18 Strategies for Making Team Meetings More Engaging and Enjoyable

18 Strategies for Making Team Meetings More Engaging and Enjoyable
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


From 2020 to 2021, there was an extraordinary surge in virtual meetings, witnessing a remarkable 2,900% increase in the number of participants. Despite the lifting or easing of pandemic restrictions, people still prefer virtual meetings due to their inherent convenience.

So, today we've gathered 18 expert tips from CEOs, founders, HR directors, and other professionals to make team meetings more engaging and enjoyable. Ideas, from integrating mindfulness in meetings to introducing a 'strict time limit' strategy, this article is packed with innovative ideas to transform your team meetings. Dive in to discover these valuable insights.

Learn 18 Strategies to Make Your Team Meetings More Engaging and Fun:

1. Integrate Mindfulness in Meetings

As a life coach and psychologist, I've worked with team leaders to integrate elements of mindfulness and make their meetings more engaging and enjoyable. My tip is to begin each meeting with a short, guided mindfulness exercise.

This could be as simple as a one-minute breathing exercise or a quick check-in where everyone shares how they're feeling. These activities aren't just filler, they help everyone become more in tune with their own emotions and those of their teammates.

This encourages active participation and attentiveness throughout the discussion and results in an uplifting atmosphere and more productive outcomes.

Bayu Prihandito of Life Architekture

Bayu Prihandito

Psychology Expert, Life Coach, and Founder, Life Architekture

2. Appoint a Designated Joke-Teller

Team meetings should be fun and engaging for all participants. One creative strategy is to appoint a designated joke-teller at the meeting. This person can be given the responsibility of lightening the mood of the meetings by adding humor in the form of jokes or anecdotes as appropriate.

They could even provide humorous alternatives to turn potentially dry topics into interesting conversation pieces. By injecting a bit of fun, this can reduce stress while increasing creativity and productivity among team members. It might also help build rapport within the group as they learn more about each other's personalities in a relaxed environment.

Michael Alexis of Virtual Team Building

Michael Alexis

CEO, Virtual Team Building

3. Experiment With Meeting Venues

In my experience, experimenting with meeting venues can breathe new life into team meetings, making them more engaging and enjoyable. An unfamiliar environment stimulates creativity and breaks the monotony of the regular office setup. For instance, in our household solar business, we once held a meeting at a local park.

The fresh air, natural light, and serene surroundings instantly lifted everyone's mood. The team was more attentive, ideas flowed freely, and there was a notable increase in participation.

Switching up the location also conveys the message that their input and comfort matter, thus enhancing team morale. I believe this simple change can have profound effects on team dynamics and productivity.

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Ben McInerney of GoSolarQuotes

Ben McInerney

Founder and Director, GoSolarQuotes

4. Dedicate Time for Virtual Socializing

I lead a remote team and my tip is once in a while to dedicate time for a virtual lunch or dinner during team meetings to catch up. Team members can enjoy their meals together while engaging in casual conversations, sharing stories, or discussing non-work topics.

It adds a refreshing element to the meeting, reminding team members that virtual gatherings can be enjoyable and provide an opportunity for bonding and connection.

Eran Mizrahi of Ingredient Brothers

Eran Mizrahi

CEO and Founder, Ingredient Brothers

5. Break the Cycle With Quirky Elements

When employees are called in for board meetings, they'd expect the normal happenings. They wouldn't be surprised by their managers discussing the agenda, sharing ideas, and the meeting being closed. However, this is where you can differ by breaking the cycle.

Do something quirky in each meeting that employees look forward to. This could be as simple as changing venues to introducing a snack break. The latter includes not just a normal break, but one where an employee shares their snacks.

If it is part of their cuisine, it makes a more enjoyable experience. We tried this out and encountered tremendous success, with the employee attendance and a lively atmosphere. I would suggest trying something that fits your company's ideas.

Marco Andolfatto of Apollo Cover

Marco Andolfatto

Chief Underwriting Officer, Apollo Cover

6. Start With an Icebreaker Question

My weekly meeting normally begins with an "icebreaker". It's exactly what it sounds like, and yes, there may be some eye-rolling, but someone from the team will ask a question each week to get started.

We actually get some solid questions. It elicits discourse, debate, or simply laughter. Really, I believe people like meetings more if they can discuss topics they are interested in.

Some questions we've received include: What's your least favorite food? What would your professional wrestler entrance music be? What would you do if you were to win the lottery?

Make it a dog and pony show, whatever you do. Be honest with others. Understand that most individuals would rather be somewhere else. But it doesn't have to be just another soul-crushing encounter; start it with fun!

Jonathan Merry of Moneyzine

Jonathan Merry

Founder, Moneyzine

7. Encourage Staff to Bring Talking Points

Encourage your staff to each bring a talking point to the meeting, whether that's a question, an industry update, or just something that they've found interesting which relates to ‌the meeting.

The more you can involve all participants, the more engaged they'll be.

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Tracey Beveridge of Personnel Checks

Tracey Beveridge

HR Director, Personnel Checks

8. Boost Engagement With Interactive Exercises

One tip for making team meetings more engaging and enjoyable for participants is to incorporate interactive activities or exercises. Traditional meetings often comprise one person talking for an extended period, which can lead to disengagement and boredom.

By introducing interactive elements, you can encourage participation, collaboration, and active involvement from all team members.

For example, you can start the meeting with an icebreaker activity or a short team-building exercise to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere. This can be something as simple as a quick round of introductions, sharing personal updates, or playing a fun game related to the meeting theme.

Another strategy is to include interactive discussions or brainstorming sessions where everyone can contribute their ideas and perspectives.

Sai Blackbyrn of Coach Foundation

Sai Blackbyrn

CEO, Coach Foundation

9. Spotlight Individual Members in Meetings

It’s important to spotlight individual members at every meeting. Individual recognition can make team members feel valued and important. Each meeting can gain some vigor and enthusiasm by focusing on one team member and allowing them to share what they're working on.

It gives them a sense of worth and appreciation for their efforts. This guarantees that team members don’t just show up because they are obligated to.

Stefan Chekanov of Brosix

Stefan Chekanov

CEO, Brosix

10. Introduce Challenges and Discuss Progress

One way to improve employees' motivation and keep them enthusiastic about team meetings is to introduce "challenges" for fitness, self-care, or just general work that fits into their day-to-day.

Then set aside some time at the weekly or monthly team meeting to make note of everyone's progress, let them share notes, and provide support and encouragement to each other.

This helps them bond, engage in a friendly competition to show more progress, and gives them something to look forward to, thus increasing their anticipation of the meeting agenda as well.

Manasvini Krishna of Boss as a Service

Manasvini Krishna

Founder, Boss as a Service

11. Include a "Mystery Guest" Segment

In my experience, one strategy that significantly enhances the engagement and enjoyment of team meetings is incorporating a "Mystery Guest" segment.

This involves inviting someone unexpected, perhaps a senior member of the organization or an external expert, to share unique insights or experiences. For instance, I remember a meeting where we had a renowned wellness expert surprise us.

The expert shared exciting, practical tips on incorporating mindfulness into our daily routine. This broke the monotony of standard meetings and imparted valuable knowledge that team members could use in their personal and professional lives.

I believe this approach can turn even the most mundane meetings into anticipated learning opportunities, enhancing overall engagement.

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Nadzeya Sankovich of Health Reporter

Nadzeya Sankovich

Senior Journalist, Health Reporter

12. Begin With a Personal Check-In

Spend the first few minutes of the meeting checking in with team members about how they're doing. For example, you can ask them what they did over the weekends or what they're looking forward to over the coming holiday.

I find this mini check-in an effective icebreaker and also a simple way to get to know my team and let them know I'm interested in their well-being. This personal touch makes them more participative in the meeting.

Mark Damsgaard of Global Residence Index

Mark Damsgaard

Founder and Head of Client Advisory, Global Residence Index

13. Provide a Pre-Meeting Agenda

One great approach to take is to provide an agenda prior to the meeting, beginning with specific talking points that will be addressed.

This allows employees to prepare actively for talking points specific to their role or a subtopic relevant to them within the meeting, and will actively prompt greater inclusion.

Wendy Makinson of Joloda Hydraroll

Wendy Makinson

HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll

14. Assign Pre-Meeting Homework

One of the best ways to get people ready for a team meeting is to give them homework before the meeting. Indeed, it stimulates participation in meetings without calling them. Employees are more interested in what's going on with their employer when they're given pre-work to do. Instead of dreading the meeting, they'll be looking forward to it.

Most meetings go flat because participants aren't engaged throughout. A meeting would be dominated by one or two employees who would speak for the group.

Assigning responsibilities, starting a discussion, or providing an update are all good places to start. Everyone in the meeting is more likely to pay attention and to feel prepared for their expanded roles.

Reducing the number of people who attend your meetings can help them accomplish more. Make sure that, regardless of position, those employees who are going to be contributing to the meeting are invited.

Aleksandar Ginovski of Enhancv

Aleksandar Ginovski

Career Expert, Resume Expert, and Product Manager Enhancv

15. Use Interactive Activities like Kahoot!

One strategy for making team meetings more engaging and enjoyable is using interactive activities. For instance, playing Kahoot!, an app designed to create surveys or quizzes, can keep the team engaged and gives them an opportunity to learn something new.

This allows participants to have fun while refreshing their knowledge on certain topics related to the project at hand. Incorporating regular activities such as this into meeting practices will help maintain productivity and morale among colleagues.

Tasia Duske of Museum Hack

Tasia Duske

CEO, Museum Hack

16. Create a Humorous Meeting Tradition

One effective tip is to create a unique tradition that adds a touch of humor. Injecting laughter into meetings can lighten the mood and energize participants.

At PRLab, we have a tradition called "Funny Fails Friday," where team members take turns sharing amusing stories or embarrassing moments from their work experiences. It creates a lighthearted atmosphere and helps everyone relax and bond through shared laughter.

By incorporating a funny tradition, you can make your team meetings more engaging and enjoyable, fostering a positive and uplifting environment for all participants.

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Matias Rodsevich of PRLab

Matias Rodsevich


17. Implement the "Moderation by Turns" Initiative

One example of our team's initiative for improving team meetings is "Moderation by Turns." Each week, a different team member takes on the role of the moderator during team meetings.

The moderator's responsibility is to ask an interesting and thought-provoking question before the meeting, encouraging meaningful discussions beyond work tasks. For instance, they may ask questions like, "If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it to benefit others?"

This prompts team members to tap into their creativity and gain insights into one another. The moderator also challenges the team to step out of their comfort zones, such as speaking only English for a week, as they are native German speakers.

This initiative helps the team develop their communication skills and create an inclusive environment. The team appreciates how this initiative brings them closer together, fosters personal growth, and keeps their meetings exciting.

Oksana Sydorchuk of Right People Group

Oksana Sydorchuk

Marketing Coordinator, Right People Group

18. Incorporate a “Strict Time Limit” Strategy

One useful tip for making team meetings more engaging and enjoyable is to keep them concise. We all know that lengthy meetings can drain energy and focus. Consider introducing a “strict time limit” strategy.

For instance, aim to keep meetings under 30 minutes. This respects everyone's time and encourages efficiency. During our monthly safety drill review, we set a timer. It was like a fun challenge.

Everyone got straight to the point, discussing key issues, sharing ideas, and reaching decisions swiftly. We ended up covering everything in record time, and the team left the meeting feeling energized rather than drained.

Haya Subhan of First Aid at Work Course

Haya Subhan

General Manager, Leeds First Aid Courses


All of us should try out some of these ideas as these expert tips offer diverse ways to enliven our online meetings. By implementing these innovative methods, teams can overcome tedium and ensure productive discussions.

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