How Independent Insurance Agents Can Utilize Language Services to Grow?

How Independent Insurance Agents Can Utilize Language Services to Grow?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


If your objective is to expand your business, having access to full language support is no longer just an add-on, it’s essential.

About 20% of Americans do not speak English at home. By not providing services in their native language, you may lose the opportunity to reach hundreds of potential customers.

This article provides some ways a language translation services firm can help independent agents.


The first phase is to establish your brand and the agent's name in the language of potential customers. A translation service can translate commercials, educational materials, and the agent's website to match the context of a specific language or region.

Including a language services agency in your marketing strategy can help independent agents connect with the diverse communities they serve and attract new customers.

Customer Interaction

Independent agents need interpretation support when they interact with multicultural clientele. The most prevalent languages will change depending on the location of each agent.

Still, the top ten most common languages after English in the USA, as per the American Community Survey, include the following:

  • Spanish (16.3 million)
  • Chinese (1.8 million)
  • Vietnamese (853,000 million)
  • Korean (597,000 million)
  • Tagalog (536,000 million)
  • Arabic (406,000 million)
  • Russian (403,000 million)
  • Haitian (331,000 million)
  • Portuguese (252,000 million)
  • French (252,000 million)

Having access to high-quality interpreting makes it easier for both agents and customers to discuss complicated insurance goods and policies.

From audio translation on-demand to video translation to various website translation services, most comprehensive language services offer a wide range of translation services.

Document Translation

A lot of paperwork is needed for selling and managing insurance policies. Document translation will ensure that their consumers understand all the documents they sign.

Applications, policy documents, quote materials, disclosures, and other legal compliance materials can be managed with the help of document translation services.

Additionally, a translation service provider may also help simplify difficult sections of material to make them easier to understand.

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Developing Trust

Independent insurance agents will build a far better bond and more trust with their clients if they are able to communicate in the client’s preferred language.

Insurance can be a complex and confusing topic, so having materials allows current and potential clients to be more comfortable with their purchases.

Helping with Website Translation

You have the ability to reach multiple cities and states if you work as an online agent. This means that your website visitors could be speaking a wide range of languages.

Additionally, you might be gaining popularity in locations where other languages are predominant. A professional website localization provider can assist you in localizing your website content to make it as relevant as possible to those audiences.

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Advertising to a Multilingual Audience

You're probably reaching out to potential and existing clients through advertising, your website, and social media. Unfortunately, you may miss critical target clients if you don't translate all of your marketing content. Marketing translation services can help you.

You may easily expand your marketing efforts to reach out to people who speak various languages if you take the time to work with a translation service. Even better, if you're the first agent to make these efforts, you'll be able to reach new audiences before your competitors.

Comprehensive language translation services offer website translation, audio translation, document transcription, and more.

Professional translation services coupled with transcription services can be an added bonus and can increase the searchability of your marketing content.

It is also significantly more cost-effective to work with a single agency that can handle the work of multiple independent agents than depending on individual agents to employ translators as needed.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. can support most language translation requirements of large and small-scale insurance providers.

We offer expert professional and document translation services in several languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can be an agent for your agents.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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