5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Tell Their Stories in Real-Time

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Tell Their Stories in Real-Time
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Most entrepreneurs think about sharing their success stories only after achieving success.

They don't always bother to walk people through their journey until they reach a certain point in their lives.

Entrepreneurs build their businesses from scratch after identifying a gap in the market and creating unique solutions to fill it. They go through many trials and tribulations before they reach the top.

Once they reach that point, they look forward to sharing their experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

However, revealing your journey before you were successful opens several opportunities. Recording the events as they occur can help develop a strong brand portfolio while identifying the voice of the business.

Here we will discuss why entrepreneurs should tell their stories in real time.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Tell Their Stories in Real Time

1. You can Constantly Reinvent Yourself by Telling your Stories

Being an entrepreneur is not a cakewalk and entails a lot of effort, dedication, and commitment.

During weekends, while the rest of the world is laying back and planning trips, you as an entrepreneur are likely redefining your pitch for clients.

While everyone else is dragging themselves to work on Mondays, you may have been up for hours creating the best team management software.

The journey is exhausting and may not leave enough time to record the overall experience.

However, for aspiring business owners, sharing their journey is not just a hobby but a restorative practice. It helps you and your team develop stories that reflect on the experience and transform into exploring and understanding the business data and objectives.

2. It Keeps You Motivated and Establishes a Clear Perspective

Entrepreneurship is not only built on success and hard work. You also learn from mistakes.

When you deal with multiple failures and dozens of rejections, how can you keep yourself motivated?

There will often be times when you will feel low and lost, but you must develop a perspective on where you are now and where you will be.

So, take some time to record every second of the journey. Simultaneously you can also share ideas and feelings about your company and yourself.

Incorporating this habit in your daily or weekly routine helps you build an extensive record of past narratives and anecdotes. These can rekindle your enthusiasm on a bad or frustrating day.

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3. The Significance of Turning Into a Protagonist

A successful business is a journey littered with failed start-ups. Many small enterprises had everything to be on top, but they missed one key aspect – a good story.

A business is not just centered on a product or service. Instead, it's developed into a story, which you can share with your investors. Smart entrepreneurs recognize this key aspect and turn themselves into protagonists of the story.

Anecdotes of sustaining and surviving the market encourage customers to connect with the brand and contribute to their efforts.

4. Share the Entire Journey

Somewhere down the line, people start losing sight to disclose their journey's reality ethically. You might have heard inspiring stories about how someone quit Stanford and moved to his parent's garage to build a company.

Years later, it became the leading company in Silicon Island, and today, the owner owns a yacht.

Such generic narratives often hide the ugly side of the journey and create a false bubble of hope. Smart entrepreneurs realize the toxicity of sharing an overblown version of the story.

In short, don't share just the good parts of the journey. You should also present the embarrassing moments, rejections, hurdles, and challenges that came along the way before you reached a stable position.

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5. Stories Provide Anecdotes About Life Skills and Business Experience

Listening is among the key skills of a successful leader. No amount of money can buy you a life and business experience.

You would often go to events where certain people take to the floor to speak about themselves and what they offer to others.

Sometimes, it's okay to let others talk while you listen, and you may end up learning something brand new in the process.

Before computers and paper, oral stories and anecdotes were the primary means of communicating information and knowledge.

Stories are a natural form of communication and have a better recall value compared to data and facts because stories are far more engaging.

Additionally, a narrative provides some much-needed break during presentations and marketing pitches.

To showcase your story and represent your company in a fresh manner and through its diverse voices, you need an appropriate method to record the experience in real time.

Additionally, you would also need to transcribe these recordings to be referred to in the future.

These audio transcriptions can also be used to create articles and blogs to showcase your organization’s journey in the future. Choose a professional transcription service provider experienced with business transcription.

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. is a leading transcription solution with over 6 million minutes of recorded audio transcription and 9,000 happy clients. Our team ensures that your recorded entrepreneurship journey is transcribed with the highest accuracy to connect to a global audience.

Contact us to get effective and affordable audio and video transcription services.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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