10 Podcast Genres and Topics in High Demand Right Now

10 Podcast Genres and Topics in High Demand Right Now
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


The podcasting industry has witnessed remarkable expansion, captivating a vast and devoted audience.

A report revealed that the global podcast market was valued at USD 9.28 billion and is expected to grow at 27.5% from 2021 to 2028, clearly revealing podcasts' rising popularity and their immense market potential.

So, in the ever-evolving podcast landscape, we asked ten industry leaders and experts about the genres or topics they believe are currently in high demand.

These professionals have shared their insights on the most sought-after podcast themes, from the rise in demand for mental wellness podcasts to the need for guidance during economic uncertainties through finance podcasts.

10 Popular & Trending Podcast Genres and Topics in 2023:

1. Mental Wellness Podcasts: Much-Needed Content

After a difficult few years and an ever-growing depression rate across America, mental wellness podcasts trend repeatedly, this spills over into managing our physical health to improve mental health, finding new ways to “hack” our lives, and constantly seeking a better work-life balance. 

Even the top trending business podcasts have a mental health spin that shifts you into a healthier, happier mindset as you develop leadership strategies and build skills for success. It’s great to see mental wellness podcasts trending—this is the feel-good content we need to help manage and improve our lives from the inside out.

Denise Hemke of Checkr

Denise Hemke

Chief Product Officer, Checkr

2. Health-Related Podcasts: Increasing in Popularity

The genre or topic of health-related podcasts is currently in high demand, primarily because of the increasing number of people interested in personal fitness and wellness. 

One uncommon example of such a podcast would be Neurohacker Collective, which focuses on cognitive nutrition and neuro-hacking methods designed to help the listener change their environment so that they can maximize the potential for physical and mental performance. 

By exploring topics like nutrition, habits, activity levels, stress management, sleep quality, and more, Neurohacker Collective allows listeners to become better informed about how to improve their mental and physical health.

Kate Duske of Escape Room Data

Kate Duske

Editor-in-Chief, Escape Room Data

3. Celebrity Insider Story Podcasts: A Nostalgic Hit

One podcast genre that's seen more entries in the past couple of years is celebrities telling insider stories about beloved shows from the last decade. One of the most popular examples is the Office Ladies podcast with "The Office" actresses Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. 

These shows are similar to DVD commentary where superfans can get extra information about the behind-the-scenes of their favorite shows and movies, but with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the media easily while working or driving. 

Another reason these podcasts appeal to audiences is that they tap into nostalgia. Many of the audiences that enjoyed these shows on TV are now target podcast audiences.

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Julia Kelly of Rigits

Julia Kelly

Managing Partner, Rigits

4. Self-Development Podcasts: Encourage Positive Growth

Self-development podcasts are in great demand and will continue to be so in the future. People are enamored with it because it provides wisdom and insights that fuel the urge to do good and encourage a positive transformation. 

These podcasts give a wealth of inspiration and a roadmap to discovering our own abilities. They provide hope and convince the mind that change is not only conceivable but also probable. 

It serves as a guiding light for individuals on their journey. I appreciate listening to them because I learn new things that I was previously ignorant of. They serve as transformative talks, leading you on a self-discovery trip.

Ryan Faber of Copymatic

Ryan Faber

Founder and CEO, Copymatic

5. Generative AI Podcasts: A Cutting-Edge Trend

Generative AI podcasts are in high demand now because of the rapid expansion of this technology across various industries. This cutting-edge topic applies to a wide range of people, from college students to software engineers, who can all benefit from understanding its effects. 

Generative AI, which uses deep learning techniques to create creative outputs like art and music, has seen a substantial boom since 2022. Despite economic worries, data shows that 63% of business leaders plan to maintain or increase their AI spending. 

From predicting the development of over 30% of new pharmaceuticals and materials by 2025, to potentially replacing 7% of jobs in the U.S., generative AI is significantly altering our world. Therefore, understanding its trajectory and implications through a podcast can be immensely beneficial to everyone.

Marliis Reinkort of Code Galaxy

Marliis Reinkort

CEO, Code Galaxy

6. Women Entrepreneur Podcasts: Empower and Inspire

Podcasts for women entrepreneurs, hosted by successful women entrepreneurs, are in high demand. They empower and inspire more women to start their own businesses. 

These podcasts provide guidance, motivation, and practical advice, addressing unique obstacles faced by women. By featuring diverse perspectives, they cover topics like funding, networking, work-life balance, and mental resilience.

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Meesha Gerhart of Redtree Web Design

Meesha Gerhart

CEO, Redtree Web Design

7. True Crime Podcasts: Suspense and Critical Thinking

True crime podcasts are the most popular genre right now, with listeners captivated by spine-chilling stories that question their faith in humanity. Not only do these stories serve as awareness programs, but the adrenaline rush that comes from expecting a mind-boggling ending makes this genre extremely popular. 

People tune in to learn what motivates criminals and lunatics to act like barbarians; dissecting historical tragedies with arguable conclusions is even more popular among audiences who enjoy using their brains to do the math and chime in with conspiracy theories. 

Crime, tragedies, and mysterious happenings are profitable podcast genres that, when done correctly, may grow a loyal fan base.

Marco Andolfatto of Apollo Cover

Marco Andolfatto

Chief Underwriting Officer, Apollo Cover

8. Health and Wellness Podcasts: Versatile, Trusted Advice

As a life coach, I've noticed that health and wellness podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. These podcasts serve as personal coaches for on-the-go listeners, offering advice, insights, and strategies to help them navigate their own journeys. 

They cover a wide range of topics, from mindfulness, nutrition, mental health, and stress management. I believe it's this versatility and personalization that makes them so appealing. Besides, as health misinformation is increasing, these podcasts can provide expert-backed advice and information, establishing themselves as a trusted resource for many.

Bayu Prihandito of Life Architekture

Bayu Prihandito

Psychology Expert, Life Coach, and Founder, Life Architekture

9. Finance Podcasts: Guidance for Economic Uncertainty

With so many people looking to increase their financial literacy and learn how to manage their money better, it's no surprise that finance podcasts are taking off. These podcasts can cover everything from personal finance tips and investing strategies to macroeconomic trends and market analyses. 

With the current economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic a few years back, more people are looking for guidance on how to weather the storm financially. Personally, I think it's great to see so many people taking an interest in improving their financial situation. 

Whether you're just starting out or you've been investing for years, there's always something new to learn in the world of finance.

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Johannes Larsson of JohannesLarsson.com

Johannes Larsson

Founder and CEO, JohannesLarsson.com

10. Business and Entrepreneurship Podcasts: Learn From Experts

As a fellow business owner and entrepreneur, I’m aware of the excitement and difficulties that come with starting an entrepreneurial journey. So, I personally advise checking out the business and entrepreneurship podcasts.

These podcasts serve as valuable resources for anyone starting the entrepreneurial journey as they provide valuable insights, advice, practical strategies, and lessons from experienced entrepreneurs who have walked the path you're on. 

Moreover, one can also get to know the common challenges and beginner mistakes, such as setbacks, self-doubt, impatience, and more, and avoid them. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Learn from the mistakes of others."

Some podcasts that I usually listen to are The Female Startup Club, The Tim Ferriss Show, DTC Pod, and more.

Overall, the Business and Entrepreneurship podcasts have made a significant impact on my intellectual development and gained personal and relatable perspectives that inspire and guide me in my business journey. And I hope you get the same!

Tom Biehn of University Frames Inc.

Tom Biehn

Vice President, University Frames Inc.

Final Thoughts 

These were a few examples of podcast genres that are in demand right now. Whether your audience prefers reading or listening, podcast transcription allows them to have the best of both worlds.

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So why not choose podcast transcription as they offer numerous advantages for content creators and listeners alike? By providing accessibility, improving SEO, enabling content repurposing, enhancing comprehension, and supporting language learning/study, podcast transcription proves to be a valuable investment. 

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