10 Best Podcast Promotion Tips

10 Best Podcast Promotion Tips
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Podcasts are an excellent way of interacting with your target audience on a personal level.

However, all your efforts as a podcaster do not end once you hit the "publish” button. Promoting each episode can help you grow your audience and achieve the objectives you've set for yourself.

Here are 10 podcast promotion ideas listed below:

10 Strategies to Promote a Podcast

1. Use an Effective, Catchy Name

When choosing a name, go for something memorable and catchy that will rank for the relevant keywords in your podcast.

Make sure it conveys the show's essence and that it’s as easy as possible for listeners to find your podcast.

2. Ensure Your Cover Art Stands Out

Remember that even when people view your cover or album art in a small format, it should catch their attention.

Working with a designer who is knowledgeable about podcast cover art is ideal. If your artwork satisfies Apple's standards, it should also work on most platforms.

3. Utilize All Podcast Platforms

You should submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher,  and other podcast platforms.

Additionally, you need to submit your podcast to Spotify through your podcast hosting service for distribution purposes.

If your podcast meets Spotify's requirements, it will be distributed. Use effective keywords and a description when submitting your podcast to directories, which will greatly help with promotion.

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4. Try joining a podcast network

A podcast network is a collection of podcasters that have banded together to put advertisements in their shows. You can reach more people and bring in more revenue by joining a network. 

However, remember that you need a sizeable audience before being eligible for podcasting on any network.

5. Add a transcript

A podcast transcript is more than just show notes. Since you have more written content wrapped around your episode, it can boost your SEO juice.

You can collaborate with GMR Transcription Services to create transcripts easily and more conveniently.

Although machine transcription is quick, it's also often inconsistent and inaccurate. For best results, opt for a professional podcast transcription service.

Once you have generated a transcript, you can use it to create blog entries, articles, white papers, Q&As, and other types of material in the future.

6. Share your podcast link

Make sure that your podcast's name and URL are prominently displayed at all times.

Also, be sure to add a link to your podcast via email signature, newsletter, or even your business card. If you do an interview, make sure to ask your guest to contribute information about the episode as well.

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7. Get in touch with other podcasters

Connecting with other creators and joining them as a guest would exponentially promote your podcasts.

You can reach out to other podcasters who create content of a similar genre as you. The iTunes listing page organizes podcasts into dozens of categories.

You can even search for podcasts in your niche on the iTunes listing page as well. There are approximately 240 shows in the Business category alone!

8. Promote it on social media

Make sure to share new episodes on all of your social media channels like Instagram and LinkedIn.  To be most effective, add a great visual for each episode.

In fact, cool graphics for each episode is a terrific idea, regardless of where you share it. Include some interesting remarks when marketing your show on social media.

Examine your show's transcript and highlight the most "quotable quotes" for use in tweets and other social media snippets. Avoid using automated social media shares.

It is best to take some time to develop a platform-specific message. For example, your social media post on Facebook might be completely different from a post on Instagram.

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9. Seek patrons

You can use subscription-based platforms that allow podcasters (and other creators) to create relationships with their listeners or "patrons." It is better to build your program and your audience before developing a paid subscription program.

However, some podcasters have used various membership-based to expand their listeners and income.

10. Consider paid promotion

Depending on your target demographics and objectives, you can run advertising and/or promoted content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and other social networks within your budget.

For best results, use a combination of two or more social media platforms instead of focusing on a single one.

Along with these tips, it is always a good idea to ask for feedback and reviews from your audience.

This not only helps to improve your show’s content but also helps to make your show discoverable to a wider audience.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. makes it incredibly easy for podcasters to transcribe their podcast shows.

Our efficient podcast and audio transcription services provide 99% accuracy, and we can even translate it to other languages! Contact our team for further information and queries or visit our website.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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