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I have been highly impressed by the quality and timeliness Of the transcripts that I've received from GMR. In addition, their tiered pricing model has worked well tor my agency. we are able to pay based on What makes sense tor our project needs. And I have to say GMRIS rates are impressive. I Plan to use GMR tor all my future transcription needs.

Anders Rosenquist,
Ph.D. Experience Researcher

Our academic transcription services are used by students and professors of reputed universities all over the United States and other countries. We handle audio to text, text to text, and language translation. We guarantee at least 99% accuracy on clear audios.

Types of Projects We've Worked With

Why Academic Transcription?

If you belong to the school that subscribes to "Who wants to read anyway, why transcribe?" You need to know these facts.

Statistics claim that compared to learning via a lecture, reading can double the memory retention. Professors please note. Knowledge is more easily disseminated via textual format. Students take in the information you give them and retain it in their short- term memory. To recall the knowledge the information needs to be reinforced by the way of text, so that parts can easily be skimmed.

Transcription enables those with disabilities to read your lectures later.

Before a research starts the group discussions that take place are often referred to later to see the orientation and objectives of the research. These discussions are often full of cross talking. But they are important to find the objective of the research and the recommended methodology.

What Makes Us Different?




Accuracy Guarantee


Happy Clients


Over 6.0 Million
Minutes Transcribed


Data Security

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Who Uses Us?

  • Students use us to transcribe their lectures. Professors are now approaching us for the same because it helps students.
  • Academic transcription is widely used by students to transcribe interviews done for their research. Our affordable rates combined with accuracy guarantee helps them.
  • Those pursuing Doctorates contact us to avail our bulk transcription rates.
  • Academicians use us for our accuracy and turnaround time. We transcribe their research work in a format that they require and handle their special requests.
The Client

Why Is It Convenient?

You can upload your audios on the go. Most students we know use their cell phones as a recorder for their class lectures. To get these lectures translated, all you have to do is register on our site and upload the recording directly from your mobile device. Although this works perfectly with Android and Windows platforms, if you are an Apple user you will need to download a file transfer application.

What Are The Rates?

Our rates are very affordable. You can check them out on our pricing page.
Additional charges may apply for intelligent verbatim transcription.

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Why GMR Transcription?

  • Quality and accurate transcription services.
  • Affordable rates.
  • We cover all forms of academic transcription needs - conferences, one-to-one interviews, consumer research etc.
  • Discount bulk rates available.
  • Our client list includes professors and students of the most prestigious universities
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Are There Policies And Regulations Related To These Documents?

All academic transcriptions are confidential. The client information is masked before the document is sent to our transcribers. Furthermore, our certified transcribers are requested to sign confidentiality agreements upon hire; this forbids them from disclosing any information to an outside party.

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Research Library Outsources Handwritten Document Transcription to GMR Transcription

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