• Capture discussions of vital business agendas and topics via intelligent verbatim transcription of your meeting.
  • Review discussions of important meetings with clients via our meeting transcription services.
  • Most of our clients use meeting transcriptions for reviews, clarification and follow ups.
  • Our staff is highly specialized and understands you needs.
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Meeting Transcription

Extra Services

Meetings are an integral part of every business. It is even more important to record the meetings and have a transcript of the discussion that occurred for future referencing. Keeping everyone on the same page is vital to the productivity of a business. 

GMR Transcription has the experience and expertise to complete a meeting transcription audio into text format for easy referencing. Most of our clients use our meeting transcription services for meeting reviews, clarification, and follow ups. Our staff is highly qualified and here to help you every step of the way.

Extra Services

  • Verbatim: includes uhs, ums, false starts, and stutters
  • Time Codes (you must specify how often)
  • Correct Grammar: if desired, we can provide you with a grammatically correct meeting transcript

*You must specify that you want these extra services when filling out the details of your files.