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The Client

The Client

This research library focuses on providing access to original materials and preserving the history of a 19th century American historical figure. They provide public access to handwritten letters, manuscripts, books, photographs, audiovisuals, and materials for in-depth research.

Project Requirements

This research library currently has over 25,000 handwritten letters from the 19th century that involved correspondence between 7,000 different senders. These letters needed to be transcribed to digital documents and their librarians would be verifying all completed transcripts.

Challenges to Overcome

  • Letters from different senders mean transcribing different handwriting styles.
  • Letters featured specific religious terminology, inconsistent spelling, and abbreviations.
  • Deciphering 19th century American English speech and slang.
  • Attention to detail was critical to ensure letters were accurately transcribed.
  • The large volume of letters to sort through and transcribe.

GMR Transcription's

  • Employed a team of 50 human transcriptionists skilled in reading and transcribing handwritten documents
  • Create a quality control procedure that involved two rounds of proofreading to ensure a high level of accuracy


98% Accuracy

Transcribed historical handwritten documents with 98% accurancy


Letters completed each week


Over 165,000 letters completed

Samples of Our Work

Documents obtained from New York Public Library Digital Collections

Dwight Trotter Letter

Springfield March 17th 1791

Dr Sir

I have long expected to suffer considerably by my Levity to [ILLEGIBLE], but I did not think of looking more than 60 or 70 Pounds, as I find you think I must - I should conform to your Judgement, & sell to this Clark, if he be likely to pay, provided the time of Redemption may part, & the [ILLEGIBLE] if he old then one, would relinquish her future hope the sight of Dower mid lands.

I would not however agree to give day of Payment for five years, & then have to take neat Cattle for pay. - if Clark is not a man of some State, & [ILLEGIBLE] too, he may get the [ILLEGIBLE] of land one year at least, & make the Fame much would before any day of Payment., of any principal, & perhaps then [ILLEGIBLE] to pay any. You must be acquainted with his Character, & Circumstances.- I should think he might make earlier Payments than 2, 3, & 5 years, however if can be well satisfied of his Quality &c and cannot do better with him than to have the payments to be at the proposed times, (Out not in Cattle) I will confirm such Bargain as you

Dwight Trotter

Peter Oliver Letter

Middlebro' Dec. 16. 1765

My dear Friend!

I was much alarmed last Week with something that nearly affected me, I notwithstanding all the Hints I had lately given you from M. Antonimy & which were fast riveted in my Mind, I found that the most sublime Philosophy, Bubbles like, vanished into Air when entered the Lists against the Passions for the future I give Seneca, Epictatus & my favourite Emperor to the Wind; there is nothing in Stoicism, & even Epictatus himself would make a wry face at the Bite of a Flea: much more then may I be excused at any real or imaginary Misfortune I may meet with. But not dwele longer on a disagreeable subject; I was informed last week from Plimouth

William Lee Letter

London 14 May. 1774.


I this day gave to Capt. Loring, - bound for Salem, a letter for you of considerable importance which he promised to deliver with his own hands, but as I begin to suspect his connections, & knowing it is now become a practice to secret letters which are directed to the avowed friends of Liberty both here & in America, I wish you to be particular in yr. enquiries of Capt. Loring, if you donot, by him, receive a letter from -

Montor. Mentor. -


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