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A court reporter or deposition transcriptionist faces many challenges, including maintaining accuracy and meeting tight deadlines. We have great solutions for you with our hassle-free court reporting and deposition transcription services.

Challenge 1: The first challenge you may face is transcribing audio with thick accents and rapid speech. It may take too long to transcribe each spoken word accurately.

Our experienced legal transcriptionists are there to help. We have expertise and experience in transcribing audio with heavy accents and fast-paced speech. You can rely on us while you work on other tasks.

Challenge 2: Identifying multiple speakers in live courtroom sessions.

GMR Transcription's expertise in transcription of court proceedings ensures that we can accurately label and identify each speaker in courtroom audios, limited by the fact that these audios can have background noise and contain crosstalk. Our court reporting transcription meets the best quality standards in the industry.

Challenge 3: Transcribing crucial evidential audio transcripts into complex court templates and pleading papers, with cover pages and transcript certificates.

GMR Transcription's specialized team efficiently transforms evidential and other transcripts into the required formats, ensuring the documents are court-ready in time for legal proceedings.

Challenge 4: Balancing your time for transcription in a busy routine.

Transcription is a time-consuming process. Sometimes, you may have too much on hand to do full justice to your transcription work. At GMR Transcription, we have a large team of specialized court reporting and deposition transcriptionists to assist you in meeting tight deadlines with accuracy and confidentiality.

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Court Reporting Transcription Process at GMR Transcription

Get your court reporting transcription with three simple steps:

  • Upload Your Files
    Start by creating your GMR Transcription account by registering with us. Then, effortlessly upload your court hearing or deposition audio to be transcribed. Please indicate your desired turnaround time and share any specific instructions for our transcription team, including the templates we will use, the number of speakers, and the audio quality.
  • We Transcribe
    Once your audio files are uploaded, our expert team matches and assigns them to the most suitable transcriptionist specializing in your requirements. Also, we proofread the transcripts before we inform you that the work is complete.
  • Pay and Receive
    Once our team completes your court reporting transcription, we will promptly notify you via email. Follow the straightforward payment procedure. Now, you can download the transcribed files from your account with us or have them conveniently delivered via your registered email.
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What Are Court Reporting and Deposition Transcription

What Are Court Reporting and Deposition Transcription?

A court reporting transcript is a text record of audio or video recordings made during a court hearing or trial. A court report audio can be recorded on a digital device when the court reporter is present during proceedings and records what is said correctly and accurately. Court reporting transcripts are treated as an authoritative and documented narrative of the events within the court, admissible as evidence in the courts, and accepted by the attorneys on both sides.

Depositions are witness testimonies recorded under oath before the trial begins. Depositions are recorded while the memories are fresh and are usually taken in an attorney's office, where the witness is more at ease than in a courtroom. Depositions are admissible as evidence. Depositions are transcribed accurately to create text documents.

Our US-based human transcribers specialize in transcribing court proceedings and depositions using legal formats like pleading papers. We ensure top-quality transcripts with timely delivery. With a remarkable 99% accuracy for good audio, we have a proven track record in transcribing court proceedings, arbitrations, depositions, and more. We offer GMR Transcription's professional services at competitive rates, improving your evidential records.

Why Choose Us to Assist You With Court Reporting Transcription?

We offer significant ease in transcribing court reporting audios. Once you have the audio of your court report in hand, you can stop worrying about the transcription part. We offer great flexibility by cost-effectively transcribing recordings from any location at any time and with a quick turnaround.

Avoid the risk of your court case or appeal being affected due to delayed delivery of transcripts. Our court report transcriptionists can accommodate rapid turnaround times, even as quick as 24 hours, while ensuring the delivery of accurate court transcripts. Our standard and most popular turnaround time option is three to five business days.

Each court transcription file we transcribe undergoes meticulous quality assurance checks, guaranteeing an accuracy rate of at least 99% with clear audio surpassing the standards of most courts.

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Who Should Contact Us for Court Reporting Transcription Services?

We offer our services to various professionals and law firms, which include:

Court Reporting Firms

If you are a court reporting firm and want accurate and quick professional court transcripts, we can help you. Our transcription services for legal proceedings include:

  • Recorded hearings
  • Depositions
  • Sentencings
  • Bail hearings
  • Arraignments
  • Jury trials
  • Voir dire proceedings
  • All other audios of court proceedings
  • Legal formatting and pleading paper

We transcribe your audio with the highest possible accuracy.

Transcription And Translation Vendors

If you are a transcription and translation vendor and need quick, high-quality transcripts, contact us. We have the necessary expertise to generate fast and accurate legal transcripts and help lighten your workload. We can complete orders in your company template. Transfer your workflow to us, and we will complete all your projects in time.

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Why Choose Us to Assist You With Court Reporting Transcription

Our Court Transcription Rates

Since 2004, GMR Transcription has completed thousands of transcription assignments, with our customers being completely satisfied with the results. We provide the most flexible pricing options for our transcription service for individuals, law firms, and court systems.

Our one time minimum fee for legal or court-related files is $250. Furthermore, we work on a pay-as-you-go basis. You will not be required to sign a long-term contract with us to use our industry-leading transcribing services.

Client Testimonials

From legal professionals to business owners, our clients rave about the quality of our transcripts and service support. Paralegals value our reliability, while board leaders applaud our guidance. Trust GMR for exceptional court reporting transcription services.

Trust Us for Court-Ready Transcripts!

Don't leave room for errors in your legal documents. Request our transcription services to ensure accuracy and compliance in every detail.

Rating 4.9/5 on Google

Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality with Strong 2048-bit SSL Encryption and NDA Protections

Aligned Objectives, Committed Experts: Get to Know Our Team

At GMR Transcription, we are excellent in court reporting transcription. We have gained the trust of legal firms and professionals across the U.S. who rely on our expert transcribers to transcribe legal proceedings, depositions, hearings, and more. With an impressive 4.9-star rating on Google, our clients have demonstrated how much they rely on the accuracy and impeccability of our transcripts. Our dedicated team delivers consistent and punctual transcriptions tailored to meet the distinctive demands of the legal profession.

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Beth Worthy

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Vanessa Almodovar

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Jenny Elliott

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Renee Williams

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Court reporters and court reporting transcriptionists have similar roles, transcribing spoken words into textual forms in the realm of law and justice. Court transcriptionists transcribe dictations given to them by an attorney. In contrast, a court reporter transcribes the words spoken live verbatim at the legal proceedings and court depositions.

You may receive the transcripts in text format, usually in one of the following file types: DOC (Microsoft Word document), PDF, or TXT (plain text) file. Please contact us if you have a special request.

We offer accelerated transcription choices with extra charges, ranging from same-day to next-day delivery. For longer recordings, a specific expedited turnaround time might not be feasible.

A court transcriptionist converts spoken or recorded legal proceedings, such as court hearings, depositions, and trials, into written documents. They listen to audio recordings and use their typing skills to accurately transcribe speech, ensuring an official record of the proceedings.

According to industry standards, court transcribers typically type at speeds ranging from 60 to 100 words per minute, although some highly skilled transcribers can exceed 120 words per minute. The rate can vary depending on the complexity of the audio.

Costs for court reporting transcription vary based on factors like length and urgency. Please visit our pricing page to learn the details about our transcription rates.

Our transcribers excel in handling legal jargon and technical terms, showcasing expertise in accurately transcribing complex dialogues. Continuous learning and research done by our transcriptionists ensure precise, authentic records of your legal proceedings.

The turnaround time for court reporting transcription depends on the service you select while placing your order with us. For larger projects it would depend on the length and complexity of the audio or video recording. Be assured that we will share the expected turnaround time before we start the transcription.

Because there are thousands of courts across the US with different requirements you will need to verify with your court that our transcripts will be accepted before you place your order. It is very rare that a GMR Transcription transcript would not be accepted in court.

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