How to Transcribe AnyMeeting Recordings?

How to Transcribe AnyMeeting Recordings?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


For virtual connections and collaborations, AnyMeeting has emerged as a powerful web-meeting solution for businesses of all sizes.

Designed as a smart tool that is easy to use and access, AnyMeeting includes features like screen sharing, chat, recording, and more to support a collaborative virtual work environment.

Loaded with powerful and user-friendly features like screen sharing, chat, recording, and more, AnyMeeting has transformed communication with a smarter, faster, and more engaging virtual meeting experience.

It's trusted by over 120 companies, majorly in the US, as it offers reliable and stress-free meeting experiences anytime and anywhere without onboarding or training.

Let us understand its key features and how you can transcribe AnyMeeting recordings.

What Does AnyMeeting Offer?

AnyMeeting offers a host of distinguished features, making it a trusted virtual meeting platform.

1. Cross-Device Adaptability: Host and participate in meetings anytime, anywhere with AnyMeeting desktop and mobile apps

2. Screen Sharing: AnyMeeting allows its users to share screens during the meeting, which makes it good for virtual presentations, demonstrations, training, and collaborative work.

3. Screen Annotations: Participants in the meeting can call out and discuss important points on a shared screen in real-time.

4. Chat & Messaging: AnyMeeting allows its participants to chat and share messages in real-time during meetings, facilitating live, in-meeting collaboration.

5. Integration: You easily integrate and use AnyMeeting from daily applications like Outlook, Slack, G-Suites, MS Teams, and more.

6. Record Meetings: You can record parts of your meeting, or all of it, with this feature, making it easy to review references and share them with participants who were not available during the live session.

7. Custom Branding: Customize your virtual meeting rooms with brand logos and personalized backgrounds, making them look professional.

8. Shared Control: Collaborate efficiently and effectively on shared items by giving direct control of your mouse and keyboard to participants in the virtual meeting room.

9. Meeting Transcripts & Insights: The host can easily transcribe recorded meetings and automatically receive transcripts over mail, enhancing the accessibility and shareability of information. Meeting transcription can also come in handy for training purposes.

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How Much Does AnyMeeting Cost?

AnyMeeting offers different plans for its video conferencing and webinar services. 

AnyMeeting Video Conferencing Plan

1. Lite

  • $9.99/User/Month
  • 10 Web Participants
  • 10 HD Video Participants (720p)
  • Phone Conference Bridge
  • Unlimited & Recurring Meeting
  • Instant & Scheduled Calls

2. Pro

  • $17.99/User/Month
  • Two hundred Web Participants
  • 100 HD Video Participants (720p)
  • Phone Conference Bridge
  • Unlimited & Recurring Meeting
  • Instant & Scheduled Calls

3. Enterprise

  • $12.99/User/Month
  • One hundred Web Participants
  • 100 HD Video Participants (720p)
  • Phone Conference Bridge
  • Unlimited & Recurring Meeting
  • Instant & Scheduled Calls

AnyMeeting Webinar Plan

1. Lite

  • $48/User/Month
  • One hundred Webinar Attendees
  • Up to fifty attendees Pro Functionality for Webinars

2. Pro

  • $128/User/Month
  • 250 Webinar Attendees
  • Up to one hundred attendees Pro Functionality for Webinars

3. Enterprise

  • $298/User/Month
  • One thousand Webinar Attendees
  • Up to two hundred attendees Pro Functionality for Webinars

To explore more features included in the packages, you can visit Intermedia AnyMeeting.

How to Get AnyMeeting Recordings Transcription?

AnyMeeting offers meeting transcriptions of your recorded meetings, and you can automatically receive them in your inbox.

However, auto-generated transcriptions are never accurate as they cannot distinguish the nuances of language accents, identify multiple speakers, or the tone and context.

This is only possible with human-generated transcriptions, and GMR Transcription helps you get that accuracy & precision.

To download your recorded meetings for business transcription purposes, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "My Meetings" page.
2. Click on the "Recordings" tab.
3. In the Download section of each meeting recording, click "Recording" or "Audio Only" to download an MP4 video or MP3 audio file.
4. As per your Operating System and web browser, an option to choose a place to save your recording file will be presented. You can save the file in your preferred location on your computer.

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Why Choose GMR Transcription for Transcribing Your Anymeeting Recordings?

Auto-generated meeting transcription is convenient, surely, but it does not offer accuracy and precision, which defeats the purpose of transcribing a business meeting recording.

GMR Transcription provides 100% human-generated transcription services for your meeting recordings. We offer 99% accuracy (for clear audio files) thanks to our team of well-trained transcriptionists who are well-versed in the nuances of language, understand context, and pick out technical jargon to generate accurate text, something AI fails to deliver.

Follow these steps to get an accurate transcript from GMR:

Step 1: Upload Your AnyMeeting Files

  • Create your account on the GMR Transcription website and sign in
  • Upload your AnyMeeting meeting recording or copy and paste the URL of your file's online location
  • Customize your service request and specify the TAT

Step 2: Work Begins

  • Our U.S.-based human transcriptionists start transcribing your files  
  • We proofread and fact-check the transcript for accuracy

Step 3: Download Your Transcript

  • Pay for your transcription when it is ready
  • Download the transcript from your GMR account or email


Virtual meetings are the cornerstone for successful business operations in the modern business world.

AnyMeeting offers a smart, fast, and engaging virtual meeting experience loaded with powerful, user-friendly features like screen sharing, customized branding, meeting transcriptions, and more.

However, automated transcriptions do not offer the accuracy and precision required in business documentation and record keeping.

GMR Transcription offers 100% human-generated, precise meeting transcription for your business. Our team of 100% US-based transcriptionists is well-trained in transcribing your business meetings seamlessly with no errors.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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