Successful Webinar Checklist: Top 10 Factors to Consider

Successful Webinar Checklist: Top 10 Factors to Consider
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The effectiveness of webinars in digital marketing is no longer in question. Marketers who have implemented these campaigns are being rewarded, with 40% of overall webinar attendees turning into leads. B2B marketers have an even higher conversion rate, as 73% of their webinar audiences convert to qualified leads. 

Apart from generating leads, you can achieve a lot more for your brand using webinars. This includes building awareness, demonstrating expertise, sharing tutorials, and fostering customer loyalty. You should always seek to offer the best live content and interactive experiences so that guests can see and extract value from attending.

It’s equally essential that you find effective strategies to increase your return on investment (ROI) on previous webinar recordings with options like online slides and video transcription services

Top 10 Factors to Consider for a Successful Webinar Checklist

A successful webinar requires perfect planning and execution. Here’s what you need in a successful webinar checklist.

1. Determine Your Goals and When to Present

Choose a topic and date for the event and decide what you wish to achieve with it. Maybe you want to educate your existing customers or show that you possess the niche expertise necessary to be taken seriously by prospects.

List down your key performance indicators for later use in gauging the success of your webinar.

2. Choose a Video Conferencing Tool with Webinar Features

The webinar technology should be right for the experiences you want to offer attendees. When comparing the features of several available platforms, consider things like the size of your audience, the need for screen sharing and video recording, and the required levels of audience engagement.

There’s always a platform out there with a subscription plan that can suit your webinar needs and budget, from Zoom and GoToWebinar to Webex.

3. Prepare Your Webinar Content

Working with the invited speakers to develop your program sits at the very top of any successful webinar checklist. Together with the experts, create the perfect talking points to offer your audience the maximum value.

If there’s a keynote address, outline the main points and go on to flesh each out. You can also start drafting your slides and building any video, animation, or images that will be played live to audiences.    

4. Set Up Registration

Create a landing page that prospective attendees can use to sign up. This page would also include a lead capture form through which guests can provide key personal information.

You can maximize registration by highlighting the webinar topic, speakers, and the benefit of attending. Consider offering an alternative way to participate for those unable to attend the live event, such as a link to online slides.

5. Market the Webinar on Social Media 

Involve everyone in promoting your webinar on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking channels. Be sure to include a hashtag and social links on the landing page for registered attendees to get started on discussing your webinar.

Your presenters can also help build a trend around the event by sharing its URL and using the hashtag on their social pages.

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6. Update Your Collaborative Calendar Accordingly

Add the webinar to your online calendar with key information, including a concise description, date, time, and sign-in details. To enable registered guests to add and track the event, create and include a calendar file for it in your follow-up communication, such as an email or thank you page. This part of a successful webinar checklist can help increase attendance at your virtual event.

7. Use Email Promotions

Of all webinar marketing tools, email is proven to be the most effective–use it to your advantage. You can start sending your current customers an email invitation if they are the target of your webinar.

Maximize the impact of your promotional emails by highlighting the benefit of attending using clear and concise language. If applicable, provide an incentive for signing up or showing up to the event. Also, send follow-up and reminder emails to all registrants.    

8. Rehearse the Webinar

Dry run your webinar setup to identify and resolve any technical issues like sound or video on time. Make sure all features are working, and everyone is comfortable with the virtual platform. Other technical functionality to tick off before the date of the event can include chat, polling, and Q/A.

9. Prepare Your Webinar Archives

There are various ways to archive your webinar for future marketing applications. Building slides for hosting on SlideShare is one practical option. Another strategy is to create blogs, social media excerpts, and other digital text formats with video transcription.

Repurposing your webinar this way allows you to maximize its marketing value for much longer after the event.  

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10. Transcribe Your Webinar

Webinar transcription is very beneficial in the long run for making your webinar useful for those who attended your event and also for those who didn’t.

When you let attendees know that they will be getting the transcript after the event, they don’t have to split their attention between listening to you and taking notes at the same time.

Later, you can share these transcripts with people who didn’t attend your event to give them an idea about your webinar content.

Accurately Transcribe Your Webinar with GMR Transcription

With the above-mentioned factors covered, you can begin preparing for a high-ROI lead-generation webinar. However, you might want a professional transcription service to transcribe your webinar.

This is where GMR Transcription Services, Inc., can help you. With 100% US-based human transcriptionists, we provide 99% accurate transcripts on good quality audio and guarantee full confidentiality of your webinar content.

We can also create transcripts in a customized format and provide next-day and same-day services. Register now to get started with our webinar transcription services today! 

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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