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Upload Your Audio, Video or Text Files

Upload Your Audio, Video or Text Files

Sign up with GMR Transcription and upload your audio, video, or text files. Please fill in the details of the service you need like the desired turnaround time and provide us with any special instructions or format in which you want your legal transcripts delivered.

We Transcribe

We Transcribe

We select and assign your work to the most suitable of our skilled legal transcriptionists based on your requirements. We conduct quality checks to ensure accurate transcripts.

Pay and Download

Pay and Download

Once the transcription and proofreading process is finished, you will receive a notification. Following that, you must proceed with the payment and either download the transcribed files directly from your account or receive them via email.

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Legal Transcription Services Rates

Legal Transcription Services Rates

Legal transcription prices depend on the following factors:

  • The turnaround time: The quicker you want your transcribed file back, the more expensive the service is.
  • The number of speakers in the audio recording: The rate is the same for one or two speakers. For three or more speakers, the rate would be higher.
  • The quality of the recording: The quality of the audio recording affects the rate. Poor quality audio is charged at a higher rate. Please click here to learn what we consider poor-quality audio.
  • Translation services: Rates are higher when translation from one language to another is involved. Please click here to learn more about our translation services. Please click here to view our translation services rate card.
  • Special services: The rates for special services like time stamps or notarization are higher.

Click here to check out our rates. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about our rates or our services.

Please note that US-based human transcribers provide all these services. We do not use machines or AIs for our legal transcription services.

Why Choose GMR Transcription for Legal Transcription

GMR Transcription is one of the leading companies in legal transcription. We take pride in our skilled team of experienced transcriptionists and the use of advanced technology to improve user experience. With a history of 19 years in the transcription industry, GMR Transcription has transcribed a staggering 8.35 million minutes of audio.

Here we list some reasons why we are one of the most trusted legal transcription services providers:

Client Testimonials

Customers love us and trust our impeccable legal transcription services. See their reviews below:

What Is Legal Transcription

What Is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription refers to converting the audio of any legal proceeding, such as court hearings, depositions, or legal conferences, into a written document. An accurate transcript ensures that the key details and discussions are preserved in writing, facilitating legal research, analysis, and preparation for future use in legal proceedings.

Our US-based legal transcriptionists specialize in legal procedures, terminology, documentation, and formatting requirements. This enables them to deliver transcribed documents that are accurate, comprehensive, and tailored to your specific needs.

How a Good Legal Transcriptionist Can Help?

While working on cases, lawyers, paralegals, and others in the legal profession frequently handle vast amounts of data with tight deadlines. An excellent legal transcription service such as ours provides this domain with a critical transcription and documentation support service. Our legal transcriptionists can simplify and hugely reduce the burden of your work, as they are well-versed in transcribing legal audio accurately and producing well-formatted documents to meet the high standards of the legal profession.

The professionally trained legal transcribers fully comprehend the importance of accuracy, confidentiality, and careful attention to detail in transcribing audio relating to legal matters.

While choosing a legal transcriptionist, it is essential to look for certain qualities to get the quality of service that should match the high standards of your law firm and help you expedite the handling of cases.

Here are the essential qualities to look for:

How Does Legal Transcription Work

How Does Legal Transcription Work?

Nowadays, almost all courtrooms, attorney offices, or police stations are equipped with high-quality audio and video digital electronic devices that record the proceedings like interrogations, witness statements, depositions, legal memorandums, pleadings, motions, case briefs, and files. These recordings are transcribed to create written transcripts. The accuracy of these written documents is vital as they may be used as evidence or witness testimonies in a court of law.

Verbatim Transcription: Sometimes, transcription of legal audio or video, especially in the case of deposition recording or witness statements, verbatim transcription format is requested. Verbatim means that the transcriptionist writes down what they hear or see (in the case of court reporters) verbatim or ‘word to word’.

Other subtle yet significant details such as pauses, hesitations, delays, false starts, and the usage of filler words such as “err,” “um,” “ah,” and “uh” that are present in the recording must be included in the transcript. Also, no efforts should be made to edit, infer, or summarize the content of the recorded source. If the transcript of any audio is admissible as evidence in a court of law, or if any agency takes a decision that should be good in law based on the transcripts, it should be transcribed verbatim.

Who Needs Legal Transcription Services?

Legal transcription services are valuable to many individuals and organizations involved in the legal field. Here are some examples of those who can benefit from legal transcription services:

Understanding the Purpose of Legal Transcription

Understanding the Purpose of Legal Transcription

The term legal implies what is lawful. Being lawful is being blameless in the eyes of the judicial system of any country. The speech of all involved in any incident is one of the principal resources for avoiding or settling disputes or delivering justice when a crime has been committed. Verbatim or non-verbatim transcription of the audio of a discussion, a speech, a deposition, or a witness testimony, forms an essential part of the record or evidence in case of a trial.

Due to the increasing digitization of the legal sector, legal transcription service has emerged as a vital aid to the judicial process, being extensively used by all the agencies in this field. At the same time, legal transcription is a skillful profession needing expertise and experience; for anyone not specially trained, transcribing audio or video recordings can be time-consuming and cumbersome with poor outcomes, especially for any legal professional already burdened with a hectic work schedule.

Hence, by utilizing a reputed transcription company's professional legal transcription services, a firm's workforce's time, energy, and other resources can be better used for more productive work, leading to higher output and optimal use of their resources. As these transcripts are admissible in a court as evidence, the highest standard of accuracy is required, which can be assured only by a skilled and reliable legal transcriptionist with the requisite expertise and experience in creating superior-quality legal transcripts.

Why Is Legal Transcription So Important in Court Proceedings?

Legal transcripts are written records of all spoken words during and for a court proceeding, depositions, insurance claims, police verification, etc. The transcripts are formatted to make them an easy-to-understand source of vital information that can be conveniently accessed for a wide range of applications by the legal profession, such as investigations, hearings, arbitration hearings, witness interviews, and court proceedings.

Their accuracy, and easy and quick access to specific portions required as reference points, make these transcripts valuable tools widely used in court proceedings.

Legal transcriptions have gained importance in court proceedings for their multiple benefits.

1. Enhanced Work Output

Legal professionals need to source information from varied sources, including audio and video recordings, to present as evidence during a court proceeding; frequent reference to a specific section of the audio or video recording can be time-consuming and tedious. Also, in many instances, the quality of the recordings could be better for analysis of the collected information.

Legal transcription enhances the productivity of attorneys and paralegals by enabling them to manage the available information related to a specific case more effectively. It helps them to manage their time better.

2. Better Planned Strategies

A meticulously transcribed verbatim legal file would include not just the verbal interactions during a court proceeding but also significant non-verbal cues and other subtle nuances in speech that may be overlooked while collecting information directly from the audio or video recordings.

Legal transcriptionists are skilled in incorporating all crucial details in the verbatim transcripts, allowing the attorneys to strategize better as they can glean more detailed information and present their evidence more efficiently. Also, the progression of information along a specified timeline makes it easier to analyze with higher efficiency using tools such as timestamps and speaker identification.

3. Highlights for Convenient Reference

Any crucial information requiring referencing during a court proceeding can be conveniently highlighted on a legal transcript. Going back and forth to access the same data from a video and audio clip may slow down the judicial process. Besides speeding up the court proceedings, highlighting essential aspects of the text can be effectively used during the pre-trial investigation phase while preparing notes and devising strategies that can help reach favorable outcomes.

4. Credible Defense Tool

Legal transcriptions give legal professionals the precision and clarity to analyze legal testimonies and other relevant events. Since quality transcripts assure high levels of accuracy and can be presented without delay, they are increasingly being accepted as a credible defense tool during court proceedings.

Benefits of Using Our Legal Transcription Service

Benefits of Using Our Legal Transcription Service

At GMR Transcription, our team of experienced legal transcribers has the requisite skills to provide you with transcripts of the highest quality. We have been offering services on par with global standards to clients ranging from attorneys, paralegals, and law firms to investigators, law enforcement agencies, and court reporters.

Some of the highlights and benefits of our legal transcription services include:

  • 100% United States based Human Legal Transcriptionists
  • Digital Organization and Management of Legal Files
  • Assured Reduction in Your Workload
  • Assured Confidentiality of Legal Information
  • Cost Effective and Time-Efficient
  • Customized Transcription Formats

Transcription Services That We Offer to Legal Professionals

Here is a list of our specialized transcription services for legal professionals, court reporters, attorneys, and corporations to help them save valuable time and allow them to focus on other essential tasks.

Types of Transcription Services Catering to Legal Professionals

Related Legal Transcription Services Available at GMR

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What Is the Turnaround Time for Legal Transcription Services?

At GMR Transcription, we understand the importance of preparing legal documents with due diligence for details and accuracy. You chose what turnaround time works best for you. Our turnaround time ranges from same-day services to three to four weeks. We always strive for our commitment to providing outstanding quality services to paralegals, court reporters, attorneys, and other legal professionals.

Call us at 714-202-9653 or toll-free at 800-731-7412 if you have questions regarding our transcription rates and turnaround time or want an official written quote emailed.

Your Project, Our Priority: Meet Our Dedicated Team

We prioritize your project at GMR Transcription, delivering exceptional legal transcription services. Our team is experienced in handling sensitive legal documents, ensuring accuracy and reliability. With a 4.9-star rating on Google, clients consistently praise our excellent service and dedication. Trust us to transcribe recordings, legal notes, and court proceedings more diligently.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and when you choose us, you can be confident in our commitment to providing the best possible results. Experience the difference yourself and let us bring clarity and precision to your legal transcriptions.

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Legal Transcription FAQs

Yes, we have live customer service representatives available to assist you. You can contact us via phone or live chat during our business hours.

We accept a wide range of file formats for transcription, including but not limited to MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, and more. Please get in touch with our customer service for assistance if you have a specific format not listed.

Our transcriptionists are experienced professionals familiar with legal terminologies and industry-specific transcription requirements. They accurately transcribe legal documents, court proceedings, depositions, and more.

Our legal transcription service prices vary depending on audio quality, turnaround time, and additional services required.

Our quoted price includes the transcription service and additional charges for optional services such as timestamping, verbatim transcription, or expedited turnaround times, for which you can opt. All the rates and options are there on the rate sheet.

Yes, we have transcriptionists who specialize in legal verbatim transcription. They know legal terminology and are experienced in transcribing legal documents accurately.

Yes, we have a team of background-checked transcriptionists who are available on request.

We maintain high-quality standards by employing skilled transcriptionists, implementing rigorous quality control measures, and regularly reviewing completed transcripts. Our quality assurance team ensures accuracy, consistency, and adherence to customer specifications.

We prioritize client confidentiality and have taken appropriate measures to protect your data. Our transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements, and we have strict internal policies and security protocols in place. We also use secure file transfer methods and comply with industry standards to safeguard your information.

After completing your transcription, you can receive the transcribed material. If you prefer email delivery, we will send the transcribed text to the email address you provided during the order placement. Alternatively, you can log into your account with us and download files.

We offer a variety of transcript formats to suit your needs, including Microsoft Word (DOC/ DOCX), PDF, and plain text (TXT). Just let us know your requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

To ensure accurate legal transcription, choose a professional service, provide clear audio recordings, offer contextual information, and select experienced transcriptionists familiar with legal terminology.

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