The Importance of Having a Good Media Transcription Service

The Importance of Having a Good Media Transcription Service
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The media world is rife with cut-throat competition. For players in the industry, accurate transcripts are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.  

If you want to outsource your transcription work, hire a reputable media transcription firm. The company should provide accurate transcripts in a timely fashion, enabling your audience to get your content fast. 

Here are some reasons why you need to hire an experienced media transcription company:

Provide Accurate Information to Your Audience

Media companies are in the communication business. However, sometimes their messages may not be well-understood or within reach of their target audiences. For instance, it may be difficult for people with hearing challenges or those in noisy places to understand what is said on TV. 

A media transcription company can help in such circumstances.

The company can create accurate subtitles or captions to pass your message across to your audience. The firm will ensure you have accurate content by verifying the spelling and grammar of the transcripts. Emotional and dramatic conversations will also be noted by using pauses and grammatical techniques to ensure the correct message is passed.

Transcribe Content in Different Native Languages

Non-native audiences may find it difficult to understand TV content that is in a different language. To pass your message across, you need the content transcribed into the native languages of the audiences. Experienced media transcription companies have multi-lingual transcriptionists that can help you with both translation and transcription.  

Hire a company with transcriptionists that are native speakers of the language of your target audience. These transcriptionists should understand the jargon and slang of the native language to ensure your message reaches the intended target. 

Finally, to get accurate transcripts, you want a business transcription services company whose transcriptionists are knowledgeable about different media subject areas.

Media Transcription Skills

A good media transcription services provider will have a skilled team that can document all kinds of media transcripts, including audio files such as interviews, webinars, press conferences, documentaries, public forums, news stories, and more. The team should be able to cover programs recorded on different media platforms and transcribe information from different digital and non-digital audio and video formats. 

The media transcription company should indicate accurate timestamps or time coding on your transcripts. Some companies also provide B-roll transcription, captioning, or subtitling services.  

Reputable References

One of the things that sets a good media transcription company from the competition is reputable references. Hire a firm that can provide references of past clients that it has worked with or projects undertaken on request. While some transcription works require the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), this should not be the reason why you cannot verify works previously undertaken by the firm.

Carry out due diligence and read online reviews about the company you are contemplating working with to know what to expect. Positive reviews and reputable references mean the media transcription firm is reliable and can guarantee quality transcripts.

Media firms need to pass accurate information to diverse audiences. When you need your content to reach non-native speakers, don’t gamble your reputation by working with unproven transcription agencies. Instead, hire a good media transcription firm that will guarantee accurate transcripts.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy is the President of GMR Transcription Services, Inc an Orange County, California based company that has been providing accurate and affordable transcription services since 2004. She has enjoyed success at GMR for almost ten years now and has helped the company grow. Within two years of Beth managing GMR Transcription, it had doubled in sales and was named one of the OC Business Journal’s fastest-growing private companies. Outside of work, she likes spending time with her husband and two kids.