Why Should You Get Your Zoom Conference Calls Transcribed?

Why Should You Get Your Zoom Conference Calls Transcribed?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Have you ever finished a Zoom call and realized you need a key piece of information from the call?

Sure, you can sift through the call recordings to get the information, but that would consume a lot of time and effort. You can now automatically transcribe your Zoom calls to save you some time.

If you are on a different conference app, you can use several AI-based software to generate an automated call transcript.

However, do these transcripts offer accurate transcripts in your desired format? And is it viable to get your conference calls transcribed? Let's find out.

What Is Zoom Transcription

Zoom offers a live auto caption service that develops machine-generated transcriptions. These are Automatic Speech Recognition Transcripts which typically are about 70-80% accurate.

The accuracy of these automated transcripts depends on several factors like the number of speakers, voice clarity, background noise, etc.

Limitations of Zoom Transcription

Typically automated Zoom transcriptions have the following limitations:

1. Fast Speakers and Foreign Accents

If the speakers in a conference call have a foreign accent and talk faster than usual, it’s difficult for transcribing software to provide accurate transcripts.

The transcripts generated might include words or phrases that do not make any sense in such situations.

2. Audio Disruptions

Background noises, speakers whispering, stuttering or mumbling as they speak, technical issues, and audio interferences and feedback in an audio clip are considered audio disruptions.

Severe audio disruptions can compromise the transcript quality. For best results, try to have minimal such distortions in the audio.

3. Limited Vocabulary

Often, machine-generated transcripts have a very limited vocabulary as far as proper nouns, technical jargon, and specialized terms are concerned.

Speech-to-text recognition software cannot easily discern or transcribe unique terms, slang, brand names, local names, etc., with their correct spellings.

4. Technical Issues

Being fully dependent on a speech-to-text converter can leave you vulnerable to their working capacity. Machines and software apps do not always work perfectly and can have bad days or hang during transcript generation for a few seconds.

Though such instances are not common, they do happen. If not detected and rectified immediately, such issues might delay your project.

5. Transcript Customization

If you need a personalized transcript that adheres to a set format, transcription software cannot automatically develop it.

Any specific formatting requirements, labels, tags, punctuations, etc. that differ from the standard machine transcript protocol must be added by you later. The app cannot add them.

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Advantages of Human Transcription

Human-generated transcripts have the following advantages over automated transcripts

1. Accuracy

Human-based transcriptions offer a higher accuracy level than AI transcription software.

That’s because humans have the innate ability to distinguish between various accents and understand technical jargon, colloquial terms, brand names, etc.

Humans can also carefully sift through background noises to create more accurate transcripts

2. Search Friendly

Conference calls are excellent for brainstorming sessions, virtual meetings, and training sessions. However, most conference calls last between 45 to 60 minutes.

Therefore, if you want to listen to a particular part of the conversation, you might need to replay the audio multiple times.

However, with human-generated transcripts that provide an almost accurate record of the audio conversation, you can easily read or search the transcript to get to your desired information faster.

3. Accessibility

Transcribing your conferences which typically include meetings, training sessions, and other important gatherings, can store their information in text format.

This makes it far more accessible to people who may have reading difficulties, or hearing issues, were not present at the meeting, or anyone who needs to access the data later.

In fact, if any of your employees had a bad network or a technical glitch and partially missed the conversation, transcripts make the data accessible to them as well.

Additionally, people often tend to assimilate information better by reading than seeing.

So, if your conference call included complex or technical terms, transcripts might be especially helpful. Viewers can also search through the transcript by keyword if they only need to read a small portion of the transcript.

4. Better Customer Insights

Transcripts are an excellent way to learn more about your customers, employees, or other stakeholders involved.

Reviewing transcripts of client meetings and in-house meetings with your market research team helps you to comprehend persistent customer pain points, any products or services that may be desired, and your clients’ brand expectations.

Additionally, transcripts offer essential insights into forecasting, customer demographics, and improving sales pitches.

5. Better Archiving and Storage

Conference call transcripts enable you to archive and document the company data. Call transcripts can be analyzed by compliance officials, higher management, consultants, etc. They can also be used during annual and board meeting sessions.

They can help employees review their work performance and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Accurate transcripts are a simple way of sharing the contents of a conference call in one go by accessing the data from the transcripted files. It's easier and takes less time than going through lengthy videos.

6. Overcomes the Disadvantages of Machine Transcripts

Every disadvantage that an AI-generated transcript might have, including inaccuracy, inability to understand complex or technical terms, colloquial phrases, inability to distinguish between multiple speakers, etc., can be overcome by a human transcript.

Plus, human transcribers can customize the transcripts in your preferred manner.

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Should You Get Your Conference Call Transcribed?

If you want to create professional transcripts, that are accurate and developed in your desired format, it is best to opt for professional Zoom audio and video transcription services that use 100% human transcriptionists.

You can use automated Zoom transcripts or transcription software if you do not need a professional transcript.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. provides accurate Zoom transcription services at affordable prices within quick deadlines.

We have a dedicated team specializing in Zoom meeting (audio and video files) transcription services that can customize the transcript as per your requirements. Contact our team today for further details.

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Beth Worthy

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