Transcription in Forensic Science & Its Uses

Transcription in Forensic Science & Its Uses
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Among the variety of work conducted by forensic scientists is to provide expertise to help criminal investigators create reports. These reports are made available in various media formats, such as video, audio and transcription. A high level of credibility rides on video and audio transcriptions.

Here's a deeper look at how forensic research transcription is important in a criminal case:

Importance of Audio

Audio files are recorded by forensic scientists in a criminal case because they are the source material used for transcriptions that various personnel use to build evidence for a case. The transcription work must be done by a professional who commits to handling confidential information appropriately. That means transcriptions involved must exhibit a high level of competence and integrity to ensure accuracy, since the text may be reviewed in a court of law.

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Why Accuracy Matters

A court case depends on accuracy to maintain credibility. Whenever any kind of evidence is shown to be flawed, it hurts the credibility of the party presenting the argument. Without accurate information, the verdict cannot be properly determined. That's why a forensic scientist is typically needed to evaluate transcriptions presented to the court.

While many people associate forensic science with criminal court cases due to TV shows and movies, these experts do a wider range of work than the public perceives. Furthermore, these same skills are used by various professionals involved with criminal investigations.

The transcript may be cited several times to prove what was said by witnesses or others involved with the case. It may be reviewed by judges, juries and legal professionals, not to mention the public and the media. Furthermore, it may also be needed in an appeal for the court to consider.

How Transcription May Resolve Disputes

Not only can forensic science settle medical malpractice cases, it can resolve insurance claims and disputes involving product liability and paternity. Transcription services are used in a wide variety of cases, such as when documentation is needed. Even though evidence or forensic expertise may be captured on a recording, a research transcription will clarify names of speakers, as well as actual quotes.

Sometimes, certain words may be inaudible or can be misconstrued when listening. The transcription is also easier to use as a reference that can be indexed rather than listening to an audio recording multiple times. The recording is still essential to support the accuracy of the transcript. Sometimes, a language transcription and translation is needed if the recording involves people who speak foreign languages.

The audio transcriptions may represent a variety of sources, such as witness responses in depositions, phone conversations or actual recordings of events related to a crime. Since investigators cover a wide area of work, they don't always have the resources to spend time on transcribing audio. The work can be tedious and monotonous, which is why transcription services are often outsourced to specialists who guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.

Where to Find the Best Transcription Services

Before you even consider hiring professionals specializing in this particular type of transcription, it’s imperative that you find out what formats they accept and make sure that they have a well-defined process for receiving your file, assigning it to a transcriptionist, and sending you the transcript.


Investigators and the court of law use research transcriptions to help clarify evidence in a criminal court case. The transcription must be accurate, so it requires careful work by professional audio and video transcription services. During a criminal investigation, it's essential that the transcriber agree to not leak the information to other sources. Credible transcription firms only hire transcriptionists who understand these basic requirements.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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