The Immense Benefits of Employing a Video Transcription Service

The Immense Benefits of Employing a Video Transcription Service
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


In its very beginnings, the World Wide Web was built for web users to read text and gather information. But as it has revolutionized, the power of image and video is being taken advantage of. The game has changed immensely over the years, with pretty much every industry now implementing video technology to capture attention. Despite the eye-catching effects of video, it cannot quite dominate search engine rankings like text, which is why a video transcription is a worthwhile option.

What is Video Transcription?

Google and other search engines will index text based on keywords and quality, but the Internet is not advanced enough to index video quite yet. To overcome this obstacle, it's a good idea to put a text transcript on the page that features the video. This piece of text will capture the essence of the video in a few SEO-friendly words. Normally, a professional who is skilled at video transcription will charge by audio time. Accuracy is achieved by splitting the file into small parts, reviewing, proofreading, and quality checking.

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What are the Advantages?

Whether it's a webinar, podcast, conference, or interview video recording that needs to be converted into text format, a video Transcription service will offer the following benefits:

  • Lower Post-Production Time - The sooner you get your website up and running for Google indexing the better, and this is why video transcription appeals. Less money is spent on a production that doesn't take long to complete because reviews and edits can be completed easily afterward.

  • Increased Engagement - Engagement could increase by 40-80 percent if captions are included in videos.

  • Diversified Content - Additional traffic can be attracted to your site if you use video transcription for press releases, blogs, and how-to articles.

  • Video Content Archiving - Should you want to refer to the video content in the future without actually viewing it, you can read the text format.

  • Easy Keyword Search - The majority of web users will type in keywords/phrases to find the web pages they are looking for. With video transcription, identified sound bites can be used for articles, captions, or snippets, which will be indexed on Google.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy is the Cofounder & President of GMR Transcription Services, Inc., a California-based company that has been providing accurate and fast transcription services since 2004. She has enjoyed nearly ten years of success at GMR, playing a pivotal role in the company's growth. Under Beth's leadership, GMR Transcription doubled its sales within two years, earning recognition as one of the OC Business Journal's fastest-growing private companies. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids.