How to Transcribe Lifesize Meeting Recordings?

How to Transcribe Lifesize Meeting Recordings?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The business world is booming with technological innovations, making virtual connections and video conferencing a useful tool for large and small businesses. Interaction with clients, communicating with employees, and handling operations is now easier with virtual meetings.

Lifesize is one such application that has gained popularity among companies for hosting virtual meetings and collaborations. According to 6sense, notable companies like LinkedIn, AT&T, and Deutsche Bank use Lifesize for digital video communications. They operate mainly in the USA but also provide services to businesses in the UK, India, Australia, Canada, Italy, and France. 

Lifesize is a cloud communication platform offering video meeting solutions to businesses worldwide. They enable companies to conduct their operations globally by connecting people anywhere and anytime. Let's continue reading to learn about Lifesize, its offerings, its limitations, and why businesses should use ‘meeting transcription services’.

What Does Lifesize Offer?

Lifesize offers digital audio and video communications on multiple platforms. Its app can be downloaded on your desktop or laptop. They also have a mobile application for users to attend and host meetings on-the-go, and a web application where users can join a video call without having to download the app. Users can directly access a video call via their browsers without compromising the quality and clarity. 

Lifesize reduces the efforts of businesses in handling operations and managing teams. It provides high-definition 4K video calls with employees, teams, vendors, and clients. The audio of the meetings is crystal clear to users compared to traditional mobile and landline networks.

Security is of utmost importance at Lifesize. With default encryptions of the highest standards of every call and recording, Lifesize protects the security and privacy of its users. They also provide a zoom-in feature for enhancing presentations that help better understand the meeting subject. 

Demand for Lifesize Video Conferencing

As per recent survey, millennials represent 35% of the total US workforce. The younger generations depend on technology for almost all their work, and video conferencing is no different. The newer generation will require proper implementation of online meeting platforms to use video conferencing for smoother work operations.

According to a survey of more than 1300 business professionals done by Lifesize, 93% took work video calls from their homes or while on vacation. 47% of them reduced their business travel with video conferencing. 15% of the people in the 45 to 60 age segment and 25% in the 20 to 30 age segment use video conferences daily. These data highlight that in the future, there will be a rapid growth in the demand for video conferencing. 

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Limitations of Lifesize Video Conferencing

There are a few limitations of Lifesize video conferencing. They are as follows: 

  • Like other online meeting platforms, they rely on a stable internet connection to maintain quality of conference calls.

  • Lifesize offers various plans at different prices. Some advanced features may not be available to users on cheaper subscriptions. 

  • Technical support and assistance are not available for users 24/7.

  • The interface may seem average to many users.

  • Message options are not available while on a call.

  • Users are not able to customize the screen layouts per their needs.

  • People over age 45 may find it hard to understand the essential functions. 

  • Recordings and transcription of the meetings are not available. 

How to Transcribe Your Lifesize Meetings with GMR Transcription?

In today's fast-paced work atmosphere, watching hours of meeting recordings is unproductive. It is convenient and practical to start transcribing your business meetings with a professional transcription company. As per the government's guidelines, it is mandatory to meet the requirements for equal accessibility. The transcription of business meetings will help deaf employees to understand the meeting discussions.

GMR Transcription is known for providing reliable and accurate business transcription services. Let's understand the step-by-step process of transcription of your Lifesize meetings.

Step 1 - Record and Send Your Meeting Recordings

Record your business meetings to the highest quality possible and create an account with GMR Transcription. You can easily upload the files of your meeting recordings on our website portal. 

Step 2 - Transcription by Our Experts

After you share the files, our experts start the transcription process. We have 100% US-based human transcriptionists who provide the highest accuracy of transcription services. Our expert professionals proofread the compiled text along with the transcription process.

Step 3 - Download Transcribed Meeting Recordings

At GMR Transcription, your security and privacy are of the highest priority. We offer encryption and maintain your confidentiality at all levels. Once our experts complete the transcription service, you can download or receive the files via email.

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Final Thoughts

Lifesize provides 4K video conferencing solutions for business meetings. You can choose a trusted company, like GMR Transcription Services, to transcribe your meeting recordings. Transcription services can help organizations to enhance their communications effectively.

Get all your business meetings transcribed with our 100% US-based human transcriptionists who provide reliable and accurate business transcription services. Save time and improve productivity with our cost-effective transcription of Lifesize meeting recordings.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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