Do You Actually Need to Translate Your Google Ads?

Do You Actually Need to Translate Your Google Ads?
Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy


When you run a global ad campaign, the following question is inevitable:

Do you really need to translate Google ads into the local language?

The answer to this is yes, you do. That's because Google cannot accurately translate your ads for you.

In a way, this is a good thing because no software can match the skills of human translators when translating complicated content and dialects.

When you get your ads translated into a language, the click-through increases significantly.

Nevertheless, despite the high success rate, some advertisers are reluctant to work on it because they don't want the 'hassle' of getting their entire ad campaign content translated.

However,  professional ad translations are usually simpler than you may think.

Let's discuss some practical ways to get your Google Campaigns translated to fetch desired results.

10 Ways to Get Your Google Ads Campaigns Translated

1. Collaborate with Professional Translation Service Providers

Given the popularity of Google Translate, you might prefer to use it to translate your marketing campaigns.

However, using Google Translate only gives the audience a mere outline of what you are trying to convey.

Before choosing a professional translating service, you can also double-check their language and context accuracy with the help of local language speakers.

Also, keep in mind that the same language can have different dialects in different regions. For instance, Spanish in Spain differs from Spanish in Mexico.

2. Don't Overlook Character Spacing

Some languages require more characters to convey the message.

Therefore, it is critical to determine the character count limit of every translation to your translation service provider so that you don't run out of character space.

If the translated content exceeds the specified character limit, you should ask for alternative translations.

3. The Exact Translations of Words May Not Exist

Some words used in your ad campaigns might not have their local language equivalent.

However, never be tempted into using words that are almost similar with a slightly different meaning.

Sometimes, the smartest option would be to stick with the English word when it cannot be translated into the local language.

In such situations, discuss with your translation service provider to get the best solution.

4. Keywords are the Key

It goes without saying that you must translate the keywords with ads being translated to the local language.

5. Managing Negative Keywords Need More Attention

Since you are working with a foreign language, expect negative keyword management to take longer than usual.

Google Translate feature can be of great help in this. Use it to determine whether you should add a specific word to the negative keyword or not.

6. Translate Your Landing Pages

If you have designed your landing page, you need to translate it for your international target audience.

People do not like to click on an ad in a local language and be redirected to a page written in an entirely different language.

7. Utilize Your Display Network

Advertisers usually translate ads for the search network because the words appear text-heavy. However, remember your display ads also need to be translated.

Since the content of display ads has fewer characters, it would be less time-consuming, given you use the same image for a different target audience.

8. Targeting the Correct Language is Important

Although it is simple to select the correct target language for your ad, it is often overlooked or missed.

First, choose the language of the customers you are willing to target.

For example, if you are eager to focus on French-speaking regions, you will have to select the French language for your ads.

9. Create Different Ad Campaigns for Different Language

Prefer making separate ad campaigns for different languages instead of grouping them together.

This would help in easy monitoring and comparing results from each ad performance. It also eliminates the chances of words used in both languages fetching the ad in 'the wrong language.'

10. Simultaneously Run English Ad Campaigns

Translating your ads in the local language does not mean you can't run English Ads in those regions – even if it's not an English-speaking zone. However, you would have to specify the language you want to target.

This would enable the ad to specifically appear before the English-speaking natives of the regions.

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Beth Worthy

Beth Worthy

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