Why Professional Translators Are Needed to Translate Your Amazon Listings?

Why Professional Translators Are Needed to Translate Your Amazon Listings?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Are you looking to reach more customers with your physical products? If so, listing your products on Amazon may be the way to go. 
Amazon boasts of over 300 million active users. All these are potential customers that you can sell to.

Statistics show that about 66 percent of Americans have bought something from Amazon.

The numbers are even more astonishing when we consider the foreign markets where Amazon operates.

If you want to reach overseas customers through Amazon international marketplaces, it is important to understand the audiences you are targeting.

This means finding out their pain points, cultural mannerisms, and how to best approach them with your product. 

Most people prefer shopping at localized online stores. Fortunately, Amazon has done the grunt work of providing international shoppers with local payment options, currency options, and even pick-up locations.

However, as a business, you have to go the extra mile to make your products catch the attention of international customers.

This means localizing the products by translating them into the languages of your target audience.

Why Translate Your Amazon Listings?

When customers are shopping at Amazon international marketplaces, such as Amazon.de, Amazon.es, and others, they expect to find products described in their native languages.

This is one crucial aspect that you need to work on as a product owner.

Listing your products on Amazon.es or Amazon.de in English is not completely effective when your competition is addressing the same target customers in their native language.

Buying is an emotional decision. Shoppers purchase things that they can connect with or things that make them feel a certain way.

This is why it is essential to list your products in your target customers’ native language.

An experienced translation services provider will accurately translate your product transcriptions so you can better reach your audience. 

Why Work with Professional Translators?

Professional business translation service providing companies can help you reach foreign customers on Amazon international marketplaces.

These professionals understand not only the native language of your target audience but also the cultural mannerisms, which may be important in building a connection with the prospects.

Before you hire a translation company to translate your products on Amazon international marketplaces, find out whether they have done similar projects in the past.

Alternatively, provide the company with a few product listings for translation.

This way, you can gauge the quality of the translation and have an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing for your project.

Translating your product listings to foreign languages before listing them on Amazon can take your business to the next level.

While the US boasts of the highest number of Amazon shoppers, international marketplaces also register a significant number of customers.

Getting a piece of these customers can help you to build your brand in the new markets and reach your sales goals.

However, to do this, the first step would be to get your product listings translated to the native language of the foreign customers you want to reach.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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