Can You Get a Transcript of an Apple Podcast?

Can You Get a Transcript of an Apple Podcast?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


If you're a podcast creator who wants to engage with listeners and expand your audience, transcribing your podcasts can be a game-changer.

A transcript allows you to relish every word, thought, and idea you and your guests share without limitations or barriers.

On the other hand, if you're a fan of Apple podcasts and want access to transcripts, you're in luck. 

Apple leads the way as a podcast hosting platform, with 2,475,736 active podcasters and 65,097,311 episodes streamed on the service as of 2022.

Transcripts offer a valuable resource, allowing you to revisit and absorb content differently. It is beneficial if you miss something while listening or prefer reading over listening, and it also makes podcasts more accessible for those with hearing impairments.

Let us walk you through the process of obtaining a transcript for an Apple podcast, delivering some of the most famous creators worldwide. 

How Apple Podcasts Works

Whether you’re a big brand or an independent podcaster, Apple provides a highly successful podcasting platform for creators across all genres and topics. One option is to produce free shows and allow your audience to subscribe for premium benefits later on.

You’d be counting on ad revenue in this case. You may also offer excellent content immediately, which your fans can enjoy after paying a specific monthly or annual subscription fee. However, Apple encourages beginner podcasters to focus on attracting and building an audience with free shows before going premium.  

To get started on the podcasting service as an individual or a company, you should join the Apple Podcasters Program for a one-time annual fee. Enrolling allows you to upload audio content via your Apple Podcasts Connect (APC) account.

APC protects your copyrights with digital rights management (DRM). But you must create a channel (along with any subscription offers) and submit it for review before publishing your content.

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What Are the Benefits of Apple Podcasts?

Besides offering the joy of expressing yourself creatively or as an expert, the Apple Podcasters Program allows you to monetize your content. Beginners get 70% of the subscription income at each billing cycle.

Your revenue share increases to 85% after one year of premium subscription. While Apple deducts any applicable taxes from your earnings, you get to keep your ad revenue 100%.

You can provide exclusive perks to your premium Apple podcast subscribers. These include:
●    Ad-free content
●    Extra episodes
●    Early Access
●    Exclusive shows
●    Archive Access

Limitations of Apple Podcast Transcripts

By now, you’re probably aware that the popularity of podcasts, including Apple’s, doesn’t create automatic success for all podcasters. Getting noticed is often a struggle because the audio format doesn’t naturally lend itself to the best search optimization.

Undoubtedly, automatic Apple podcast transcription updates with iOS 13 provided some hope to podcasters exploring better ways to drive organic traffic to their websites. But the Apple podcast transcript service is AI-generated and has a few stubborn shortcomings. Inherent problems may include:

  • Automatic Apple podcast transcription appears only available to select, highly popular podcasters, with most people missing out.
  • The service doesn’t generate podcast transcriptions for every episode, meaning many “chosen few” get the transcript search visibility only a few times.
  • Apple owns the transcript, so you can’t repurpose it for applications outside the podcasting service, including publishing it as an SEO article on your website.
  • As with any artificial intelligence (AI)-generated transcripts, there is a high potential for embarrassing or offensive errors that can hurt your SEO or reputation.

Getting your downloadable podcast transcript is generally the best way to get around these issues, as you enjoy podcasting on Apple.  

How to Get High-Quality Transcripts of Your Apple Podcast

GMR Transcription provides the following three-step process to get your error-free Apple podcast transcript: 

1. Upload Your Audio File

  • Register a client account
  • Login and upload your podcast audio to our secure, encrypted cloud storage
  • Select the turnaround time (it can be as soon as the same day, the following day, or later)
  • Specify your order details (service specifications may include audio difficulty, number of speakers, verbatim, or clean without false starts)

2. Our Us-Based Transcriptionists Transcribe Your Apple Podcast

  • GMRT’s human transcribers get started on the work (we don’t do AI or software-generated transcription
  • Our quality assurance team thoroughly checks the final text document pending approval

3. Download Your Podcast Transcript

  • We’ll send you a “transcript is ready” notification
  • You make the payment
  • Check your email or log in to your GMR Transcription client account to download the transcript  

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Who Can Benefit From Podcast Transcription

Providing transcripts for your podcast episodes can help you reach a broader range of audiences. The World Health Organization estimates that over 5% of the global population is hard of hearing. Providing a transcript for every podcast episode will help those with hearing limitations access your content.

Additionally, some people prefer reading to listening, and a podcast transcript provides an alternative way for them to access your content. Providing transcripts also improves your SEO ranking, makes your podcast easier to search and share, enhances user experience, and gives you more range to work with. 

How GMR Transcription Simplifies Your Apple Podcast Transcription

Whether your Apple podcasts are educational or entertaining, the last thing you want is a lousy transcript damaging your image in the highly competitive industry. We care for this by producing 99% accurate and reliable transcripts using our human transcription instead of mistake-prone AI.

Our entire transcription team is U.S.-based and speaks English as a first language—we’re what you need for the perfect transcription of your podcast recordings.

By letting us transcribe your audio, you’ll avoid unnecessary rework costs associated with software-generated transcripts.

Spend more of your productive time creating captivating content, and leave your Apple podcast transcription to GMR Transcription Services, Inc. You won’t regret choosing us! Register now to know more.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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