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Wiretapping refers to the clandestine monitoring of telephonic, mobile, or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) conversations by a third party. Also known as lawful interception, wiretaps are authorized by the Wiretap Act which enables the government to record telephone and VOIP conversations to gather evidence related to an extensive list of crimes specifically identified in the statute. Crimes which fit under the auspices of the Wiretap Act include money laundering, mail/wire fraud, and a wide variety of terrorism related activities.

Wiretaps are usually authorized only after other ways of detecting or collecting evidence of criminal activity have been exhausted. The recorded conversations are then transcribed for the purpose of becoming legally authorized documents which can be produced in court during a trial. Due to the sensitive nature of the recordings, transcriptions of wiretaps must be rendered perfectly to ensure that nothing is missed or mis-stated. Considering that court cases can be decided or turned based on a single word or statement, the importance of accuracy cannot be understated.

With a clientele that includes police departments, attorneys, and law firms, GMR Legal Transcription provides wiretap transcriptions produced to highest standards in the industry. Transcriptions of this quality require a team of transcriptionists with varied skill sets including familiarity with dialects, accents, slang terms, and jargon.

To ensure that wiretap transcriptions represent conversations exactly as they were recorded on wiretaps, GMR Legal Transcription subjects each transcription to our proprietary four step quality assurance process. Due to the precision of our transcriptionists, corrections are seldom needed. That being said, each wiretap transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary.

Our team at GMR Legal Transcription handles every wiretap transcription with a primary objective of delivering the highest standard of professional performance in the industry. Additional features offered by GMR Legal Transcription include the utmost in confidentiality, a convenient two step submission process for audio files, a predictable and transparent rate structure, and turnaround times catered to your requirements.

These additional features, when combined with transcriptions produced to the highest of professional standards, make the team at GMR Legal Transcription the best solution for all of your wiretap transcription needs.

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