10 Best Podcasts for Social Media Marketers

Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


With millions of podcasts available covering every imaginable topic, curate a listening list to help you achieve your business goals. There are endless marketing podcasts where you can get practical ideas to grow your business.

There is a lot about social media marketing that you can learn just by listening to a few social media podcasts. Here are 10 social media podcasts we recommend for every entrepreneur:

1. Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Perhaps the most consistent online marketing podcasters out there, the folks at Social Media Examiner stand out in the crowded SMM podcasting space. Bookmark them for two in-depth 45-minute social media marketing podcasts every other week. The team covers everything, including emerging trends, social media marketing basics, expert interviews, etc. 

2. The Amy Porterfield Podcast- Online Marketing Made Easy

She is not only entertaining but also a successful marketing influencer and educator. Amy makes you feel like a rockstar from the way she presents her ideas, opinions, and advice on her regular podcast. Bookmark her website for information that will get you ahead in a competitive market.

3. #TwitterSmarter by Madalyn Sklar

The #TwitterSmarter chat is a weekly Twitter chat for entrepreneurs and business owners as well as social media marketers and managers, which began in 2015. Connecting, learning, and sharing tips on Twitter is becoming a popular destination. The chat is hosted every Thursday at 1 pm ET/10 am PT by Twitter Marketing Expert @MadalynSklar. She brings in an incredible line-up of guests who share their expertise. All are invited to join and share their tips too.

4. Social Pros Podcast

This is one of the longest running podcasts dedicated to all things digital marketing. Adam Brown and Jay Baer have been at it since 2012, and never seem to run out of ideas when it comes to providing SMM insights and news. Listen to the duo for the latest social media marketing tricks.

5. Gary Vee’s #AskVee Show

You’ve probably bumped into Gary Vee’s content somewhere if you are into digital marketing. Gary Vee is one of the most popular and successful entrepreneurs out there. In his podcast, he talks about a lot of things to do with marketing in the digital space. Gary uses his podcast to answer questions from his social media followers.

6. Sarah Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic

Instagram marketing is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing. Drawing from her deep understating of colors and images as applied in marketing, Sarah presents interesting and thought-provoking marketing podcasts regularly. Follow her to improve your Instagram marketing skills.

7. Todd Austin’s Good Social Podcast

The name of the podcast says what you should expect from Todd Austin. He takes a positive approach to social media marketing topics that could otherwise attract a lot of negativity. You will also learn a lot about SMM from the Good Social podcast.

8. Savvy Social Podcast by Andréa Jones

Savvy Social Podcast is meant for budding entrepreneurs who want to understand the "why" of social media marketing. OnlineDrea.com's social media strategist Andréa Jones talks about all social media things, chats with other industry professionals about what worked for them, and teaches you how to elevate your social media strategies with practical, proven advice.

9. Pinterest Tips with Jeff Sieh

The Manly Pinterest Tips Podcast is a show created on Pinterest to help you succeed. Join Jeff Sieh on this fast-growing social network as he explores best practices, strategies, and demos. Interviews with Power Pinners like Cynthia Sanchez, Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah Radice, and Guy Kawasaki will teach you the techniques of Pinterest that have not been found anywhere else.

10. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner helps your business to navigate the social jungle with success stories and expert interviews from top social media marketing pros. Find out how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain handy tips to improve your social media marketing.

What better way to learn than by listening to experts talking about topics you are interested in every day of the week? Even if English is not your native language, you can still use these podcasts to expand your digital marketing knowledge effectively by going through their transcripts generated using podcast transcription services.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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