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Market Research Transcription by GMR

Market Research Transcription
  • Market research transcription includes both focus group and interview transcription.
  • Unlike most transcription companies we do not charge extra for focus group transcription. Our rates are same for 3 to 12 persons.
  • We have highly skilled and seasoned transcribers who can take up the job. We guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Statistics prove that analyzing is easier when browsed in textual format. Get your research transcribed to do a better analysis.

Market Research Transcription

In market research normally, focus groups are geared toward research and include interviews with many participants. Occasionally, there will only be one participant, and this would be considered an interview.

A researcher has spent a great deal of time in collecting the data needed in order to analyze his/her data. While the researcher has the audio in order to listen to the interviews/focus groups, it is much easier to be able to read it directly on paper in order to better analyze the data.

GMR Transcription has the ability to provide clients with the utmost accuracy and meet or exceed the timelines necessary. Although it is difficult sometimes to distinguish between many speakers in this regard, at GMR Transcription, our transcriptionists are highly skilled and seasoned in this area of expertise.

We do not charge extra for focus groups. When there are multiple speakers, that means you can have three (3) or you can have twelve (12), and the rate is the same, so; therefore, we are the most affordable company to meet your focus group needs. Some companies charge extra for each speaker, and that can become extremely costly. At GMR Transcription, our rates for focus groups are the same as any other multiple-speaker rates.

We are affordable, accurate, and honest with you upfront, and we also guarantee our work. Additionally, we realize that in this type of work, confidentiality is of the utmost importance, and we can guarantee that. All of our work is performed right here in the U.S. and Canada, so you can rest assured that all your work will be transcribed with the utmost accuracy.

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What We deen to be Difficult Audio includes :

  • Audios with background noise.
  • Audios with people speaking over one another.
  • Audios with low-speaking voice that cannot be heard.
  • Audio that have been poorly recorded.
  • Audios with require frequent timestamps.
  • Audios with thick accents.
  • Audios with medical or scientific terminology which require research.

Extra Services

  • GMR Offers the following extra services for all transcription and translation.
    (Add $0.50 per audio minute for each of the following services.))
  • Verbatim - includes uhs,ums,false start, and stutters
  • Time Codes- you must specify how often
  • Correct Grammer - we provide you with a clean, edited transcript with correct grammar

*You must specify that you want these extra services when filling out the details of your files.

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