Growing Needs of Transcription Services in Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Growing Needs of Transcription Services in Government and Non-Profit Organizations
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


One of the best ways to document, which can be showcased on your website, is hiring transcription services. Recording and transcribing the time-markers event helps build web content, preserve memories and provide resources for future reference. Here are various important public events that are ideal for transcribing.


Local governments and learning institutions are increasingly offering public workshops to help build careers. These workshops often feature high profile guest speakers such as business leaders and educators who share their knowledge and experiences. This valuable information is worth transcribing because it can lead to better employment opportunities, boosting the economy of a community.


Seminars help bring like-minded community members together to share contact information. They are very helpful at bringing buyers and sellers together, as well as creating new business partnerships. Many times they can open up public discussions on social and economic issues. Transcribing seminars can help document a list of ideas for future brainstorming sessions. Government officials, CEOs, authors, university professors, celebrities, and scientists are typical guest speakers at seminars. Their appearances may be rare, which is a good reason to preserve them through recorded media.

Chamber of Commerce Mixers

These casual events among local business, government, and social leaders help strengthen bonds and community spirit. For example, trade shows, it's a way for organizations to expand their contacts and establish what could be long-term relationships. Many times they involve speakers who introduce themselves, describing their backgrounds and mission statements. Documenting mixer speeches help build portfolios for research and local decision-makers.

Non-Profit Fundraisers

There are many ways that non-profit organizations can raise funds for their causes, but usually so much focus is put on planning that these organizations miss opportunities to maximize the value of events. Fundraisers that raise awareness in the process should be treated more like historic events that become part of a bigger story.

Big walk-a-thons or creative charities that involve a wide cross-section of the community can potentially get free media coverage. So building a portfolio of transcribed footage can help show media outlets the evolution of your fundraising efforts, which can become interesting news stories.

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Media Events

Government agencies of all types interface with local and national media on an ongoing basis. Press conferences are the most common types of media events involving government and non-profit organizations. It's important to keep recordings of these events to help gather material that can be inserted into timelines that document achievements and announcements. The more you can build a rich history with video, audio or text, the more information you can provide to researchers, including local new publications and students writing university term papers.

Public Forums

Public forums such as city council meetings and town hall meetings give a voice to the people, which should become part of a public record, documented by transcription services. Individual opinions form the building blocks of coalitions, which are strengthened when the issues are published and circulated through newsletters. Public debates are also worth documenting because they allow to supporters and opponents of issues to develop broader understandings that can accelerate solutions to problems.

School Board Meetings

Public education is a huge issue that many parents care about, but they are so busy raising their children they don't always have time to attend school board meetings to learn how schools are doing. Academic transcription services can give parents access to the information they missed through transcriptions that can be made available on school websites. This documentation can form the basis of community feedback that may not have otherwise occurred.

Court Reporting

There will always be a need for court reporters, as the government will never run out of court cases. It's a very competitive field since anything involving the legal system requires top quality performance. Transcription services of this nature involve plenty of training and the rewards can be substantial for reliable professionals. Crowded court schedules across the nation guarantee there will never be a shortage of work.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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