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Save Your Valuable Research with Academic Transcription Services

Academic transcription is the ideal solution for today’s students, researchers, and professors, which can help them review, understand and recall text versions of what they audio recordings used in research. This is useful when you need to combat the fast-paced academic schedules and have to keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. Also, transcribed academic lectures can be a great study tool for all students.

Statistics suggest that learning through reading enhances memory retention as knowledge is more easily absorbed when present in the textual format. The recall value of knowledge that is received through reading the text can be much higher than in other forms of learning.

For almost two decades, GMR Transcription has been the go-to choice for students and professors alike. Besides our transcription process being user-friendly, our academic transcriptionists are well-equipped to handle all types of projects from diverse fields while guaranteeing high standards of accuracy and minimal turnaround time, a high-priority requirement for students.

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Benefits of Academic Transcription

Academic transcription can yield various benefits for students, lecturers, academic researchers, and those pursuing degrees. Let's discuss in detail how each of them can benefit from the transcription services.

Transcription Services for Students

In your attempt to furiously scribble down all the important information being discussed in class for future reference, your level of concentration and interaction is reduced significantly due to your attention being divided. You may even experience discomforts such as hand cramps, strained vision, and tiredness as a result of constant jotting down notes for extended hours. Also, the self-transcription of your scribbled notes can be time-consuming and may lack accuracy.

Instead, transcribed lectures by a reputed academic transcription service can be the best option for you. Besides ensuring your full class participation, your transcribed lecture notes will contain all the information discussed in class, which facilitates better knowledge retention.

At GMR Transcription, our team of U.S.-based transcriptionists specializes in educational terminologies and lingo that ensure high-quality transcripts are provided in the shortest time and most reasonable prices enabling you to always stay prepared for tests and evaluations.

Academic Transcription for Lecturers

Lecturers can record their lectures and use the transcribed texts as reference points to review future lectures and base student evaluations and tests on the text. Sharing the text of their lectures with their students translates to higher student interaction in class, as jotting down or typing away important points from the lecture won't be a priority for them anymore. If a lecture requires a reference to a topic taught much earlier, instead of rummaging through numerous audio or video tapes, transcribed texts can be the optimum solution for lecturers.

At GMR Transcription, our team comprises U.S.-based professionals who specialize in varied subjects and are acquainted with their specific terminology, ensuring a high 99% accuracy transcription rate on good quality audio.

Transcription Services for Dissertations

For those pursuing a degree, the final product of their research work is a culmination of the time and effort that they spend over the years writing the dissertation. Compiling data of this magnitude needs systematic and organized efforts that are made more convenient with research transcripts that facilitate your dissertation writing by keeping it on track.

At GMR Transcription, we offer fast, accurate, and superior-quality transcripts. Our specialized services include the transcription of raw data in any format into the specific format that you need, translations from foreign languages, and converting chaotic and disorganized material into neat grammar and spelling-error-free transcripts, a service not provided by many transcriptionists.

Transcription Services Offered to Academic Researchers

Academic researchers use varied sources to collect data and information as part of their research work. The analysis of such vast information available to them in different formats becomes difficult. Transcription allows you to organize all your research material into a text-based format that is both simpler to analyse and share with your team. While audio or video files can get corrupted over time, transcribed files are safer, require less storage space, and can be easily accessed for future reference.

GMR Transcription offers academic researchers Market Research Transcription to cover market surveys and Qualitative Research Transcription to cover case studies which efficiently cover several important aspects of academic research. We can provide highly-accurate transcripts for both, with assured confidentiality, while meeting your deadlines.

Save Your Efforts, Preserve Your Research!

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Ready-To-Use Transcripts

Depending on your unique requirement, we transcribe your audio, videos, and documents in a digital template format that you can use right after downloading your transcripts. These include research documents and handwritten notes as well that can be editable through transcription.

Types of Transcription Services for Your Specific Needs

Based on your project's specific requirements, we offer different types of academic transcription services

Standard Transcription

A clean easy to read transcript that leaves the speakers tone intact without making any grammar corrections. This is our default transcription.

Verbatim Transcription

Includes word-to-word transcription in which no words are edited. This will include false starts and stutters.

Grammar Correct Transcription

The text tone is formal, and the content aims to be precise, clear, and reader-friendly. Also corrects grammatical errors into a publishable format.

Academic Transcription Rates Offered at GMR Transcription

Since our inception in 2004, GMRT has made academic transcription services available to students and academia at affordable prices with discounted rates available to research scholars for bulk transcription work.

Our services would seem even more affordable when you consider the expertise of our transcriptionists and the quality of the transcripts they provide.

For more information or questions, you may refer to our Pricing Page or call us at 714-202-9653.

Confidentiality and Security Policies and Regulations

Confidentiality and Security Policies and Regulations

We respect our customer's confidentiality, and to ensure no leakage of information, our transcribers sign a confidentiality agreement during recruitment that bars them from divulging any details. On top of that, we take extreme measures to ensure you data security. Learn more at our Data Security Page.

Educational Transcription Process Made Easy by GMR Transcription

Get your academic material transcribed, follow the three simple steps:

You register and upload your files

You register and upload your files

Open an account and upload your files for transcription. Specify the turnaround time and transcription instructions, if any.

We transcribe

We transcribe

We work on the content once uploaded. Our system allows you to track your file.

Pay and download


You may make the payment and download the transcribed file or receive it via email.

Find the Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Academic Transcription Questions

Thousands of top-ranked universities, students, professors, and researchers trust our high-quality and accurate transcription services.

The transcription service rates depend on several variables, such as task difficulty level, turnaround time, and specific project requirements. For more details, you may refer to our Pricing/Rates Page.

Since 2004, our U.S.-based transcribers have transcribed millions of minutes with over 99% accuracy.

Students, professors, and research scholars can benefit the most from university transcription services.

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