5 Practical Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Website

5 Practical Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Website
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


For a growing economy, eCommerce plays a vital role. eCommerce websites have gained immense popularity in the last few years and are certain to grow rapidly soon.

Like most businesses, the goal of an eCommerce website is to increase sales.

So how do you intend to drive traffic to your website and get the eCommerce conversion rate up to drive your sales?

First, let’s do some groundwork and understand the basics of conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that get converted into customers.

The conversion rate is when a visitor to your website purchases your product or service, completing the desired goal, which is sales.

Conversion rate can be calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the total number of ad interactions or the total number of people visiting your website within a given period.

e.g., If you had 50 conversions from 1,000 visitors, your conversion rate would be 5%.

5 Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Website

1. eCommerce Website Translation

By making your eCommerce website multilingual, the benefits are enormous.

A multilingual website can draw more traffic, thereby improving conversion rate and ultimately increasing sales.

But is building a multilingual eCommerce website a mammoth task?

The answer is no. If you choose professional translation services for multilingual translation, you can optimize your eCommerce website and get more visitors.

Here are a few benefits of eCommerce translation:

  • Multilingual websites are known to have higher search engine listings.
  • Increase your customer base as more visitors across the globe can access your website in their primary language.
  • By hiring an eCommerce translation service, there will be less room for errors.
  • A well-translated website will increase customer satisfaction, leading to an increased conversion rate.
  • Personalization using translation services can increase traction to your website and boost sales.

eCommerce websites that invest in translation services can extend their presence and reach a larger audience.

Website translation can also help foster the conversion rate and help meet your end goals faster.

2. Strategic Email Marketing

To improve conversion rate and boost sales, email marketing can prove quite useful.

Your goal should not be limited to sending just one newsletter per month – you need to plan a proper email marketing strategy.

  • Abandoned cart offers - Most effective of all email marketing strategies are cart abandonment emails because it is a great way to connect with your prospective customers. By giving the customers something additional that would spark their interest, will result in increased conversion rate and increased revenue.
  • Personalization across all channels – Your strategy should include personalization across all communication channels. From your email newsletters and shopping cart pages to search results, everything needs to be personalized to make your subscriber feel special.
  • Engage and curious subscribers – Creating interesting emails will keep your subscribers coming back to your website for new updates. Engage your subscribers by creating something new each time – something they can look forward to.

3. Well-Planned Website Popups

Popups are by far the easiest way to boost sales. Website popups help you build your email list and reduce the abandonment of the shopping cart rate.

The idea is to strategically place popups on your website so that it does not hamper the online shopping experience.

  • Through popups, promise your visitor something special on their visit to your website.

  • Website popups are a great way to gather necessary details from your visitor in exchange for some exciting deals or discount coupons.

  • Impactful popups can present irresistible offers to your visitors, inducing a sense of belonging each time they visit your eCommerce website.

4. Informative Product Videos

Content is king. Well-written, engaging content is a must for any eCommerce website. However, videos are also steadily emerging as the new king.

To sell a product, videos can play a crucial role. Consumers are more likely to see the product video rather than read about it.

Also, videos increase SEO ranking and help you gain more backlinks to your eCommerce site.

5. Valued Customer Testimonials

A free way to improve your conversion rate and increase sales is through customer testimonials.

If your website has great customer reviews and testimonials, consider half the battle won.

Positive customer testimonials add credibility to your organization and increase trust in your brand.

A prospective buyer will look at the reviews left by your happy customers, giving him/her a sense of confidence to purchase your product.

Your hard-earned customer testimonial is the gateway to an increased number of visitors, improved conversion rate, and dynamic sales.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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