Translating Online Educational Content Increases Student Enrollment

Translating Online Educational Content Increases Student Enrollment
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Learning various subjects online or completing a virtual certification course by just sitting at our homes has been extremely convenient.

Especially during this current pandemic, virtual learning has been a necessity for most students.

This article discusses how translating online educational content can increase its effectiveness and amplify student enrollment.

Benefits of educational content translation

1. Education On-Demand

Students from all over the world are now able to learn and pursue high-demand online courses.

However, if these courses are not easily accessible, then these courses might even lose students.

For example, if a particular course is translated into various languages, it would attract several students from all over the world.

2. International Learners

International students without much experience in English would obviously prefer taking an online course rather than going to a particular institution.

Although enrolling in an online educational program is relatively easy, managing the course demands can be difficult for a new online student – especially for adult learners who may also be attempting to learn English or international students.

Therefore, it would be quite convenient for international students to find an online program that provides them with courses in their native language.

Similarly, if you are in the education industry, i.e., if you provide educational courses or corporate training courses, translating your course content would be a worthwhile investment. 

3. Increased Enrollment

A survey by the Institute of International Education in 2017 found that during the 2016-2017 academic year, the number of international students enrolled in American higher education institutions surpassed one million.

Millions of students from all over the world prefer online learning because of the diversity and convenience it provides.

Making your course available in the most popular languages can help increase your enrollment from students around the world.

4. Multilingual Content will Increase your Revenue

Giving international students the opportunity to access, participate, and complete online programs in their native language will promote more students and revenue.

Currently, most schools, universities, or on-demand programs do not offer this convenience. Online learning platforms must demonstrate to their customers that they cater to students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

This proof comes in the form of academic programs that have been translated into multiple languages. In the online educational industry, translating your course content will give your company a competitive edge and add longevity to your offering.

Choose a Professional Translation Service Provider

With the one-click connectivity to diverse cultures and nations, innovative online educational systems that deliver courses and programs in multiple languages will undoubtedly not only survive but also thrive.

There is a simple solution to the challenges that online courses face in increasing enrollment, maintaining longevity in a highly competitive global market, and assisting millions of students in achieving their academic and learning goals.

You need to partner with a reputable translation service provider with established expertise in:

  • Translation of educational materials
  • Multilingual documents formatting
  • Subtitling website translation
  • eLearning material voice-overs

GMR Transcription Services, Inc. makes it simple for educational institutions to attract and assist multicultural individuals in achieving their objectives by simply speaking the same language.

We provide translation services to companies and institutions that specialize in delivering online courses and training to individuals with varied professional, regional and linguistic backgrounds.

Make an appointment with us today to get the highest quality Text-to-Text translation of your educational content at affordable rates.

Our services include English to Spanish Translation, Spanish to English Translation, Mandarin to English Translation, English to Mandarin Translation, English to Arabic Translation, and more.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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