10 Key Advantages that Podcasts Have Over Blogging

10 Key Advantages that Podcasts Have Over Blogging
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The primary distinction between blogging and podcasting is how content is delivered. A blog is intended to be read, while a podcast is designed for listening.

However, why is podcasting better than blogging?

The key explanation for the popularity of podcasts is that they encourage their listeners to save time. Listeners can dig into topics with podcast audio content without having to set aside time to read or view a video.

Moreover, podcasting establishes a deeper connection with your audience and is popular among the younger generations too.

Let’s see more advantages as to why podcasting is better than blogging:

Reasons Why Podcasts is Better Than Blogging

1. Podcasts let you multitask

Podcasts, more than any other form of media, enable listeners to multitask.

While walking, you cannot watch a video or read a blog, but you can listen to a podcast. Podcasting is a time-efficient method of communication.

2. Creates awareness for your company's brand

It's difficult to get a sense of a brand's personality from what's written on a computer screen.

Podcasting helps you to reinforce your brand through its rhythm, pace, and tone.

3. Podcasts are a unique video substitute

Since they don’t require lighting, large amounts of equipment, and even actors, podcasts are often much more accessible than their video counterparts.

In addition, with a podcast, you can also utilize all of the video's relationship-building advantages.

4. Podcasts allow you to connect to the audience personally

People listen to podcasts and keep coming back for more because they feel connected with the host.

In addition, a podcast will usually help build both confidence and loyalty among your audience if utilized correctly.

5. Podcasts improve traffic generation

Using podcasts in your marketing materials will assist you in reaching out to a new audience.

Since podcasts allow you to show your own voice and make your brand feel more human, they successfully create intimacy with a diverse range of customers from various backgrounds.

Furthermore, as your podcast gains more popularity, your customers are more likely to recommend it to their friends and family, naturally expanding your company's scope through the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Ideal for long-form content

Young people spend less time reading long-form articles or blogs, so podcasts are ideal for long-form content. Studies show that 41% of millennials have zero tolerance for excessively long materials.

Podcasts, if done well, will go further into topics that would otherwise fail to attract the interest of a reader of a blog post.

7. Podcasts help to build your network

Having guests on your podcast gives you an opportunity to talk with people on your subject.

It helps you to speak with experts in your field who may not otherwise be willing to share their knowledge with you. It also demonstrates to the market that you have a good network in that sector.

8. Podcasts are incredibly engaging

Customers today are all too familiar with the issue of knowledge overload. With so much written material on the Internet, audio details can be a perfect way to break up the monotony.

In addition, podcasts give speakers a lot of space to communicate a brand's message in a highly immersive and much more engaging way than blogs.

According to one study on the advantages of podcasts, about 63% of listeners purchased products and services recommended by the host. This implies that podcasts may be used to persuade consumers to buy products and services.

9. Podcasts provide more valuable evergreen content

Podcasting is an excellent way to build an evergreen content library that can be accessed or repurposed in the future. Hosts are often interviewing people in podcasts and getting expert opinions.

These opinions are often credible when you listen to them as compared to rating anything on a blog.

Thus, it’s a more valuable and trustworthy manner of presenting information compared to blogging.

10. The audio content can be repurposed

Your podcast audio content can easily be repurposed to create very engaging and impactful blogs.

For example, you can collaborate with an audio transcription services firm to get your audio file transcribed. This transcription can be repurposed into a blog, newsletter, or other useful content.

Want to give podcasting a try?

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. is here to assist you whenever you need to transcribe a podcast to improve its reach.

We provide accurate podcast transcripts within quick deadlines at affordable rates. Our services include video transcription services, podcast transcription services, and much more.

So, give us a call if you require podcast transcription services for your business or have any related queries.

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Beth Worthy

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