Top 12 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

Top 12 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Have you ever thought about learning Spanish?

Learning Spanish through YouTube is one of the most accessible ways to learn Spanish.

You may have already used YouTube for educational purposes,  for a make-up tutorial, or watched videos on how to get through a difficult level of a game.

Spanish tutorials on YouTube can be just as helpful as the tutorials you’ve already seen and provide you with the guidance needed to succeed.

YouTube has grown to be a place filled with several learning resources, including many tools to learn Spanish.

However, the resources are so huge that sometimes it gets challenging to figure out the videos that can be most helpful and best suited for you.

Today, we will recommend some of the best Spanish Learning YouTube Channels that help you effectively learn more Spanish.

1. Real-World Spanish Lessons

This channel is perfect for novices who are just beginning their Spanish learning journey. It offers a diverse range of content, including common speaking mistakes, tackling Spanish Verbs, and even learning Spanish while sleeping.

There is nothing you can't remember using the resources of this challenge with their entertaining, uncomplicated, and straightforward videos.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of this channel is the natural/casual tone of the conversation, which does not feel like learning a lesson and can make the content more engaging to learn

2. Dreaming Spanish

This YouTube Channel teaches Spanish most authentically. Each video makes you feel like taking a short trip to places that converse in Spanish. If you are a beginner, this can be your go-to channel.

3. SpanishPod101

This channel provides a fun overview of Spanish life, culture, and language. It offers several free lessons on a variety of topics in Spanish-speaking videos with English subtitles.

It focuses on intermediate to advanced-level learners with a normal narrative speed and interactive videos.

4. Why Not Spanish?

This channel has an interesting take on teaching Spanish with Cody as the student and Maria as the teacher.

The teacher/student format is very effective in engaging with the right target audience.

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5. Thespanishblog

It is difficult to find a native Spanish tutor who teaches and speaks Spanish in their everyday life.

This is what this channel offers to its viewers. Laura Garrido Eslava releases Spanish tutorials on her channel and blogs to help learners master both pronunciation and vocabulary.

6. Speak Spanish Faster

The main objective of this channel is to help you become more confident as a Spanish speaker in public. Each of these short videos focuses on a specific topic, e.g., ordering food, mastering Caribbean Spanish, etc.

These videos do not emphasize on perfecting the language right away and instead focus on getting more practice and improving your fluency.

7. Learnspanish1

If you want a completely professional approach to learning Spanish, you should follow the content of this channel. It teaches you to manipulate familiar phrases in a different context, helping you speak the language more fluently.

8. Spanish and Go

This channel is for everyone planning to take trips to Spanish-speaking nations.

Jim and May provide informative insights and take you on adventures to develop your Spanish conversational skills.

9. Esaudio

This channel focuses on more advanced learners and helps you perfect your grammar while you speak.

The contents would be enormously helpful in tuning your speech by assessing the ins and outs of the language.

10. SpanishDict

This channel offers to teach the Spanish language through a professionally trained Spanish teacher.

Every lesson uses visual aids like images and charts, enabling the trainer to introduce new vocabulary, themes, and concepts visually.

At present, the channel is not producing any new content. However, they have a vast library of extensive and informative content that can help you learn the Spanish language fluently and experience the joy of learning a new language.

11. Butterfly Spanish

This channel covers almost everything needed to learn Spanish. Ana, the tutor, lives in a Spanish-speaking country and studies linguistics.

She teaches vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and phrases in her videos and accurately demonstrates how to speak in a native tone.

12. The Spanish Dude

Jordan, the tutor, is not an actual native Spanish speaker and is hence familiar with the struggle of learning Spanish. After he went abroad to travel to South America and Spain, he fell in love with the language.

Since then, he has been practicing, studying, and talking in Spanish. He wants his viewers to fall in love with the language too and hence has designed his lessons in a fun and simple way.

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Beth Worthy

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