Why Do You Need to Get Your Digital Content Translated for Effective SEO?

Why Do You Need to Get Your Digital Content Translated for Effective SEO?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Besides catering to the domestic market, you need to diversify your market to tap into the vast opportunities available in the international market for your business.

English should not be the only language you engage in with your target audience to successfully achieve this. This is where the importance of digital marketing language translation kicks in. 

Translating localized content will help score foreign clients and connect with the overseas audience.

That said, here are six key reasons why you should translate your digital content for effective SEO. 

1. Longer Website Visits

When you offer content in their native language, the international audience will naturally tend to stay on your website longer.

They will understand your vision and mission, gain a better connection with your brand, and explore different offerings before leaving the site, increasing the chance of a purchase. 

Google still gives more preference to websites with longer visit durations. When potential customers from countries like China, India, Spain, or Indonesia browse through your site and can’t find content in their native language, they will likely leave the page quickly.

This will lead to higher bounce rates and adversely impact your Google ranking. 

However, you can effectively resolve this issue by setting up content to target multilingual audiences. You can collaborate with professional language translation services to translate the content into your target market’s language for best results.

2. Tap Into New Markets

Businesses are already missing out substantially if they are not getting their content translated into other languages.

Whether it is translating social media posts, websites, blog content, press releases, video subtitles, or other content, each acts as a channel to engage with a new target market. Going into international markets is among the best ways to increase your company’s success. 

Moreover, you can also unearth the hidden market within your geographical locations with language translation. Most contemporary businesses today prioritize getting a huge customer flow.

Therefore, translating customers for effective SEO is a primary method to tap the unmarked territories. 

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3. Increase Conversions

Additionally, you can improve the user experience when you offer content in their native languages, even when the site visitor can read and understand English.

Leveraging the power of SEO translation, these visitors can understand the content and the intent of the content in their local language.

As a result, you become more reliable and trustworthy to these audiences, and the next time they want to make a purchase, your name will pop up first in their head.

For instance, if a customer wants to purchase a high-end product from an international website, they would like to explore the delivery dates and charges for the product. 

The chances of purchase increase when your customers understand the information in their native language.

If you aim to boost sales conversion, collaborating with a professional translation service with human translators can get you the best results. Typically, human translators can ensure better accuracy and retain the context of the translated content.

4. Target Regional Keywords

Sometimes, translating targeted keywords does not work in the international market as people might use the same word to describe things in two different ways.

Therefore, they search the same content using different keywords or queries. 

For instance, the English translation for the Spanish word 'panita' is the bun, while the same word denotes amigo in Colombia. So, if you want to ensure accurate content translation, pay close attention to the keywords. 

5. Increasing Rankings on Foreign Search Engines

Another advantage of content translation for effective SEO is improving search engine ranking. That’s because Google isn't always a preferred search engine in countries where people don't speak English. 

For instance, China has Baidu's search engine, Russia has Yandex, and South Koreans have Naver.

So, if you want to target audiences who do not use Google, you have to translate your content into the local language while simultaneously retaining the context and searchability of the source content.

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6. Cost-Effective

When you approach a language translation service provider, their job will be to translate the content for a target audience who speaks a different language.

You do not have to invest time and money to create content from scratch. This is a cost-effective approach to get more out of your content efforts and budget. 

Since translation is an investment, there are multiple ways of calculating the returns. Some metrics to monitor could be revenue growth, lead acquisition, conversion of leads to customers, and customer satisfaction surveys. 

Opting to translate your content by collaborating with a professional translation services provider is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

You can use their language expertise to promote your brand’s message to multiple audiences in multiple languages.

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Looking for a professional and reliable translation service provider?

Contact GMR Transcription Services, Inc. to partner up with our team of skilled and proficient language translation experts for boosting SEO efforts. Our translation services are affordable and customized to your specific requirements.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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