10 Tips to Become a Great Podcaster

10 Tips to Become a Great Podcaster
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Whether you have been podcasting for a while or just began exploring the process, it's always a good idea to reassess and strategize ways to become a better podcaster.

If you want to reach a wider audience through your podcasting but face a language barrier, podcast translation services can come to your rescue.

Today, we will be discussing 9 practical ways to become a great podcaster:

10 Tips to Become a Great Podcaster

1. Establish Your Podcast’s Tone

Some people have a very upbeat speaking tone, while others speak in a calmer style. Decide what is best and most natural for you.

Do not try to sound too upbeat if that is not your typical speaking style since it will sound unnatural on audio.

2. Avoid Using Scripts

When people listen to a podcast host, they listen because it is easy to understand and is delivered in an engaging manner.

Rather than read off a script, have a few talking points so you can speak freely, and the delivery will sound more natural.

3. Put Your Guests in the Spotlight

The reason you would bring guests to your podcast show is to deliver high-quality content for the listeners.

They always enjoy intelligent conversation and discussion on topics that are thought-provoking and relate to them. Avoid speaking over your guests.

Instead, ask questions that can increase engagement from your guest.

4. Improve Your Hosting Skills

Your podcast is a show, and you are the host of that show.

Therefore, apart from working on your communication skills and setting a voice tone for the show, you would also need to understand what format your audience enjoys.

If you are not sure about where to begin, view and analyze the shows of some of your favorite podcasters. List everything you like about their podcast.

Next, you can apply the same to your podcast. However, avoid copying your favorite podcaster completely.

5. Get Yourself Out of Comfort Zone

It is critical to continuously challenge yourself and research new communication opportunities to understand your audience and their true essence.

This would eventually increase the fanbase, and the show might become international with a global fan following.

7. Eliminate the Fluff

We always hear popular podcast hosts say that fluffs must be eliminated. But what exactly is this ‘fluff’?

All the unrelated discussion in podcast shows that has nothing to do with the topic is fluff, which is seldom valuable for the audience.

To improve your podcasting skills, try to focus on the subject as much as you can.

That does not mean you cannot share stories and personal anecdotes but ensure that they resonate with the audience and are relevant to the subject.

8. Feedback from Audience

Always ask for feedback on your podcast episodes on a consistent basis. This can help prevent viewership drop-off and help improve the quality of the content.

For example, you can ask for opinions on specific points related to the show on your social media accounts.

9. Transcribe Your Podcast

Using a podcast transcription service, your audio speech can be converted into written text and read online.

You can transcribe every word that you speak, including sound effects, non-verbal cues, or expressions.

Or you can transcribe the speech in a clean read which is grammatically accurate.

Just make sure that you choose the best transcription service provider available for a good experience.

Podcasters can also opt for translation services to translate their show’s transcripts into different languages to appeal to a larger fanbase.

10. Enjoy Yourself

To become a good podcaster, you need to enjoy what you are doing and be passionate about the topics you are discussing.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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