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Transcription Services Guarantee by GMR

GMR Transcription wants you to be happy with your transcripts. That's why we guarantee 99% accuracy for good quality audios that we do not deem as difficult. In the rare case that a transcript is less than 99% accurate for good quality audio, we will redo it at no extra charge.

What We Deem To Be Difficult Audio Includes:

  • Audios with background noise.
  • Audios with people speaking over one another.
  • Audios with low-speaking voices that cannot be heard.
  • Audios that have been poorly recorded.
  • Audios which require frequent timestamps.
  • Audios with thick accents.
  • Audios with medical or scientific terminology which require research.

All transcripts are subjected to two levels of proof reading. Our typists at GMR Transcription are U.S. based and familiar with accents. They are able to meet strict conditions for accuracy and timely turnaround of transcripts.

Our system is geared to employ good and dependable typists, retaining only the best. Not only that, but we try to ensure that our pool of transcriptionists have a background knowledge of diverse subjects like medicine, legal, business and academics, to enable them get their work right. This is the reason why we provide a wide range of specialized transcription services.

To meet high demand, our pool of transcriptionists also includes Spanish transcribers. We also provide Spanish/English translation services for those who require them.

We are always looking to recruit more typists and transcriptionists to fulfill our ever-increasing demand. However, we hold very rigorous tests for the applicants to uphold our standards! You can apply here for transcriptionist jobs.

Should you have any inquiries regarding GMR Transcription, or if you would like to set up a conference call session with us, please contact us at 714-202-9653.

Here’s what some of our Clients are saying

"I have been highly impressed by the quality and timeliness of the transcripts that I've received from GMR. In addition, their tiered pricing model has worked well for my agency. We are able to pay based on what makes sense for our project needs. And I have to say GMR's rates are impressive. I plan to use GMR for all my future transcription needs."

~Anders Rosenquist, Ph.D. Experience Researcher

"We have been very happy with GMR services. The website works smoothly; the transcripts are accurate and on time, and I am amazed that the transcription supervisor returns my calls within 10 or 15 minutes when I call with a question!"

Mitch Chanin,
Director, Jewish Dialogue Group
Philadelphia, PA

"Recently, my organization has acquired the services of GMR Transcription. This service is proving to be invaluable. Not only has it saved me a great deal of time, but the customer service has been fantastic. Most importantly, the end product is impeccable. The transition to GMR has been completely transparent to anyone that required copies of the minutes that have been recorded. I can only state that if anyone has the need to save time and is willing to pay a reasonable fee, GMR is the way to go."

Christina Becker,
Human Resources Manager,
Rangely District Hospital.

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