Creating My Future By Timothy Green

Creating My Future By Timothy Green
Julie Parker

Julie Parker


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Today, we will be sharing a unique essay about a Boston University student who has a passion for the entertainment industry, music, and academia. Timothy Green shares his story:

Timothy Green Story

I am currently in the Kilachand Honors College program at Boston University. I have just finished my first year of study, and as such I will be returning to BU as a sophomore in the fall of 2014. At BU, you do not officially declare a major until your sophomore year, so I am not officially majoring in anything at the moment. However, I plan to double major in Film & Television and Mass Communication with a concentration in Advertising. I also plan to complete a minor in Political Science. Thanks to AP credits, I have already completed my general education requirements, and as such I am currently enrolled in classes towards my majors and minor.

This fall, I am enrolled in five classes at four credits each. This is one more class than is normal for an average student’s semester. In the fall, I will be taking Production 1, Storytelling for Film and Television, the Politics and Policy of HBO’s The Wire, European Politics, and the Nature of Inquiry. The first two courses are for my Film & Television major, the second two are for my Political Science minor, and the last class is a part of my honors college curriculum. I am currently waiting for a seat to open up in an Intro to Advertising class. If I am able to get into that class, I will drop the Politics and Policy of HBO’s the Wire in favor of the advertising course.

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At Boston University I played on an intramural soccer team in the Spring 2014 semester. Outside of school, I play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and sing. I record backing vocals for a friend who writes his own music, and I play guitar and sign backing vocals for his performances. I also volunteered for the past few summers at School of Rock summer camps in Philadelphia. School of Rock is a performance based music program. I helped the kids learn their songs on guitar for their shows and generally helped keep an eye on the younger kids. I also recently took up running after being inspired (as many others were, I’m sure) by the people in the 2014 Boston Marathon. I am training in the hopes of running a half marathon in Boston with my sister.

I worked at the Guckin Funeral Mansion in Philadelphia as an assistant to the two funeral directors from May to August of 2013. More recently, I worked from September to May of the 2013-2014 academic year as an usher at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston. I was given an opportunity at this position due to a work-study award from Boston University. I worked enough hours that I exceeded the $2000 work-study award for the academic year, at which point the Huntington hired me back as a worker paid by the company, rather than Boston University. I plan to reprise my position at the theatre when I return to school in the fall.

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I have several different possible career paths, any of which I would be ecstatic to achieve. One of my aspirations is to become a writer/producer on a comedy television series. I plan to participate in Boston University’s “study away” program in Los Angeles in order to move toward achieving this aspiration. In this program, I would study for a semester in LA while interning at a television studio. I would also love to be a producer or director for films, a goal that the “study away” program would also help me achieve. I would also love to work for an advertising firm coming up with creative ways to advertise products. I hope to take classes and do an internship in the summer in London through BU’s study abroad office. In this program, I would be able to take classes in advertising or film and television, and I would be able to have an internship in either of those fields in London.

If I am awarded the scholarship money, I will use it to pay for books in order to help me save up for my summer abroad in London. As it stands, I have to raise the funds myself if I am going to study abroad, as my family does not have the extra income to pay for me. This $500 scholarship would be a great step towards being able to afford that program and bringing me closer to my career aspirations.

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Julie Parker

Julie Parker

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