Interview Transcription

  • High-quality and accurate interview transcription services.
  • Whether you are writing a book, working on your thesis, doing research or taking a deposition we are there!
  • Our typical interview transcription clients are professors, graduate students, market researchers, teachers, writers, consultants, insurance providers, attorneys, preachers, psychologists and psychiatrists and more.
  • HR consultants and executives use this service to keep an accurate record of interviews as a precaution against future mis- representation.
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At GMR Transcription, we understand the importance of high quality interview transcription and have served many clients in a variety of different industries such as education, market research, human resources, insurance, attorneys, religious, and psychology who needed this service.

We have done a variety of interview transcription projects including but not limited to:

  • One to one interviews
  • Podcast transcriptions
  • Business meetings
  • Focus group
  • Legal interviews
  • Telephonic interviews
  • University lectures
  • Market research interviews
  • Depositions/dictations
  • Press briefings

Nothing is worse than spending money on a transcription service when the quality of transcriptions does not meet your expectations. At GMR, our transcriptionists are professionally trained to handle any project thrown their way, and we stand behind our 99% accuracy guarantee. You will not have to spend any time editing your interview transcript. On top of that, we offer many turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

We offer uncompromising quality with an affordable and transparent pricing model so our clients know upfront how much their project will cost. Our dedicated team of transcribers and customer service representatives are here to serve your interview transcription needs.

Confidentiality Promise

GMR Transcription understands the importance of confidentiality for ALL transcription projects—especially in the case of interview transcriptions. In the case of other transcription companies, audio files and transcripts end up in the wrong person’s hands and private information is exposed. With GMR Transcription, all projects are done in the US to ensure accuracy and ALL the transcripts are uploaded via our secure file server for clients to obtain.

Ready to get started? We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives here to help you! Please call (714) 202-9653.

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