Why Should E-Learning Videos Include Transcripts?

Why Should E-Learning Videos Include Transcripts?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Transcription is gaining recognition as the world begins to accept and utilize the vast inherent possibilities of e-learning and online lectures.

The flexibility offered by transcription, which in turn enhances the learning process, is considered to be a significant cause of this phenomenon.

During the last decade, you may have noticed a shift in the conventional mode of learning.

Real-time studying in an actual educational institution where a professor or teacher would be lecturing is nearly a thing of the past. Students are now continuously learning remotely.

Learning is rapidly changing as schools incorporate interactive classes in their curriculum, businesses provide learning classes, and people search for “how-to” videos on Google for a convenient learning experience.

Why Include Transcripts?

Let us analyze some reasons to include transcripts in your videos:

1. Beneficial to All Students

Even though E-Learning video transcriptions were included to assist people with hearing difficulties get better access to learning materials, studies show that including E-Learning transcripts can help all students.

People with hearing disabilities can, through layouts and transcriptions, learn better and acquire new skills.

Transcripts can support them to meet their educational and intellectual goals as well as further their career development without making them feel like outsiders.

Additionally, incorporating transcriptions in online courses enables them to meet the compliance criteria for accessibility for those who are disabled.

2. Better Comprehension

As new infrastructure, better internet connectivity, affordable and faster video creation, and an easy way to distribute video material have accelerated the demand for transcribed video consumption, the online training courses industry is also expected to prosper.

Transcripts indicate that the target audience may be unable or unwilling to comprehend the recording entirely and, therefore, requires an appropriate explanation to understand the material.

Transcripts often include documented sound indicators on and off-screen consisting of dialog, actions, gestures of people and characters in the video, and any other necessary information for the viewer.

3. Impact of Increasing Video Consumption

With international consumers viewing several hours of video material per hour, the success and popularity of video platforms like YouTube continue to increase every day.

YouTube is the global leader in video content on e-learning videos, guidebooks, insightful talks, reviews, advertisements, and much more.

Your video should be engaging enough to attract your target market. However, complementing it with transcripts is one of many benefits and an essential strategy that can maximize the impact of your videos.

4. SEO Benefits

Typically, audio and video content cannot be easily read or comprehended by search engines.

However, if your YouTube video has a transcript, the spider search engine can easily search through the text to accurately index the content.

The text can be included as a video description or a downloadable document transcription. Your website traffic will increase as the search engines seamlessly trace the content.

5. Content Consumption Flexibility

Giving your audience the option to view the content and read the transcripts allows your audience to access the content in the way they find appropriate. They can read the transcript or watch the video at their convenience.

If your target viewer is in a quiet place and without access to their earphones or are in a noisy place and cannot hear your video, your viewer may prefer to run the video with muted sound.

6. Surpassing Language Barriers

Many students from all over the world rely on the internet to get a hold of English.

Transcriptions are a very effective learning aid for students who depend on the internet to understand languages like English, Mandarin, Spanish, etc.

Also, transcripts can aid teachers who may not be proficient in the language but can understand the transcript text.

If the teacher or the lecturer in the video speaks the same language as the learner, but with a different accent, transcripts can help the students keep up.

Transcripts, in such cases, complement the audio as a learning aid. This multi-sensory tutorial process is incredibly efficient for videos involving complicated and intricate topics.

7. Dealing With Bad Connectivity

Students and teachers around the world often deal with bad connectivity and small bandwidth issues.

This impacts online learning, mainly because many parts of the world still have a poor internet connection either throughout the entire day or at least during a significant portion of the day, especially in the mountainous and rural regions. 

Transcripts encourage students to read and learn despite the bad connectivity and slow buffering of the videos.

In fact, it has been observed that shorter videos with transcripts incorporated in them are always more impactful.

8. Benefitting Educational Institutions

In the case of educational institutions, transcripts assist online teachers, trainers, and professors with preparing for lessons and developing tests.

The transcript is a written testimony of the teaching material to ensure students are tested by teachers on the syllabus covered in the given period.

An instructor may also use the appropriate content with the test material to develop reference-based questions and responses.

This saves time and ensures the proper context and accuracy of the questions.

9. Corporate Training

For corporate trainers, transcripts can be utilized to build reference training guides, which can be stored electronically for later use.

Along with being a handy resource for the employees, the compliance team can also use such transcripts.

They can ensure that the employees adhere to all the training instructions and protocols required by the industry.

10. Using Transcript Files as Standalone Documents

Transcriptions can be utilized as a standalone document along with being used as a part of a video.

This will allow the users (students, trainees, employees, trainers, teachers, etc.) to access and print the transcriptions and utilize them as needed.

Document transcriptions are an integral component of online education. However, they have multiple benefits.

Organizations providing e-learning services can enhance their brand and business by using the transcribed files and all online study materials to improve their SEO rankings.

To make the most of transcriptions, organizations need good-quality transcripts. GMR Transcription is one of the best transcription providers.

We provide accurate document, audio, and video transcription services with a quick turnaround time within your budget.

Our business transcriptions customize transcripts as per your industry needs. Contact us to learn more.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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