university directly for our services. You must set this up with us before submitting an order. Contact us at info@gmrtranscription.com to set up invoicing.

To choose the best transcription service for dissertations, one should check these factors:

  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Client Reviews
  • Turnaround Times

GMR Transcription is the best choice for dissertation transcription services, with over 18 years of experience and 13,000+ happy clients. Our team consists of reliable professionals with a knack for providing accurate and quality transcription services for dissertations.

You can choose either same-day or next-day turnaround times for dissertation transcription with us, but please note that these options will result in higher transcription service costs. Alternatively, you can opt for a three-to-four-week turnaround time to reduce the cost of the service.

Transcripts are returned in an editable Microsoft Word format, so you can make any edits as you see fit.

To assess the reliability of a dissertation transcription service, consider factors like their reputation, client reviews, turnaround times, accuracy guarantees, security measures, and pricing transparency.

GMR Transcription has a 4.9-star rating on Google for outstanding transcription services, emphasizing our reliable and quality output. Our expert professionals have a track record of delivering accurate transcriptions with total confidentiality.

Dissertation transcription involves:

  • You record interviews or gather research materials.
  • These recordings and notes are then sent to a trusted professional transcription service like GMR Transcription.
  • Our skilled transcribers carefully listen to the recordings, transcribe the content, and format it precisely as per your requirements.

This meticulous process ensures that your dissertation audios are accurately converted into text.

We offer human transcription services in all languages, especially in English, Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish. Whatever the nature of your audios; interviews, video files, lectures, notes, or seminars, we offer accurate transcription solutions in all languages to meet your specific requirements.

You can identify a low-quality audio file by listening for excessive background noise, muffled or distorted speech, inconsistent volume levels, or frequent interruptions. Poor audio quality can hinder transcription accuracy and require additional deciphering effort, increasing transcription service costs.


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