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Qualitative Research Transcription Services

Qualitative Research Transcription Services

Students and professors use professional transcription services all over the US for various academic projects. A researcher would typically need ‘Qualitative Research Transcription Services’ whenever their raw data is not in a text or numeral format. Generally, research methodologies using audio or visual formats, i. e. interviews, lectures, group discussions, focus groups, conferences, etc., need an accurate transcription service. Most researchers prefer to use professional qualitative research transcription services to save time and ensure high-quality research outcomes.

At GMR Transcription, we offer expert transcription services at affordable rates. Our team consists of 100% US-based human transcribers specializing in several subjects and their specific terminology, enabling us to create high-quality transcripts within quick turnaround times. Our services include research, academic, document, video, and audio transcription services. We guarantee 99% accuracy on good quality audios.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

- Mary Catherine George, MM, PhD (c)

Research Program Manager
Neurology Department
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

We are happy to continue to use GMR for all of our transcription services for our qualitative studies. This allows us to get an outside service that reduces bias and it reduces our time commitment by providing accurate transcripts for our studies. We can invest the time saved on conducting the study and the enormous amount of time needed for analyses. We also are so grateful for the swift turn around that we receive and the ability to make special demands for the studies we design. Partnering with GMR is a win-win for all we do.

- Janet Bang, Postdoctoral Fellow

Stanford University

I am a researcher in Psychology and we used GMR to help us transcribe audio recordings of caregiver-child interactions in natural and everyday settings by Spanish- and English-speaking families. GMR was very attentive and responsive, providing us with accurate transcriptions of sometimes very messy situations. They were also very accommodating to our requests for special formatting and spelling requirements. They were extremely prompt and stayed true to their turnaround time. We spoke with a few other services and none were as willing to help us with the requirements that we needed. Having GMR complete the initial transcription greatly facilitated our ability to work with the data.

- A. Salas

THANK YOU!! I literally had 8 weeks to write my qualitative dissertation and had to have 18 interviews transcribed at different intervals. Your service was top notch and turn around time was great! You all were great, uploading was easy and fast. I WILL recommend you all to my colleagues in the doctoral program at CSULB. Thank you for making a challenging process, easier.

Why Use Qualitative Research Transcription?

We have made transcription easy and convenient for you. With GMR, you get flawless, accurate transcripts at affordable rates.

  • Qualitative research transcription converts research data and information recorded through audio or visual means into a text-based format and makes it easier to analyze and share.
  • Research states that reading is more effective than listening when your brain tries to understand and retain something. Text based information has a better recall value. therefore transcribing qualitative research audios can be far more helpful during the research process than simply listening to the audios.
  • Transcribing your qualitative research audios, videos, and interviews can make it easier for you to scan the transcription and search for the desired data. It saves time as you no longer need to replay the audio multiple times to obtain data.
  • Transcribed files are easier to share than video or audio files. They are typically smaller than audio and video files and are also easier to access, and require less memory.
  • Audio and video files might get lost or corrupted with time. However, transcribed files are easier to store and can refer to for any follow-up research. Text interviews can also be stored in different media, e.g., a cloud or flash drive, making them easier to be accessed for reference.
Why Choose GMR Transcription?

Why Choose GMR Transcription?

Follow these simple steps to outsource your transcription work to us:

  • 100% Human Transcribers
    All our audio, video, and text transcriptions for quantitative research are done by human transcriptionists to minimize errors, even while transcribing large panel or group discussions.
  • 99% Guaranteed Accuracy
    We assure a 99% accuracy guarantee for our qualitative research transcription projects with good audio quality. Our transcribers excel in transcribing audio/ video content with multiple speakers, complicated jargon, local dialects, slang, phrases, and more.
  • Data Security Assurance
    We ensure complete data confidentiality and security with zero client information leaks. All of our transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements before beginning any transcription work.
  • Academic Transcription Services
    We provide a wide range of audio and video academic transcription services , including transcribing conferences to one-to-one interviews, research, academic documents, and more.
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Our Qualitative Research Transcription Rates

Since 2004, GMR Transcription has completed thousands of transcription projects with our customers satisfied with the output. With our flexible pricing options, even students and academics can use our transcription services that were previously only available to rich people and businesses.

Any Project Size, at your deadline.

Calculate the exact cost of your transcription project.

Steps to Get Your Qualitative Research Transcription Done

With three simple steps, you can get your transcription done:

  • Upload Content
    First, create an account and upload your files. Then pick a turnaround time to receive an instant quote.
  • Our Transcription Process
    As soon as you submit your document, the work immediately starts. You can track the progress of your document by logging into your account.
  • Receive Your Document
    After your order is complete, pay the amount and get the transcribed documents by email, or you can also download them from your account.
Steps to Get Your Qualitative Research Transcription Done


Transcription means providing a written account of spoken words. In the case of qualitative research, transcription is conducted by one person or a group interview and is usually written verbatim.

Here are a few ways in which we record interviews in qualitative research:

  • Using recording gear
  • Ask for an Interpreter’s help
  • Choosing a silent location
  • Offering guidelines to the Interviewee
  • Let speakers identify themselves

Yes, transcription is necessary as this helps us follow the standard protocols required for qualitative research. This includes credibility, context, and transferability.

Transcription is important in qualitative research because it puts qualitative data in a text-based format. It also makes data easier to analyze and share.

Transcription allows our researchers to become more immersed in the data they collect and helps them create narratives. It also helps to preserve the accuracy of the data.

In qualitative research, we analyze the data by reading many transcripts, comparing similarities and differences, identifying subjects, and developing categories.

The text recorded by our transcriber goes through various tests like incorrect punctuation, capitalization, spelling errors, syntax, foreign phrases, and hearing errors. These tests are carried out by practitioners and language specialists to get 100% clarification before giving the file to the owner.

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