9 Tips to Effectively Market to Hispanic Customers

9 Tips to Effectively Market to Hispanic Customers
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


While a big chunk of the content on the internet is in English, there is still a significant amount of content in other languages.

In fact, businesses looking to differentiate and reach new audiences should consider localizing their content. 

Spanish is one of the languages with a significant number of speakers who are active on the internet.  

As a business, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you fail to localize your content for Spanish speakers using Spanish translation services.

Interested in expanding your reach to Hispanic audiences? Here are nine effective tips you can use today:

9 Tips to Effectively Market to Hispanic Customers

1. Go Local

Every marketer knows how hard it can be to create content that resonates with a foreign audience.

Some information is best presented by native speakers of the language, in this case, someone with a Hispanic background.

To reach Spanish speakers online with content that resonates with them, you can either work with a local marketer adept in using localization services who understands the community or take time to visit, learn, and possibly assimilate yourself into the culture.

2. Translate Your Content

Some people assume that every Hispanic American is fluent in Spanish and understands English to some degree.

However, it’s not strange to find Hispanics who can’t speak or read in English. Moreover, some Hispanics prefer content in Spanish even if they speak English.

There are various agencies that offer Spanish-to-English translation services or conversely English-to-Spanish translation services.

Hire these agencies to ensure your message reaches your target Hispanic audiences. 

3. Understand Your Audience

To most people, a Latino is Hispanic and a Hispanic is a Latino. However, this is not true.

A Hispanic can be any Spanish-speaking person, while a Latino is a person who comes from any Latin American country.

With this understanding, you can appreciate just how broad the Hispanic audience can be if you are primarily doing online marketing. 

4. Transcription and Captioning 

If you can’t speak Spanish as a second language, then transcription and captioning should be your go-to solution.

You can transcribe your audio and video into text that can be understood by Hispanic audiences across the world.

Captions are especially important if you create video content for social media platforms as most videos are watched on silent.

5. Don’t Generalize Experiences

There are clear differences between Mexican Hispanics, European Hispanics, Argentinian Hispanics, Colombian Hispanics, Venezuelan Hispanics, and other Hispanic audiences.

While it might be impossible to target each group individually, avoid lumping all of them into a group.

Where you want to appeal to the Hispanic community as a whole, try and use formal ad copy that is devoid of nuances of a specific dialect or group.

6. Use Local Faces

If you are doing video and audio adverts using models, use those that appeal to a specific Hispanic group.

Mexican Hispanics are different from Hispanics from other regions in the way they dress, talk, and physical attributes.

7. Understand Generational Differences

Older Hispanics often like to speak pure Spanish and tend to watch and listen to Hispanic content while younger Hispanics speak fluent English and watch popular Western media.

The best way to craft your marketing material will depend on the target age group you are after.

8. Avoid Stereotypes- Understand Hispanic Culture

It’s easy to fall into the stereotyping rabbit hole when trying to appeal to a Hispanic audience.

Common stereotypes are easily picked out by Hispanics and could have the opposite effect.

To make your content work, be sure to understand your target audiences before including funny or cliché aspects of the community in your marketing.

9. What Is Popular with Hispanics? 

Identify specific platforms where there are sizable numbers of Hispanics.

For instance, surveys show that Hispanics are among the most active on Facebook in the Americas.

Find out where they meet and what appeals to them. From there, publish your content so that the audience can see and engage with it.

Hispanics form a big percentage of the US population.

Therefore, understanding how to market to this group is vital for every business looking to increase its customer base.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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