7 Simple Steps to Create Incredible Content for Your Customers

7 Simple Steps to Create Incredible Content for Your Customers
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


There is so much content out there to consume, so much to read, so many stories to tell, but how will your content stand out from the crowd? How will it get noticed?

To create great content and to build a brand, time, and effort are the prerequisites.

For people to take notice of your brand, content marketing is a terrific way to engage your customers and even create a growing community.

No matter how small a company or how big a brand is, great content is the best way forward to increase traffic to your company website and help convert readers into prospective customers.

Here’s a simple guide to help develop a content marketing strategy. Make a positive impact on your business by creating incredible content; after all, content is the king.

7 Simple Steps to Create Incredible Content for Your Customers

1. Define your Goals

Before you jump in and start creating content, first set your mission and define your marketing goals. You need to understand your goals early on.

What kind of content will you be making? How are you going to distribute it?

It all has to be well thought out. It is vital to know why you are creating content and how your goals will be achieved through that content.

A few business goals include:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Improving revenue
  • Getting leads that develop into conversions
  • Brand awareness
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Social media engagement

2. Understand your Audience

The next step is to research and understand your audience. You have created content, but what is your consumer base, your actual audience?

You can divide your audience into:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Location 
  • Income 

Collect customer feedback to understand your consumers’ priorities. How do they feel about your content? Is your content helpful to your customers?

All these questions need to be addressed well.

Creating your audience’s persona is equally important. You need to understand them better.

Where is your target audience consuming your content – on social media, communities like Quora, or someplace else?

Be where your audience is. Remember to create content appropriate for the platform.

Creating content for Instagram would mean a lot of audio-visual content, while Quora would generally require text content.

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3. Set Up a Blog Site and Keep it Updated

If you have not set up a blog site, then do so. You need to produce content and create blogs for your audience to read.

Various content management systems enable you to build your blog site, and you have their complete ownership.

But the downside is that there is no ready audience making it hard to get noticed.

On the other hand, you can choose from a pool of existing platforms to publish your ready content, with access to millions of consumers.

However, a major disadvantage here is that the platforms control your future. Hence choose wisely.

You’ll need to keep evaluating your content and updating it. Keep reviewing your old content and update it accordingly.

Analyze which format would suit your content, does it communicates well with your audience, and finally it achieves your business goals.

Make sure your content is culturally appropriate in case you are targeting multi-location markets speaking different languages.

4. Create an Engaging Content

A content marketer’s job is never over. To build a brand for yourself, you need to keep your audience engaged – always wanting more.

  • Try to incorporate a short story in your blog to get your point across
  • Have an interesting introduction to keep your readers hooked to your blog
  • Let the reader reflect upon the blog, let them think about it and come back to you
  • If required use localization services to have culturally appropriate content

5. Provide right and fast answers

To create amazing content for your audience, you also have to provide the answers that they are looking for.

Your content should give the answers and knowledge, as promised by the blog. In addition to this, the content should be easy to read and scan, highlighting key points.

Provide accurate information. If the content gives wrong data and imparts false knowledge, your brand will be ruined. 

In case your website caters to a global audience, use translation services for translations into the local languages of your customers.

6. Maintain a Content Calendar

Often, you will have a lot of content to share on several social media platforms and other sites. Create a content calendar and stick to it.

Schedule your content in advance and get your calendar ready so that no new blogs or updates are missed.

7. Keep Things Documented

If you have recorded calls from your customers and stakeholders, document everything. Some conversations and feedback can come in handy in the future.

You can choose the services of GMR Transcription to provide accurately transcribed documents with the utmost security.

Document transcription can provide insight into the consumer’s mindset, their reading choices, common complaints, and more.

Contact GMR Transcription for audio to text transcription, video transcription services, and document transcription services.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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