5 Ways of Using Transcription Services in Forensic Science

5 Ways of Using Transcription Services in Forensic Science
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


Forensic Science

Forensic science is the analysis of information gathered from the past that can provide definitive evidence involving various types of disputes. It is used in court cases that can span many industries, particularly law enforcement. This evidence can be documented by transcriptions of recordings from various media formats. The following examples reflect how transcription services play a key role in resolving cases in which forensic evidence is documented.

Video Files
A transcription service can involve sending a staff to an event such as a speech event to capture it on video and transcribe the spoken words into text. Staff may also be assigned to transcribe activity caught on a surveillance camera. Video naturally can be more valuable evidence than audio since it provides the added dimension of visual information.

Audio Files
Conversations picked up by secret recording devices can make or break a case. But sometimes the audio isn't that clear, especially when low-quality microphones are used or when background noise drowns out the voices. In those cases, Transcription services are needed so that a jury can read as well as hear the evidence.

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Digital Filtering
When audio cannot be heard clearly, certain frequencies can be filtered using an equalizer or other audio processing equipment. By reducing low or high-end frequencies, it's possible to hear midrange vocal frequencies more clearly.

Transcription Evaluation
Regardless of what type of source material was used to collect evidence, the transcription of the media must be evaluated by a pathologist or other forensic expert to check for accuracy and authenticity. Part of the reason that an expert with a strong reputation for high credibility is needed is due to the sensitive nature of the information, since it may be challenged by other professionals.

Beyond Criminal Investigations
Criminal investigations commonly use transcription services to document forensic evidence, but several other industries use these services as well to resolve disputes. Insurance companies use forensic science to show who was at fault in car accidents while medical organizations use forensic science to defend themselves against malpractice cases. Sometimes consumer advocate groups need transcription services when pursuing product liability cases.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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