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                                Employee Handbook Translation Services

Employee Handbook Translation Services

Does your company have multilingual employees, or do you have multiple branches across linguistically distinct regions? If yes, you will want to have your employee handbook translated into suitable target languages.

Translating the employee handbook into languages easily understood by your diverse workforce helps promote workplace efficiency and ensures employee safety.

For such documents, a standard translation is typically sufficient. Our team of professional translators is well-versed in translating thousands of handbooks into multiple languages.

We offer text-to-text translation services for all major world languages and dialects. Regardless of the original language, and the language you want your handbook translated in, GMRT can provide accurately translated content within quick deadlines. We offer economical translation rates and are among the best translation service providers in our country.

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Cedars Sinai

I am so pleased! The quality of the transcription and translation is so good! Really amazing customer service and excellent turnaround time.

- Ed Ross

Tampa Florida

As a real estate educational firm, Edsforecast.com (Monarch Group LLC) relies on accurate and fast translation for our students and subscribers. GMR was able to perform at a very fair price with accuracy and has completed all our transcriptions before the scheduled due date. The support personnel are also very prompt and helpful. We will continue to expand our use of services.

- N. Segar

I compared GMR's translation to work done by another company charging less per word and found GMR's to be far superior. The other company didn't even translate numbers in the docs (2009, 70%, etc). I thought this was standard until I looked at GMR's translation. Your company saved me a lot time in editing, so I really want to give you this next project.

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Why Do You Need Professional Handbook Translation?

A professionally written employee handbook can help boost employee satisfaction, confidence, and productivity. Professional handbook translation enables you to extend these benefits to your multilingual workforce. The benefits of employee handbook translation include:

  • Having your employees on the same Page: Your employee handbook provides an introduction to your organization and gives the new employees the necessary information to function correctly and efficiently at work. If you have a linguistically diverse workforce, translating your employee handbook in the appropriate languages helps all your employees know and understand this information from the day they join. It helps them work efficiently as a team, despite the language barriers.
  • Translating specific terminology: All sectors have specific terminology and jargon, which must be translated carefully. While translating these terms, you need to make sure that all your employees understand your industry terminology accurately, whether they speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language. In this situation, opting for employee handbook translation services is the best option to ensure that the meaning and context of all the terms are maintained regardless of the language they are translated in.
  • Keep your employees safe: Since employee handbooks typically detail all workplace safety rules and regulations, they must always be kept up to date and accurate. Using employee handbook translation services by professionals helps properly convey essential information to employees to prevent mishaps and ensure maximum workplace safety. Professional translators with a good knowledge of your industry can accurately and concisely present this information in your desired language.
  • Legal compliance: Your employee handbooks should always be compliant with state and federal laws and regulations, regardless of their language. Opting for employee handbook translation services will ensure that it retains its meaning even if the handbook is translated into multiple languages and complies with state and federal laws.
Why Choose GMR Transcription?

Why Choose GMR Transcription?

  • 100% human translators well versed in grammar, different dialects, native slangs, and casual expressions
  • 13,533+ happy clients and counting
  • All translators are well versed in the specialized terminology used in various sectors
  • High quality and accurately translated content created while maintaining its tone and context
  • Assured data confidentiality and security and no client information leaks
  • All translators sign confidentiality agreements when they are hired, forbidding them from disclosing any information to third-parties
  • Affordable prices and bulk discounts are available

Our Handbook Translation Service Rates

At GMRT, we ensure that our customers know the exact cost of translation before the project starts. Our reasonably priced options enable everyone, including students, academicians, and small businesses use translation services that were previously unaffordable for them. Check out our translation rates to accurately calculate the cost of your translation project. If you have any questions or need any information, call us at 714-202-9653 or toll-free 800-731-7412.

Any Project Size, at your deadline.

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                                3 Easy Steps To Get Your Employee Handbook Translated

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Employee Handbook Translated

  • Upload your content: First, you’ll need to register with us and upload the files to be translated. Then, select your preferred language or languages in which you need the translation. Next, choose a turnaround time to obtain an instant quote.
  • Wait for us to translate: We start working as soon as you’ve submitted your order. You can log in to your account to track the progress of your order.
  • Get your document: Once your order has been completed, you’ll get the translated document by email after finishing the payment process. You can also download the translated document from your account.

If you want to get your employee handbook translated to Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, or any other language, contact our team at GMR Transcription to get a quote today.


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