8 Reasons To Use Only US-Based Transcriptionists

There are a variety of transcription companies all over the United States, but not all of them have their transcription work done solely in the US (even some of those who claim they do).Outsourcing of transcription services is becoming a common trend in the transcription industry. Outsourcing allows for companies to keep costs low, while maintaining high profit margins. This may be beneficial for such companies, however, consumers end up suffering. Outsourcing is detrimental to transcription accuracy, security, and more, for a variety of reasons.

Below are 8 reasons why you should only trust a transcription company who solely employs
US-based transcriptionists, such as GMR Transcription.

Security and Confidentiality

Reasons 1 & 2

Security and Confidentiality

GMR Transcription adheres to strict security protocols to keep information safe. When working with companies where transcription is done outside of the US, there is no guarantee of how your files, credit card information, and personal details are stored, or how they will be used. At GMR Transcription, all files are stored on a secure server and all of our transcriptionists agree to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. You may notice some transcription services claim their non-US-based transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements, but are they enforceable? Confidentiality agreements with US-based transcriptionists are enforced by law, ensuring your information stays as safe as possible.

Accuracy and Quality Control

Reasons 3 & 4

Accuracy and Quality Control

One of the most important aspects of transcription is accuracy. Therefore, using a US-based transcriptionist ensures that someone who has full command of the English language will be transcribing your audio. Things like lingo, grammar, punctuation, tense, and terminology will not fall to the wayside.Having a fresh set of eyes to proofread transcripts to ensure completion and accuracy is another important step of the transcription process. However, many companies outside of the US do not have such processes in place. Missing this process and the use of non-native English speakers can create a massive disparity in transcription quality.

Client Communication and Reliability

Reasons 5 & 6

Client Communication and Reliability

Due to time differences, many transcription companies based overseas are not available or even awake during normal business hours. Some can only be reached by email with long response times. Working with a US-based transcription company like GMR Transcription means you will easily have access to a customer service representative via phone to answer all of your concerning questions, with no delay. Another disadvantage of working with a non-US-based transcription company is the unreliability of the process as a whole. Such companies will be readily available to take your transcription request (and money, of course). However, if you receive a less than satisfactory transcript, it can be nearly impossible to receive a refund or correction of the transcript.

Professionalism and Experience

Reasons 7 & 8

Professionalism and Experience

Companies based overseas are always inexpensive to use and may seem like the obvious choice. However, the reason such companies are so affordable is because they pay for inexperienced transcriptionists at a much lower rate than if they were to hire experienced US-based transcriptionists. Since many large corporations, universities, and government agencies have no room for error, they exclusively use US-based transcription companies. Therefore, it is imperative that a US-based transcription company has experience in dealing with large, time sensitive projects, which require accuracy and confidentiality.

Red Flags of Non US-Based Transcriptionists

Red Flags of Non US-Based Transcriptionists

When shopping around for quotes, paying attention to the following red flags will help you exclude companies that DO NOT use US-based transcriptionists:

  • Rates of $1.00 per minute or less
  • Company claims "mostly" US-based transcriptionists
  • No answer or voicemail when you call
  • No phone number listed on their website
  • Representatives do not give a straight answer when asked about having only US-based transcriptionists
  • The company does not offer to correct transcripts if customers are unhappy

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