How Audio Blogs Benefit Readers and Your Business

How Audio Blogs Benefit Readers and Your Business
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


An audio blog is a blog which has vocal recordings as its central part. A podcast is an example of an audio blog which consists of an episodic series of files which can be subscribed to and downloaded on the web.

How You Can Write an A-Blog within Minutes

First you need to download a note taking or transcription app which can be done either on your desktop or your phone. Mobile is the preferred choice for voice recording as your desktop only records the audio files, and does not transcript them. Since note taking apps generally cut off after every 30 seconds or so, you should speak out each paragraph in individual recordings.

Similar to writing down a blog, your audio blog should have a general introduction, a few body points, and a conclusion. Then, just scroll through the blog to see if you’ve missed any key points. For editing, go through and read the post carefully to make out if your app got all your words right. You will need to put in all appropriate punctuations manually, as your app won’t do so on its own. Also check if the app got the translation right, even as you make sure you are catching all the typos that may pop up.

Finally, you need to see whether your concepts are communicated clearly through text. Once you are satisfied with the final text, format it correctly by adding different section headers and images. This will make your blog more presentable and attractive to readers.

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A-Blogs Gain Exposure and Readership through Podcasts

When you add podcasts to your audio blog, it will spark immediate interest to the readers. Since some people prefer listening rather than reading, inclusion of podcasts will help you catch this segment of readers. Since most good podcasts feature two or more speakers, you can invite even high-profile people to participate in it, and once you have featured them in your recording, additional interactions may ensue as it’s often the start of a deeper relationship. They may even allow you to do guest posting on their blog.

Sending A-Blog Excerpts to Readers Using Snapchat

You can easily cut important portions of your audio blog and share them with your friends in the form of short audio messages using Snapchat. Rather than tapping on the phone icon, just hold the icon. As long as you are holding it, which means around 30 seconds, you can record voice and send it in chat to the person in your chat screen. Once you are done, release your finger and it will send automatically.

The Benefits of Transcribing Your A-Blog

Getting your audio blog transcribed ensures that it will get the same SEO benefit as a blog post. Transcriptions increase viewer engagement. There are benefits to transcribing your audio content beyond SEO too, such as enhanced user experience, as from a user’s point of view, text content is easily searchable using a browser’s built-in search function.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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