Assured Data Security With GMR Transcription

Confidentiality and client privacy are extremely important to GMR Transcription. With the Internet playing such a significant role in day to day business functions, security has never been so important. We understand that data and information stored electronically must be secure at all times. GMR Transcription has several policies in place to ensure complete data security in all steps of the transcription process.

                                Secure File Management

Secure File Management

GMR Transcription has developed and maintains a proprietary web-based application for secure file management between the end customer, administrative staff, and transcriptionists.

GMR Transcription's system is hosted using secure and redundant servers that feature the highest level of secure SSL encryption for all non-public site areas.

Our database is on a private network accessible only by the GMR Transcription web application and cannot be accessed by public networks.

GMR Transcription has gone through rigorous security checks by large enterprises, such as Chevron and MetLife, and has met all of their security standards.

GMR Transcription routinely undergoes third party audits by Sify Technology, approximately every two years, to assess our servers and security measures in order to meet security requirements.

Secure Account Information

Secure Account Information

Secure Account Information To upload and/or access any voice/text file through the GMR Transcription online platform, clients are required to register on our website by creating a unique account, both username and password protected. All client passwords are encrypted with proper hashing and salting to mitigate password hacking attempts. We implement extra layers of protection to keep your account safe and secure.

GMR Transcription treats this information as private and confidential, and keeps it on a secure server. Customer information is never shared with a third party or used for any other purpose.

Each user’s secure, individual account only allows access to their uploaded files and completed transcripts to ensure complete confidentiality and security at all times.

Payment information and billing address, which are required at the time of registration, are not stored or kept on our servers.

To access completed transcripts, clients must log in to their secure account and enter payment information each time, which is only submitted to our payment processor directly via a secured encrypted channel.

Transcribed files can be downloaded by clients through their account or emailed based on preference.

GMR Transcription deletes all voice files from its servers after delivery of the transcripts to the clients.

                                Transcriptionist Data Security Measures

Transcriptionist Data Security Measures

All client and transcriptionist information are kept anonymous from each other. Client information is not accessible to transcriptionists, who only have access to files specifically assigned to them.

GMR Transcription requires transcriptionists to store GMR data on locked computer accounts that only they have access to. Transcriptionists must always have GMR Transcription’s approved and updated virus and firewall protection.

GMR Transcription performs random security checks on all transcriptionists’ computers.

All transcriptionists are required to sign strict, legally binding, confidentiality agreements.

Don’t trust just anyone with your important information; GMR Transcription understands there are many choices available when choosing the right transcription company. Always make sure to verify that your information will be protected, ensuring all security measures are being taken so your personal information does not fall into illegitimate hands.

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