Localization Services

What Are Localization Services?

Localization is a process where your digital content is adapted to a specific region’s language so that it seems a natural fit to native speakers. Localization services for apps, video games, websites, and other digital platforms need to be provided by a professional translation company. For accurate adaptation of your content for a new region, it is essential that the language professionals in charge of your project are properly trained and certified.

Why You Need Professional Localization Services

Content localization is integral to the adaptation of a product for a specific market. Content localization comprises UA documentation, which is about printed documentations, help files, and online contents. Content can be the actual pieces of a software product or an online product by itself.

Simply translating from one language to another may not always fully convey the intended meaning and context. Translation done by inexperienced translators often ignores the nuances of specific dialects, which may result in confusing or unprofessional text.

While, machine translations are often completely off-the-mark producing text that will ultimately be unusable. Professional localization services are very important for expanding to new countries and international marketing efforts.

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When To Use Localization Services?

If you have made a move to expand your products and service into many other regions of the world, localization of your products, website content, and services become important. This is where using localization services becomes necessary.

  • Marketing Resources
  • E-books & E-learning Platforms
  • Software UI
  • Web Proxy (Multilingual Web Solutions)
  • Quick Ref Guides
  • Employee Manuals
  • Mobile App Localization
  • Online Applications & Mobile Apps
  • User Manuals Software
  • Training Materials
  • Video Games Localization
  • Corporate Communications for Global Offices
  • Multimedia Content (Audio, Graphic, & Video Components)

What Makes Us Different?

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

We strive to eliminate workflow inefficiency, emphasize consistency, and produce high quality translations across projects.

Human Translators

Human Translators

We work only with human translators who understand the complexities of your selected languages to give you the highest accuracy rates.

Transparent Pricing

Honest Pricing

We have a transparent and affordable per-word pricing compared to other traditional companies, so you can drive your business in unexplored markets at competitive rates.

How It Works

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Upload Your Content

Register and upload your file. Select the language/s you need a translation for. Then pick a turnaround time for order completion.

We Transcribe

We Translate

As soon as you submit your order, our professional native translators will start translating your project immediately.

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You are notified when the translated file is ready. Pay and receive the translated documents by email or download it from your account.

What Is The Difference Between Localization Services And Translation Services?

Translation is the conversion of the meaning of text from one language into another. While localization is about adoption of a product or service to a local format and language. Translation of a product's user interface is only one step of the localization process.

Localization Services Translation Services
MEANING Adaptation of content to effectively resonate within a specific language or dialect. Conversion of the meaning of text from one language into another.
ADHERENCE TO SOURCE Authentic Accurate
IMPLICATIONS Marketing resources, product information leaflets, websites & app content Technical documentation-- business and legal documents.
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In this video, Neil Patel discusses an important lesson on researching new markets. He was primarily focused on creating content only for the English markets, but the Googler asked him to create content for the other foreign language markets, like German, French, Portuguese, and Hindi, because these regions lack content. Even though they can be competitive markets, you can see more traction in these markets rather than English markets in terms of SEO. He was advised to look at his customer base, see where they are, and seriously consider transcribing and translating his content.

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